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What Comes Next

Do you only cry for no good reason, do you only cry because you care
Do you only cry out that you’re leaving to show you’re there

Do you only break out past the limit, do you only break upon the sand
Do you only break down when you feel it slipping from your hand

I can feel things are changing, but I do not know the effects
I can feel I have changed, but I don’t know what comes next

Do you only turn to take the measure, do you only turn against the tide
Do you only turn in the right weather season and time

Do you only stop yourself believing, do you only stop to take that call
Do you only stop when it starts feeling impossible

All of their lives, all the hearts they have moved
They have burned so bright I don't know what to do

Do you only rise out of the morning, do you only rise against your own
Do you only rise without a warning, like going home

(in E/Capo 4)



Chasing the Sun

Went down south last summer
Chasing the sun
Looking for some new light
A place to start and time to be done

North into the mountains
To change the scene
But everything reminded me
Of somewhere I had already been

You can never catch the light
Or step into the same river twice
All the time you take all the ways you move
Wherever you are headed, the journey follows

I followed the river
Backwards to its source
And I saw that it had taken
The available course



American Sugar

They’re flying it in on a DC-10 tonight
And it will be all over by daylight
You won’t know how it got under your skin
If they called or if they knocked before you let them in

American sugar
You get me high right off my feet
American sugar
You get me wired so I can't sleep

Got the hookup from the kid who made that trip
Came back to the homeland with the latest hits
You got your headphones on and your hands up in the air
Just like a virgin, you’re living on a prayer


It comes in hard and steals away your mind
You’ll forget everything, go deaf and blind
Then you’ll queue it up and do it all again
So will your family, so will your friends



Things Start Happening

Inspired by http://dp.la/item/febadeab32df38308ab67e4486eade2f

It was a picture of a picture on a screen
Of something that might have been
A print from a foot from an ape
An enigma, a legend, a fake

What did you see, what did you see
When did things start happening
What did you see, could it be
You were just imagining

To some it was as solid as a wall
And to others it was nothing at all
A rope or a fan were only clues
But the elephant was not amused

Some people see legitimate force
And others a betrayal of the law
The bullet, the badge and the gun
An accident or the norm




Another Name

at Gadani Shipbreaking Yard

They’ve got you hanging on the scale, they’re deciding who will pay
For what is left of you
And there is no place you call home, nowhere you can go
Even if you wanted to

In time you will remember
Everything to which you swore
Another name will be added
To the ones that came before

You’re washed up on the beach like a mountain to be reached
Like some weary pilgrim’s end
They’ve burned out both your eyes, cut you down to size until there’s
Nothing on which you can depend


You traveled the seas, west to the east they were
Waiting for you in each land
You went by many names, you were going places then
Now there’s nothing left but steel and sand



Lahore-see Feeling

Went to see a master of his craft
His vision of the future looked a lot like the past
He had the feeling and he knew the way

Outside of the fortress walls
A man was peddling blonde-haired dolls
Walking by I heard him say

China aa gaya hai
China chah gaya hai

In Glamour Heights the artist smokes
And draws the sounds on the radio
I am not responsible, he said, anyway

I walked in on the pimp and his johns
In the mansion where he was born, he said
Come on in my friend, you’ve come from so far away


When I climbed up the minaret stairs
And I saw the city from there
I’d never felt that feeling before

You shook my hand and welcomed me in
Asked me when I would come again
I was conquered then, Lahore




Watching the Runway

You could be here with me
I could be there
We could be on the ground
Or up in the air

But I’m watching the runway, waiting for the plane to land

Strangers in the Desert

at Joshua Tree

Strangers in the desert where are you bound?
Do you know the place where the lightning comes down
Tell me who has built these mountains high
Will you go my way? Will you lend me your light?

Strangers in the desert, is it you that I’ve seen
Sailing your ships along underground streams
In the river beds I feel your hands
Pulling at my steps through the loose sand

When you are gone, I know you were there
A coyote, a solar flare
And I know one day all will be revealed
And the space between mountains and sky will disappear

Strangers in the desert, stand your ground
Measure out the distance to the promised land
At the gates of dawn you stand alone
Through the cactus and the dust, safe at home



The Distance

It was the summer of dreams, they were dancing in the field
And thinking that the future was full of possibilities
Now they’re miles past those years, those guitars and jeans
They’ve taken to preaching and growing out their beards

They were just kids in school, doing things that kids will do
Not looking to be a number leading the news
But those faces on the page were all blurred or turned away
Like getting out alive was to be ashamed

And the distance, oh the distance
It stretches out before me, other lands and other lives
In the distance, oh the distance
Can I make more of your life without making less of mine?

We stood in different lines, you had yours and I had mine
As if the color of our passports made us of two different kinds
And I was led right through the door, like a million times before
Wondering if you were less or I had more


Man I wonder about this world, about the things we’ve seen and heard
If we’re lying to ourselves about the debts that we’ve incurred
And if a nation can be only geography
If edges were not destined to bleed



Monkey Wrench

Now I’m trying to come clean, to cross the distance in between
Trying to hear the substance of your words
But you keep talking about the past, how things never last
There’s always something else you would prefer

You’re an army of one, you’ve got tanks and you’ve got guns
And you’re bound to shoot down everything that moves
You’ve got ammunition, you know it can’t be done
Things will only get worse and not improve

Let's not blame it on the time before
Let's not wrack our brains for one more
Remote possiblity or the wildest thing we could conceive
Let's not talk about the monkey wrench no more

You go tearing buildings down, you make it hard to get around
In between the rubble and the noise
And everything looks like a nail to the hammer of your brain
Nothing could ever be enjoyed



Southern Exposure

I turn my back toward the wind
As the winter blows on in
And think of the summer sun
How it warms the skin

And as the summer days pass slow
How I wish for snow
And the cold that cuts to bone
To counter the sweat and sun

Southern exposure, northern sky
Let me take whatever you bring
The weather in my mind all of the time
Let it be everything

I’ve tried to balance the extremes
On the fulcrum of my dreams
Place the memories of spring
Against the ice and wind

I will not dehydrate my soul
Grow numb from cold
But will live with what it is
What I can hold



People of the Book

Moses carved the law into stone tablets
And then he came down off the mountain and broke it in the sand
People do you know how they rose from Egypt
Wandered the wilderness for forty years without a homeland

When you read what you believe
And you open to the page you had to see
When you know before you look
When you find it in the book

Take yourself down to the river
Catch a spark, catch a fire, catch ahold of light
Write down every word you heard
As you progress through seven heavens on a single night

Now I hear them talking about holy water
Who’s gonna end up on the altar and how it’s going to look
There are windows in the walls my friend
There are prophets everywhere you look, oh children of the book



