What Comes Next

29 Mar 2020

Do you only play when you are shorted
Do you only deal with a full hand
Do you only deal for all the marbles
For a grand

Do you only try for no good reason
Do you only shine because you care
Do you only shine out in your season
To show you’re there

Do you only break up past the limit
Do you only break upon the sand
Do you only break down when you feel it
Slipping from your hand

Do you only turn
Do you only turn against the tide
Do you only turn in the right weather
The season and time

Do you only move on this like clockwork
Do you only move up when you’re short
Do you only move when nothing else works
As the last resort

Do you always move on when it’s over
~ ~ ~
Do you ever look over your shoulder
~ ~ ~

Like going home

in the morning
without warning

the other side of the door

I can feel when things are changing
But I do not know the effects
I can feel that I have changed
But I don’t know what comes next