01 Jul 1997

It’s May, dogwood’s blooming spring fever, first mowing
Life is blooming, life is trying nobody thinks about dying
Emotion bomb, flash of light upside down, inside out
Guilty thoughts, am I dying is it me, yeah, I’m trying

Never laughed, he never cried never born, he never died
Never skinned his knees played tag with the breeze
But after all he's still my brother

Yeah, it’s time, back to dust same words, hypnotized
Feeling hollow, feel like crying is the child in me dying?
Gotta cry, just can’t hold it mom, I would have told you
I love you, and be sure that he does too


Gift of grace, package of pain pick me up, put me down again
God - why me, I’ve don’t know hold me tight, I don’t wanna let go
What’s it mean, I’m still finding answers aren’t easy, if you’re trying
Pry off the shell, get to the pearl, but it hurts