Hudson Line

Standing on the platform waiting for the flood
Waiting for anything that would be enough
I hold my head up

With a choice I’ll take the window seat
I’ll turn my head and hold my peace
And I will hang my coat up

I tell myself it's honest work
Tell myself I'm doing it for you
But you I have not seen in quite some time

Express trains have the right of way
It’s not like I had much to say
To you anymore

The local train gets more delayed
The further it goes on its way
And you walked out that door

Cigarette smoke and coffee stains
These are the things that I call home
And home I have not been in quite some time

I’m living halfway underground
With the curtains drawn I’m not about
To go losing my cool

I dodge the talkers and the transit cops
Conductors with their belts full of ticket stubs
I’ve been such a fool

In this city where it never rains
And we are always at war
I can't even blame myself this time


Lucky Star

Run through the streets of Chinatown
Get on a bus named after a sign
With some luck all of the light
Won’t be gone by the time you arrive

So you’ve got friends in some other town
Make it there fast as you can
You’ve got a seat and you’ve got plans
But everything else is out of your hands

And you know what it's going to take
But you still hope that fortune and luck will go your way
And you hope for space and you hope for speed
Keep your desires from becoming your need

So you do the best you can
Look for ways to beat the odds, improve your chances, pass the time
But you know when you arrive
Everyone will be drunk and already high



I Am You

for Pop & War

I am a sign by the side of the road
A boy on a bike with nowhere to go
I am the shadow, I am the screen
I am you, I am me

I am a lie that tells only the truth
I am the perfect shade of blue
The guns and rice, somebody else’s shoes
I am me, I am you

An infinite hallway, facing mirrors
Everything you want me to be

I am the trace, I am the dust
An alien betrayed by lust
The bastard son, I am the thief of the just
I am you, I am us



Can't Wait

I have always wanted to see
Angels in the branches of a tree
Hear a voice speaking to me
From somewhere I can’t see

I believed in certainty
That would never fade, much less disappear
Thought that I would know for sure
And the harder I listened, the less I heard

I can't wait anymore for it to come to me
I can't say anymore it's not how I want it to be

I have been waiting to be moved
To know what it is that I am meant to do
But I’ve discovered lately where I stand
And the farther back I step the closer I am



Moving Craft

There is a ship
To cross over the sea
There are tides full of power
There are currents running deep

There are wheels
Made by human hands
They are turning in the air and
Rumbling through this land


There is a road
That runs through mountains and dreams
It is carved into the rock
And built on gravel and steam

Everything's moving, and it's moving fast
And holding on tighter won't make it last
Everything's moving, and it won't be still
So loosen your eyes and your grip on the wheel

There are threads
Infinite and fine
Growing from our feet and
Reaching for the sky

G/A (D)


What Are We Building

There were people in the past who thought about their children’s children
Planted flowers in the desert and called that heaven
They let the details gather with the passage of time
Laid down their memories and rested their minds

What are we building with the earth and the sky
Who will prosper, how will the prophets die
What is polished, what is worn
What are we building, who are we building for

There’s a tree that comes to mind each time I think about forgetting
How it stood beside those graves with only silence as a blessing
And concrete stains and tangled vines, the light coming down
Remind me of things I thought were not to be found

Now I’m learning where to lean and how to amplify the motion
For time shapes every space and grains of sand hold up the ocean
The things that we have built will go on living until they die
Our lives are made of moments, only moments are our lives



In the End

in Granada

We walked around the city walls
Our breath hung in the air and dying stars held up the sky
We talked about the rise and fall
The houses that we dwelled in and the way we live and die

Did you mean love or history
Or what could not be seen from just a single point
When you said love, do you not see
Perfection is a place where you and I are not

In the end there is only one victor
In the end there is only one God
Wa la ghalib illa 'llah
In the end, in the end

We talked of blood, we ate the seeds
And how our eyes travel and the way we understand
In among the cypress trees
I learned that distance and detail are all part of the plan

C/G F/C/G F/C F/C Am/F/C F/G/C

When the Moon is Blue

Change rolls down from the mountain
Frost creeps up through the ground
Evening quickens and twilight fades
The moon is lower now

I was out for the weekend
Living fast on borrowed wheels
Oh my friends, I had so many plans
I had a head full of ideas

Then the music starts
My plans fall apart
You'll be out there, I'll go too
When the moon is blue

Wild asters in the meadows
Apples on the trees
And one light in a window
That is meant only for me



To the Clouds

Oh my love what have we become
Has distance shaken us down and made us run
Clouds have drifted in and are hanging down
Listening to every word and every sound

So I will send this to the clouds
And they will carry what they can
Someday over water or land
It will fall down again

And these clouds will disappear like you and I
All that leaves is taken up by space and time
And the truth is I am glad of where I stand
Distance makes liars of water and land


Oh my love what have we become
Has distance shaken us down and made us run
Rain falls down and joins the ground
The clouds don’t say a thing



Better Than This

Well I’ve got no complaints
About the weather or the waves
And I’m learning to laugh at my mistakes

And the wind can blow so strong
And the tides can all run wrong
But I will not curse the storm or the sea

Because I know it's gonna be
And I know it's gonna be
Yes I know it's gonna be
Better than this

Oh and things are turning bad
I’ve got to forget what I had
And hold on to my friends and family

And love can be so cruel
But it can be so tender too
It can change your mind about the right thing to do



The Way I'm Feeling Now

for Azra

And David sang of lions and lambs
I think I know what he meant
Rumi begged for signs, for stars and wine
I think I’ve been where he went

Are you feeling the way I'm feeling now
Are you seeing the things I'm seeing now

Ishmael swam and watched it all go down
I’ve seen it happen too
Shadrach danced and prayed in the smoke and flames
I’ve walked miles in those shoes


Oh my love what kind of storm
Has washed me up on this shore
Alone and afraid I conquered the waves
And I've come straight to your door

The Prophet heard and then he spoke that word
And I’ve read every one
Buddha sat and dreamed underneath the tree
I’ve been burned by that sun




Water on Water

Took a ride with the Monday morning blues
Up the Hudson on a rainy day
And I was thinking about you
And the way that things have changed

And I drifted up the bank
With the dead leaves and the tide
I was thinking about her
And how nothing ever happens overnight

Just like water on water
We crash into each other
And leave no mark behind
On the rising tide

And I walked along the edge
Where optimism meets despair
Thought of promises I’d made
How things get pushed beyond repair



How Easily I Lie

It came out in an avalanche of words
And when they stopped, I wondered what I’d heard
But I tried to give her one more chance
To explain something that makes no sense

When you ask me how she's doing
And if everything's alright
When you ask me how I'm doing
I'm surprised how easily I lie

And the sink in the kitchen drips
The roof has leaks I’ve got no desire to fix
I have given up the yard to weeds
And offered up my heart to a thief



I Met a Ghost

for Craig

I met a ghost
And I thought that it was me
Mighty like Casey, with Ezekiel’s knees
I met a ghost
And it looked a lot like me
In the hand of Michaelangelo, wearing Abe Lincoln’s beard

I met a ghost
Blowing smoke into the breeze
Had a hand made out of poetry and a head made of steel
Said I’m in love
And I can’t fight this disease
I got them crawling out my fingertips, I am a factory

I met a ghost yeah
I met a ghost
I met a ghost yeah
A ghost yeah a ghost
I met a ghost

I met a ghost
And I knew it was me
He said I’ve got a heart, I beg you, don’t believe
Me I’m old
And I’m showing my years
My heart is angry and distracted; a buzzing sack of bees



Desperate People

Desperate people will do anything
If a door is locked they will kick it in
And if you dare to cross them, you will see
Desperate people are dangerous and mean

They might be the ones to bring it crashing down
To tear down the walls and let justice roll on down
And they will end what they begin
Desperate people do desperate things

Desperate people will believe anything
That will lift them up or let them in
Desperate people don’t care about wrong or right
As long as it will get them through the night

Desperate people aren’t scared of anything
Society or consequence, laws or discipline
They don’t have principles, they’ll act on any whim
Desperate people are up for anything



Old Men

Old men, you’ve got it hard
Filled up with losses, wealthy in scars
You’ve paid for wisdom with regret
Old men, you’re not done yet

Old men, everything aches
And life starts giving less than it takes
The weather seeps into your bones
Old men, you’re almost home

Old men, life’s cashed you in
Trading friendships for medicine
And things start to break before they bend
Old men, it’s not the end

Old men, you have not spent
All of your courage or confidence
Or traded in your will to live
Old men, there’s more to give


After a Hurricane

for Albertville

There were limbs down everywhere and those trees ain’t coming back
And people without power three weeks after the fact
And on Sunday when it ripped through town howling like a train
You closed your eyes and waited til you only heard the rain

You will have to think twice about where to turn that wheel
You will have to get used to the way things look from here
Because nothing you know will ever be the same
After a hurricane

After it was over, when all the lights were out
You made your way down to the road to drive back into town
Well they closed down the highway; cops were turning folks around
And a line was coming down between then and now


The governor declared a state and called out the Guard
And the President dropped by to let us know we would survive
But we sweated out that summer in the Alabama sun
Unemployed and with no way to pay for what must be done



When the Flood Comes Down

There’s a lot of people talking about what kind of mess we’re in
And people offering advice for which nobody asked them
And people building dams, putting in wells and pumps
But when the flood comes, the water’s going to run where it wants

When the flood comes down, you better find a boat
When the flood comes down, something that floats
When the flood comes down

There’s talk about public health and decency
Respect for law and order and property
People picking through the trash, building levees out of junk
But when the flood comes, the water’s going to cover what it wants

When the flood comes down, you better hold that fort
When the flood comes down, shut down that port
When the flood comes down

Some people live on nothing, some people got everything
Some people pay attention, some people never learn a thing
Some people claim to be something they are not
But when the flood comes, the water’s going to drown who it wants

When the flood comes down, you cannot hide
When the flood comes down, from a rising tide
When the flood comes down
When the flood comes down, it will be washed away
When the flood comes down, on that day
When the flood comes down


Broadway and Liberty

at Occupy Wall Street

On Broadway and Liberty
Will you remember what happened here
How we felt a little more free
Made space for possibilities
And it’s gone
And it’s gone
Gone for good

On Broadway and Liberty
Reach out and take a hold of me
The barricades in the rain
The people who had changed their names
It was good
It was good
But it’s gone

Oh Broadway and Liberty
You made off with the best of me
I was a dreamer and you left me broke
In Manhattan in the freezing cold
And I know
Yes I know
I’d do it again


Bobst Boy

You can see me on the corner on the south side of Washington hustling librarians
Or catch me hanging out by the vending machines on the internet making friends

I’ve been running guns out of Mamdouha’s office, you should see the stuff I keep in there
I touch Elmer’s nose when I take the elevator; I never take the stairs

I'm a Bobst Boy
Bobst Boy
Bobst Boy

I’m a pirate in the park, scaring tourists in the dark, you should see the way I make them jump
And I shower in the bathroom and sleep in reserves, I haven’t gotten laid in months


I do my homework in McDonalds, eat my bagels in the commons, I can sleep almost anywhere
And I work every day but I can’t live on what I’m paid; I’m often bored or scared



What is War

What is war when it’s over
What will grow on these fields
Where does all the water run to
When it reaches the sea

What is rain when it’s fallen
What’s the law without a gun
What is hate and what is mercy
When you don’t know where they’re from

What’s a sound with no echo
What is carries on the breeze
What’s become of your confessions
What will you make of your disease

What is war when it’s over
What will grow on these fields
What’s a grave grown over
What will become of history


Icebox Man

I work in a refrigerator, I am your ice box man
I work in a refrigerator, I am an ice box man
When I touch you honey, can’t even feel my hands

I’ve got dirty fingers and I’ve got dirty hands
Yeah I’ve got dirty fingers yeah I’ve got dirty hands
I try and wash them but they’re so filthy, man

My teeth are rattling, my toes are blocks of ice
My teeth are rattling, my toes are blocks of ice
I love you baby, keep me warm at night

I’ve got icicles dangling off my ears
Yeah I’ve got icicles dangling off my ears
I need some fire, baby, I need some body heat

I work in a refrigerator, I am your ice box man
I work in a refrigerator, I am an ice box man
When I touch you honey, can’t even feel my hands


I Was in the Desert

Title stolen from Chris Brown

I was stretched out completely, I was at my breaking point
I had given up on running or getting out of this joint
Just looking for a way to profit from my loss
I was in the desert, but I thought I was on the cross

The heat was so intense it was impossible to think
And it hurt to move and even more to drink
Waiting for an angel to stand by my side
I was in the desert, but I thought I was in the fire

The darkness was so thick you could cut it with a knife
And I cursed my luck and the story of my life
I was hoping that righteousness would go my bail
I was in the desert, but I thought I was in the whale

The wind whipped past my ears and salt was in my nose
I drifted further from the shore no matter how hard I rowed
Wishing I could walk on water, know how full my nets might be
I was in the desert, but I thought I was on the sea



Where I stood there was water as far as I could see
It was not the ocean but man it could have been
And I was thinking of the places where the horizon curls
Riverbeds and cities named after saints and girls

I want to stand at the border
In a place where they don't know me
I want to make it on the frontier
Where I can let it out and let it be

I climbed up the hill and left my stones in a heap
One by one I brought them there to lift up the peak
And I was thinking of the essence, I was thinking of the cost
Thinking of finding one more way to get lost


As a boy a dreamt of riding out on the western plains
Now I pass through turnstiles almost every single day
And at every border crossing you’ll find these questions there
Where you’ve been, who you met, if you have something to declare



Buried at Sea

Is there anyone here who knows what is wrong with me
Why I don’t know what to think, why I’m afraid to speak
And does anyone know what it is I’m doing here
Where nobody else seems to feel the way I feel

And I walked all the way here just to discover why
This loneliness I'm feeling has got to be a lie
All the way across town, all the way to the end
All the distance between justice and revenge

Does everyone here know something that I don’t
Do they already know if I will or I won’t
And does anyone else feel as nervous as I do
Am I missing out on the obvious truth


Is there anyone here who knows what is wrong with me
Am I destined like a sailor to be buried at sea
And can anyone tell me about the shape I’m in
And if everything’s changed why I can’t feel a thing



Like a Hawk

I will wait patiently, like a hawk
I will pay no mind to wind and rain or the heat of the sun
And when everything has failed and all our promises are gone
I will wait patiently, like a hawk

I will watch carefully, like a hawk
I will see everything that moves in the daytime or the night
Standing guard over my failings and the inventions of my mind
I will watch carefully, like a hawk

I will stay faithfully, like a hawk
Without fear of what will be, of the inevitable slope
I will not be swayed by hunger or betrayed by hope
I will stay faithfully, like a hawk


National Velocity

You can run it back at half speed or play it double time
Flip it upside down and backwards, sync it up and make it rhyme
But no matter how you sell it or which way you make it spin
You’ll be going out the same way you came in

There's no mistaking the direction
The heading or the speed
The weight of what is gone or what's to be
It doesn't take a magician
Or a prophet to see
The national velocity

You can dress it up in leather, top it off with a Stetson hat
Get it all decked out uniform, epaulets and spats
But whatever cut or color you decide to put it in
It’s still got that same ugly skin


Well you can plaster it over so it looks like it’s brand new
Cover up the dirt with an attractive shade of blue
But you’ve got to rebuild it, there’s nothing else to do
The whole thing is rotten through and through




Holding Pattern

I got my left hand down and I’m waiting for that call
I am tuned to the static, I am waiting for that call
Maintaining altitude until I run out of fuel
I can only wait on that call

And he says hold on
Just a little longer son
We'll get you safely down, just take another turn around
There is a right way for things to be done

I’ve grown tired as hell waiting for that call
But I can’t sleep because I’m waiting for that call
My stomach’s rumbling, but I can’t eat a thing
All I can do is wait on that call


I’ve got a buzzing mind and I’m waiting for that call
And a twitching eye because I’m waiting for that call
Could be headed east or west, the sun don’t rise and it never sets
Take another swing around and wait on that call



I Can't

I can’t
I can’t tell you why
I can’t tell you why I lied

I can’t
I can’t tell you how
I can’t tell you how it was

I can’t
I can’t tell you when
I can’t tell you when I knew


I can’t
I can’t tell you where
I can’t tell you where it went



Something on You

They’ll be lurking in the shadows every time you turn your back
In wingtips and threepiece suits and spotless bowler hats
And a whisper in the alley leads off the evening news
Every word you’ve spoken being turned back on you

Something on you, something on you
Somewhere there's a man watching your every move
Something on you, something on you
Somewhere there's a man who has something to lose

They’ll listen in to every call at any time of day
They’ll get it down on paper, they’ll get it down on tape
In a basement around the corner or a van just down the block
There will be a recording every time you talk


They’ll shine it in your face, put your civil rights on hold
Asking questions with answers they already know
And if you spill your guts or play it close to the vest
It will end up in a memo on the Director’s desk



Good at Going

The first time that you left I was drunk as an eel
The next time I was high as a kite
And this time you could say I was distracted by her face
Looks like it’s another lonely night

Good at going so wrong
Good at going where I don't belong
Good at going places I shouldn't be
Good at going, that's me

I’ve been around this world and I’ve been all over town
I’ve been to places too low to fall
And now you say you are leaving me today
And I’ll be going nowhere at all


You say I broke the bond and poisoned our love
You say I have brought you down
Before you walk away and before you cast the blame remember
You’re the one that’s going now



Bridges and Tunnels

Take the road through the heart of the mountain
Or the bend in the river tonight
The blood in your veins, the steam in your trains
All the miles they have brought into sight

And I stood and I saw there a kingdom
Built of highways, channels and wires
All round my head there are waves being read
By the road there are shrines

And a bridge takes you over
Tunnels cut right on through
Knowing your need for motion and speed
The will finds ways to you

You will build the things that are needed
To cross over distance or time
What you’re getting or giving or who you’ve been missing
Determines the speed and the line



Let It Out

You passed it on like some disease
What it’s become you can’t believe
How it looks and what was said
The thoughts to which that led

You let it, you let it out
Look where it's gone
You let it, you let it out
Look what it's done

You wear it out all over town
A secret that’s been passed around
Until it’s worn through every seam
Until it’s obvious and mean

All the way down the valley
They shouted out your name
But you had no conviction
And you had no shame

You put it out on every line
You let it ring and let it ride
Over the wires to your defense
In search of blood and consequence




It Comes Back to You

It flew back via Paris with me
And bought a cup of coffee, light and sweet
I thought about the traces of my traveling
About spending what was given to me

Every word you've left unspoken
All you've bent and all you've broken
Everything you've forgotten to do
It comes back to you

He must have known how it would end
For smashing people’s gods is not a way of making friends
And I don’t mind the tale of roses, fire and fish
If the story’s told while someone’s listening


He struck the dust with his heel
Water streamed, the desert bore sunflowers and wheat
Now the acqueducts stretch on for miles beside the road
And the dams into the distance as far as I can see


There will come a day and it won’t be long
When things that now are permanent will be gone
Empires crack and crumble, deserts turn to seas
What I’ve given will come back in a song



Holy Land

Stop said the man listen and you will hear
There’s a wind blowing out of the east and it’s bringing fear
You’ve got to get off the ride and walk and learn a new way to talk
You’re going to have to learn to say goodbye

There's not much here that isn't holy land
Take off your shoes take notice where you stand

Stop said the man I will tell you what you lack
When you lose your way you must ask to get it back
You’ve got to get down on your knees if you really want to see
Got to let them look you in the eye

And all around you this is holy ground
Give up your speculations, your demands

Stop said the man, listen and do not fear
There’s a wind blowing out of the east and it’s already here
There’s a lot to understand if you want to be a better man
So much to which you’ll have to say goodbye

There's not much here that isn't holy land
Take off your shoes take notice where you stand
And all around you this is holy ground
Give up your speculations, your demands


Righteous Road

Gotta keep walking that righteous road
Gotta take up that heavy load
Pick your head up off the floor
Get your feet out of the door

Make your way out of the city
Make your way across town

Gotta keep walking that righteous road
Gotta believe the things I know
Takes more than this world can bring
To find out the shape I’m in

Make your way from consolation
Make your way through rocky ground

Gotta keep walking that righteous road
Gotta lay down that heavy load
Forget about the things you lose
Make your life some kind of use

Make your way from all concession
Make your way back to yourself


Everything Turns

They go on everywhere
Turning up in the air
Bearing spirits all unaware
Going on everywhere

And the bones will awake
They will dance they will shake
Find their partners and mend all their breaks
And the bones will awake

Everything turns
Everything breaks, rises and burns
Everything turns
We will return

All the shaky dreams
All the numbers and wheels
All the visions disguised as sleep
All the shaky dreams

Watch your doors and your gates
Bake the bread, shed your hate
They will not touch you with fire or fate
Guard the doors and the gates


When you turn to the truth
Say the words I am you
Befriend emptiness love the obscured
When you turn towards truth



International Sunshine

Say what you will and say what you want my friend
Say what you will and say what you want again
Because I’ve been watching you for hours with your amphetamines and flowers
Say what you want my ordinary friend

Turn the radio on and tune it in
Turn that radio on, confess your sin
Tell the only ones who know, Doctor Brinkley, Tokyo Rose
Turn that radio up and listen in

It's the way it used to be
The same things coming down over the sea
And I know he waits for me
Dressed in rhinestones and pushing speed

Sun coming up across the Great Divide
Shadows running down the other side
And you waited like a gong holding ashes on your tongue
As the sun comes up across the Great Divide



Go On

Did you catch me standing in the rain
Did you catch me a little less than sane
Did you catch me with my heart up my sleeve
Did you catch me with holes in my knees

Did you catch me with my head in the clouds
Did you catch me dreaming too out loud
Did you catch me not knowing enough
Does it give you the feeling you’re such…

Go on and tell me I'm wrong
You're fighting a war that can't be won

Do you have more of the facts
Do you have what it takes to act
Do you have the answer that’s right
Is it the one made so by might

Go on and sing your fighting song
This is just another war that can't be won

I caught you, “Live Free or Die”
I caught you again, Semper Fi
I caught you towing your bit of the line
I caught you staking out your piece of the pie

Listen up or you won't last long
If you're fighting a war, you won't be one
So go on and tell me what is on
What you haven't lost is what you've won

My Camera

You are a liar
When you turned to me and said
Turned to me and said

Here it is; my desire
In shades of blue and green and red
Blue and green and red

If I knew what you would find
In the eyes of my own mind
I would have been so much less kind
My camera

You are much wiser
Than you have any right to be
Any right to be

Back then things were brighter
And they came on easily
Came on easily

When I saw what could be blamed
On the light and on the frame
I should have dropped you without shame
My camera

You are a reminder
Of the desert and the sea
The mountains and the streams

After this what you require
Is nothing that you need
Nothing that you need

If we've looked and disagreed
On the way things go from here
You have always been sincere
My camera


Really Seeing Things

I climbed to the top of St. Peter’s on a dark and crowded stair
And I stood and watched the city gasping for air
I stumbled down a mineshaft in a medieval town
Holding to my lantern like a sailor going down

Now I'm really seeing things
Now I'm really seeing things

Crossing California in the heart of Chinatown
Saw written on a tower “son, observe the time”
And I passed by the Sir Francis and Huey Newton’s home
On streets where ghosts of sailors and Ferlinghetti roam

Now I'm really seeing things
Now I'm really seeing things

And saw an Artic Tern flying pole to pole
Songs and cats developesd with some patience and care
At every border crossing I had nothing to declare

Now I'm really seeing things
Now I'm really seeing things



Even the Mercy

Always one more rock in the field
You can’t keep ahead of the weeds
And the landlord has got be paid
And the weather takes its time
You can’t make it rain or shine
You can’t stop it coming down like Judgment Day

And even the mercy
Even the mercy
Even the mercy it burns

And the margins are too slim
To pay off the debt you’re in
It will take what you give and demand more
The crops that you have grown
From seeds not your own
Will be gone, will be gone, will be gone


The boss he holds the deed
And the clay won’t hold the seeds
But you sow, and you sow, and you sow
And the law is running scared
Washington don’t care
You will get by with who you know



Life Through the Eye

In a furnished room on Centre Market the police radio is always on
And a man sits there dozing listening for the night to fall
While across the street the Black Marias haul in the killers, pimps and vagabonds
Crowds will gather for a new disaster, lovers kiss and children turn to clowns

Now he's been round to many places, has seen his share
He has taken many pictures, proving he was there
What could be better
What could be better
What could be better
Than life through the eye

Stalking down the darkened streets at midnight a 4x5 Speed Graphic round his neck
Looking for a shot, some light, an angle; the perfect murder, fire or wreck
Around the edge of every picture there’s a darkness creeping in
And a subject frozen sharp and focused in unconscious language gesturing

All the fire escapes and theaters, sirens and bells
All the headlines in the paper, bleeding what they sell


He had photographs and tabloid papers like the ancient Greeks had families
He put a signature on his creation and took a stab at immortality




Beautiful Houses

Who is left to follow anymore
For an answer who is there to call
Monuments and altars, what are they for
But fallacies waiting to fall

And the people are building and the house it is strong
Windows pulsating with light
The music and laughter it goes on and on
In those beautiful houses through the night

Every farmer leaves his lines in the field
Geometry, chaos and time
I am just a tenant on this land of these seeds
But the cultivation is mine

CHORUS At the threshold, bending down Left my shoes at the door Finding balance in each step On uneven floors

Architects and draftsmen; we are residents
Beggars and saints
Only by the strength of our longing and praise
Will Paradises be made



Railroad Time (Spring Comes Quietly)

As a blue eyed boy of almost ten I
Went down by the train
A hobo’s life I planned as I
Put pennies on the rails
Steel on steel
Boxcars and wheels

The bus I took away from there
It stopped in every town
And I found a place without a plan
My work was in my home
Nothing but dreams
Left up to me

Everything wants to be free
Except what you love and what you need
All alone without words or deeds
Spring comes quietly

Lacking courage and direction I
Sat down upon the shore
Wanting nowhere to belong and no more
Turnstiles or doors
Seconds or signs
Landmarks or lines


Yesterday at half past ten I
I went down by the train
Where I stood without reception, laid it
Down upon the rails
Forgot my path
My debts and maps



Distance Between

I wanted to talk to the sea
So I stood on the shore and it washed at my feet
But I do not live as a sailor or saint
In the realm of the honest or the reverent
But the distance between

The mountains were calling to me
So I climbed to the top of the highest peak
But I am neither mystic nor mountaineer
I am all fractions and pieces of dreams
And the distance between

I stood at the edge of the field
And tried to talk to the growing seeds
But I have no farm and I cannot preach
And there were no parables that I could teach
Of the distance between

The wind whispered through the leaves
So I sat myself down underneath that tree
Neither poet nor woodsman I do not see
Angels in branches, the slowness of years
But the distance between


Strangers to You

You were drifting, you were blown
You were out there on your own
Riding lonely through the dust
Red rock canyons, wind and rust

You were lost in those stories told
Purple sage and desert gold
In the lamplight your heroes shone
Past midnight they went on and on

Without fear without pride making honor your guide
You rode off to that long sunrise
Everybody that came they called you by name
None were strangers, strangers to you

You were justice served complete
Judge and jury, rope and steel
Always cautious with your trust
Shooting only when you must


Knew the thirst and felt the freeze
And you struggled just to breathe
First man in and the last one out
None could fit into your coat



Disappointed Again

Believe me
I wanted to find it in people
Believe me I tried
Believe me
I wanted to trust in the interest
In payment for my time

Disappointed again

Believe me
I wanted to keep it together
Polite and cool
Believe me
I wanted to stay in control
Rely on the rules

Disappointed again

Believe me
I wanted to make it through
Without ugliness
Believe me
I wanted to stand above it
Do better than this

Disappointed again


One By One

One by one things are going to fail you
Going to leave you behind
One by one these thoughts will desert you
Leave nothing but you and the sky

One by one words will betray you
Excuses and reason and trust
One by one your steps they will falter
It will all go to dust

One by one you will lose your defenses
Country, language and blood
One by one your fears will be conquered
You will be washed in the flood

Let it fall away, let it take its time
Let the mountains crave the climb
Rid yourself of all affection and need
Cast yourself upon the mercy of the seeds

One by one the rivers entwining
Mountains and valleys embrace
One by on there’ll be clover and daisies
Growing over that place



The Keeper

Take what you can carry
Leave the rest behind
There’s no sense to even worry
Age is nothing but time

Permanence is a fiction
You must spend what you save
I have learned no convictions
It will all pass away

I am a keeper
Arranging hope
In the currency of paper
A dealer gone broke


When you write it down
Please remember me
Every line and phrase
Is a mystery

If all of my savings
Outweighed the cost
The interest gathered
Served to save the lost


Take what you can carry
Leave the rest behind
There’s no sense to even worry
Age is nothing but time




Dehydration Blues

Hold on Birmingham
There’s a storm coming through
It will leave you with dust in your hand
Working on your dehydration blues
Working on your dehydration blues

Hole up San Antone
With your cards and your booze
Drink away what you cannot lose
Try to drown your dehydration blues
Try to drown your dehydration blues

Stay strong Buffalo
I’ve got shelter for you
I’ve got pills to get me through
Get me through these dehydration blues
Get me through these dehydration blues

Hold on while you can
There’s a flood coming soon
It will run through your worn out shoes
Wash away your dehydration blues
Wash away your dehydration blues


Staring at the Ceiling

Staring at the ceiling it’s a wonder it don’t fall
As if that were some comfort at all
Thinking of the future I am worried all the time
The weather, water and the signs

The world keeps turning round releasing fears
Direction fades and motion disappears
We go laughing on to the end
Pushing past the last threshold of time
Turning all our failures into shrines
Inheritance known as a gift

Standing on the mountain and you’re praying it would burn
For some mercy in return
Kneeling by the river you’ve been begging for rain
That all might be forgiven again


Shouting at the sky like you can bring it down
And there would be some higher ground
Dimes in the fountain yeah you threw it all away
In words destined to fade



What Could I Do?

What could I do
I took you at your word
Trying my best to belong
What could I do
What could I do
I was wrong

What could I do
I was not myself and
Outnumbered five to one
What could I do
What could I do
I was so gone

What could I do
Being less than kind
A lesson learned so well
What could I do
What could I do
I was bored as hell

What could I do
Without knowing my faults
With no grounds for confidence
What could I do
What could I do
I have no defense


Music Your Protector

When all that is left is your enemy’s word
And nobody else knows what you saw and heard
Don’t doubt yourself or your memory
Or what happened there among the beasts of the field
When time stood still

They called you a shepherd, an ignorant youth
A piper, a dancer, a leader of fools
But the bishops and counts are trembling in fear
Thinking of a time when these walls will disappear
When time stood still

There'll be blood on the altar; they'll be dancing on drums
There will be no more mysteries, only angry songs
In the dancing of the spheres find the dissonant strains
Make music your protector; take fire as your friend

Poverty it breeds with fear
The carnival takes to the city streets
No time for depression, no thought for the past
All of those leading become last
When time stood still


In ‘76 in the winter’s cold
In the barren fields there bloomed a rose
You went walking the borders of sanity
And dreaming of justice not fantasy
When time stood still



Thank You Kindly

For everyone who’s trusted every word
For those who don’t believe a thing they’ve heard
For everyone who stayed at home and all those who kept moving on
I sat down and wrote them this song

And I will thank you kindly
Thank you kindly
Thank you kindly my friends

For everyone who values what they owe
For those who have got no soul
For everyone who’d die for it and those who just don’t give a shit
Without you I am nothing at all


For everyone who left me alone
And those who took me as one of their own
Who opened wide their hearts and homes, a place to stay where I roamed
Without you I am wondering still


For everyone who is all I want to be
For those who are living out my fears
Those who hit the harmonies and those who can’t find the key
I could not sing without you


For everyone sure of where they’re going
For those who have forgotten all they know
For those too serious to smile and those who laugh so hard they cry
You have taught me everything I know



House of Wisdom

When the barricades were silent and the royal guards lay dead
When Marie Antoinette lost her head
They took up the king’s library
And wrote down the books on aces and threes

This was a house of wisdom
This was a house of perfection
This was a house of wisdom
Now it's gone

Its holdings built on theft and toil
The world’s wisdom gathered within its walls
All those scrolls of authority
Lost to fires and changing regimes

It was said that the Catholics were to blame
As the General Letter Office went up in flames
The royal court cowered, the Lord Mayor fled
The people left homeless, their letters unsent

The Tigris ran black; the city lay waste
The ruler was trampled, his statues defaced
Pages bled as palaces burned
The wisdom of centuries was unlearned



Heart Full of Stars

Compared to some you’ve been around
But goodbyes still get you down
Never one to break the news
And I know how you bruise

You’ve got ways to hold it in
To betray the best of things
All that rage and all that love
You can never get enough

And each time you hit the wall
You stumble and you fall
Just remember who you are
And your heart full of stars
You can buy a brand new car
Drive it fast and drive it hard
But you'll never get too far running from your scars
And your heart full of stars

Oh your heart and your shoes
They will go just where they choose
They will let loose their strings
You will get tangled in


You move on from place to place
As if to test the grasp of grace
But your smiles and your tears
Are two things I still believe



My Brother the Musician

He believes in what he does and in what he’s got to say
He’s got talent to burn; you should hear him play
Not distracted or bored with everything
My brother the musician; how I wish I was him

He has confidence and faith; he has plans that cannot fail
My brother he believes that things are going to change
His mistakes lie all ahead of him
My brother the musician; how I wish I was him

He knows how to relate and he makes friends easily
No cripple of embarrassment; nothing if not free
Not tied down by anything
My brother the musician; how I wish I was him


Travel Song

with Alvin Arnold

It’s the way the river talks to me at sunrise
It’s the faith I have when I am all alone
It’s the knowledge that everywhere is nowhere
And I must be going home

It’s the glimpse of the runway before takeoff
Departing points all fading into one
It is knowing that home is for the asking
And there is nowhere left to run

And the road it is long
And the road leads me on

It’s the way the road is rising up to meet me
It’s the truth that I can never escape; you
It’s the knowledge of the joy inside each sorrow
The arrival each departure knew

It’s the way all of our ends are our beginnings
It’s the way my body returns into dust
It is knowing that all will be forgiven
The enigma of motion and trust

And the road it is long
And the road leads me on
And the road it is long
And the road leads me on

It’s the way the river talks to me at sunrise
It’s the faith I have when I am all alone
It’s the knowledge that everywhere is nowhere
And I must be going home



Here is Here

My baby wishes she was in London
Her friends want to move to New York
My sister lives in San Francisco
But her heart is still in El Salvador

Here is here
And now and then
You've been wondering where you've been

My brother wants to get away from Canton
He doesn’t care for France or Italy
My friends who live out in the country
Know there is somewhere they would rather be


I want to be in ancient Athens
Or Moscow in 1963
I want to wear dark sunglasses
And drive down the Champs Elysees



North and South

She was born on the banks of the Tennessee
She was raised by the TVA
And she stole her first kiss on the levee bridge
The night they took him away

He was born and bred on Buzzards Bay
As Yankee as they come
But when he made it down to Birmingham
He finally felt at home

North and South
Breathe it in, let it out
North and South
I could never leave you now

He was always out of rhythm
With those big city ways
And when the snow was falling down
He dreamt of warmer days

They called her Yanqui in San Salvador
Her family thought her strange
And anyway that she behaved
Her voice gave her away


You took the highway, you headed my way
You drove through the night
And I was home free, I had your country
Locked in my sights



Birmingham Rose

She was born the youngest of seven
In a three-room bungalow
Wrestling hurricanes and rattlers
With a rifle and a hoe

The boys lined up at county fairs
To swing her do-si-do
And with empty pockets, worn out shoes
They crawled off alone

None could outsmart or claim her heart
Or follow the way she goes
None is as tender, none is as fierce
As my Birmingham Rose

Grew corn and beans and babies
Out of that rocky ground
And she stood on the porch with that shotgun on her hip
When the taxman came around


Lost her grandfather to Sherman
And a grandson to Vietnam
She could pick a bale every day
There was iron in those hands


They say she’s lived forever
They say she’ll never die
As long as trees grow from these hills
And rain falls from the sky



On the Road

On the road my friend
On the road my friend
There’ll be trouble ‘round every bend
On the road my friend

On the road my friend
On the road my friend
You’ll meet beauty and drown all your sin
On the road my friend

On the road my friend
On the road my friend
Every step leads you on to the end
On the road my friend

On the road my friend
On the road my friend
You’ll find heaven around every bend
On the road my friend


I Am Out

with Alvin Arnold

I am out to write a song for everybody
For all who’ve been and all those yet to come
For everyone who’s given up completely
I am out to sing a song for everyone

I am out to write a song for everybody
Who’s seen their share of hard times and dreams
The rich, the poor, the losers and the winners
And everybody else in between

A song for every person, in every single land
For all of those personalities
For every single city, and every single town
It's a song just for me

I am out to write a song for every season
I am out to write a song for every day
For the ghettos, the suburbs and the country
For the places and names that never change

I am out to write a song for every country
For every planet, every single sun
And it will be like I believe, like I belong
I am out to write this universe a song

A song for every person, in every single land
For all of those personalities
For every single city, and every single town
It's a song just for me


Fear is Not My Man

There was glass everywhere when she came down the stairs
And she got on her knees in the yard
And she cleaned up that place with a Colt .38
Stuck in the small of her back

No man could compare to her In heart or hand I don't need no champion she said Fear is not my man, no, Fear is not my man

Was a May afternoon when that whistle blew
And he died in the factory blast
She raised two Jimmy Deans and a homecoming queen
All on her own


When she came to me it was not out of need
But a land of plenty and faith
No small kind of love and no stars far above
Would ever guide her feet



Railroad Seven Blues

This train is no good for anyone
This train is no good for anyone
It will run you down and wreck your mind, take all your money and your time
This train is no good for anyone

I heard that lonesome train whistle blow
Yes I heard that long and lonesome whistle blow
I was sitting by the riverside thinking up a way to die
When I heard that lonesome train whistle blow

The engineer he spoke to me by name
That engineer he called me by my name
Said get up son and follow me, leave behind your dignity
That engineer he spoke my name

Look what these rails done to me
Honey, look what these rails done to me
Robbed me of my will to live, everything that I could give
Look what these steel rails done to me

I hear her now she’s coming down the line
Yes I hear her now a-coming down the line
She’s straining all her steel and nerve, leaning hard into that curve
I hear that train a-coming down the line

This train is no good for anyone
This train is no good for anyone
It will run you down and wreck your mind, take all your money and your time
This train is no good for anyone



If Only I Had Words to Say

The sunrise from the top of the mountain
The monarch drifting down the valley’s edge
The silence that breaks on me like thunder
If only I had words to say

Every one of all my deepest secrets
And all the knowledge yet to be revealed
All my friends and all of my lovers
If only I had words to say

The things that bring me laughter and tears
My part to play here on this spinning world
The things that I believe in without seeing
If only I had words to say

The motion in each word of every language
The color and the shape in every sound
The dancing lines of every human being
If only I had words to say

None the Wiser

When I was seventeen I was ruthless and mean
And I knew every trick in the book
And I brought close to tears everyone I held dear
When I was seventeen

When I was twenty one I could not be outdone
And I knew that the world could be saved
And I thought about sin, I had ideals then
When I was twenty one

Oh, I please forgive me
Oh, I was young
Oh, I grow none the wiser
The older I become

When I was twenty four I was reckless and bored
And I stole every word that I spoke
And I could not ignore how it felt to be poor
When I was twenty four

When I was twenty eight, man I worked every day
And I stayed up late at night
And I practiced my faith and I tried not to hate
When I was twenty eight


When I am twenty nine I will know what is mine
And I will give it away
And each day I will try to be more like a child
When I am twenty nine



See What Akron Done

I’ve been up and I’ve been down
And I’ve blown through every town
Now I’m crawling on my knees
See what Akron done to me

I’ve been into every place
And made all kinds of mistakes
All the cops, the guns, the beers
See what Akron done to me

I’ve known trouble, I’ve known pain
And I’ve known the worst of ways
How broke and cold a man can be
See what Akron done to me

Now I’ve burned up every cent
All my dreams are gone and spent
In the rain at half past three
See what Akron done to me

My good friends, look at me
Lying broken on this street
All the rubber, all the steel
See what Akron done to me


Brand New Walking Shoes

Got me a pair of brand new walking shoes
And I’ll be gone by the time you hear the news
And if I get to Pittsburgh you will never catch me then cause I
Got me a pair of brand new walking shoes

Got me forty acres of bottom land
Underneath the river that you dammed
All the corn and beans I raised washed right down the drain
Got me forty acres of bottom land

Got me a Colt .45
There’s no place in this world you can hide
Nowhere left for you to run from all the wrong that you have done
Got me a Colt .45

I’ve got heaven on my side
And justice will not be denied
I left him lying there and I looked into his eyes, I said
I’ve got heaven on my side

Got me a pair of brand new walking shoes
And I’ll be gone by the time you hear the news
And if I get to Pittsburgh you will never catch me then cause I
Got me a pair of brand new walking shoes


My New Best Friend

I see people I know almost everywhere
I have friends wherever I go
We have done for each other the best that we can
To keep out the dark and the cold

It could be you
You could be the one to defend
You could change my mind
You could be my new best friend

I hear the voices of my friends
Everywhere that I go
Their clothing and their favorite songs
Become my own


My friends let me remember you
When I am alone
And dying be surrounded by
Faces I know



Taste for Apocalypse

From the shake shake shimmy of your hips
I could tell you had a taste for the apocalypse
And oh my Lord, what could I do?
Got a hot old time, got a fancy freeze
A muscleheaded mama down in New Orleans
And oh my Lord, what could I do?

Home and all I wanted
Home and all I wanted
Home and all I wanted here

In the crackling wind the heavy blows
The thunder and the lightning and the falling snow
Oh my Lord, I am through!
Don’t hold on to that ace too long
When the weatherman’s got the odds all wrong
Oh my Lord, I am through!


Your golden voice and your smoky eyes
The calming smog and sunny skies
Oh my Lord, those words came true!
From your iron mouth and your spinning wheels
And all the shame that you just don’t feel
Oh my Lord, those words came true!


I could learn the secrets of your soul
If you take me as your Barbie doll
Oh my Lord, what can I do?
We could stretch it out and let it ride
I could be the Bonnie to your Clyde
Oh my Lord, what can I do?

------- -------
------- -------
------- A/C#m ------- A/E
------- -------
------- -------
-0-4-5- -0-4-5-




Otzi went out one day
With a bow and arrow some deer to slay
Otzi went out one day
Never came back again

Otzi, oh Otzi, where have you gone
Where did you wander, where did you roam
Otzi, oh Otzi the iceman is gone
I will keep on singing his song

An enemy from behind a boulder
Shot Otzi in his shoulder
Left him bleeding on the ice
Where he froze and lost his life


Five thousand years later
Some tourists called in the murder
When the cops came on the scene
What do you think they seen
They said that’s not just any old cadaver,
It’s a caveman and what’s sadder
Is he’s been here 5000 years
Since 3000 BC


Now’s he’s stuck in this museum
Locked inside of this freezer
People come from everywhere
Just to see him lying there



Look Around

Look around this mountainside
Look where the red tail flies
On the rooftops far below
See the first signs of snow

Wish I had a home on high
Wish I was the burning sky
Wish I was the falling rain
Wish I had no other name

When I first came to this place
I was looking for your face
If I pass this way again
I will think of you my friend

When the creeks have all run dry
Then you’ll see her pass on by
In this place her wisdom speak
Where the waters cannot reach

Look around this mountainside
Let your thoughts grow free and wild
Look around where you belong
Feel the harmony, the song



1913 Again

Do you recall, do you remember
What happened on that day in December
This was our country, my friend
This was our land

That Christmas Eve, tears were shed
And the blood of the innocent
Fifty-nine children paid the price
When someone shouted fire

For everywhere a memory is stolen
Everywhere the hidden is revealed
And everywhere a heart is broken by a song
It's 1913 again

It’s a debt you will never clear
When you’re paid by the company
When they own the ground underneath your feet
You owe them your memories

How do you keep it together
When your neighbor is a killer
You cast a web that diffuses shame
And misplace all of the blame


Do you recall, do you remember
What happened on that day in December
Do you believe in the past my friend
Do you believe in the past



It Was You

It was not the rain that made me stay
It was you
It was not the sun that brightened my day
It was you
Not the famine, not the drought
The flood that covered Ararat
None of these turned me inside out
But you

It was not this city that captured me
It was you
Not fame or fortune that set me free
It was you
Not the traffic not the night
Not one of those flashing lights
None of these have set me right
But you

It was not the rain that made me stay
It was you
It was not the sun that brightened my day
It was you
Not the famine, not the drought
The flood that covered Ararat
None of these turned me inside out
But you


Up the River

I’m drifting further south every day, I’ll be
Past Baton Rouge soon
Somewhere out across the water lies
A stairway to the moon

I have been sailing over troubled waters
Too deep for an anchor to hold
I go where the trade winds want me to go
Tomorrow I will be in Mexico

I'm going up the river
Crossing the Atlantic, going north to south
I'm going up the river
I wish I could be there now

I have seen visions drifting on the breeze
Under a vertical sun
In a place where no one sounds like me
Set my feet back on solid land


I keep one eye on the weather
And my center of gravity low
At the place where the waters divide
There’s a city of gold



Someday Soon

Someday soon and it won’t be long now
Someday soon and it won’t be long
I’ll shake these bones and clap these hands all the way to glory land
Someday soon and it won’t be long

Someday soon and it won’t be long now
Someday soon and it won’t be long
Every thing will be revealed, there’ll be no sickness or disease
Someday soon and it won’t be long

Someday soon and it won’t be long now
Someday soon and it won’t be long
Every language, every sun, every color become one
Someday soon and it won’t be long

Someday soon and it won’t be long now
Someday soon and it won’t be long
Time will bend and shift like sand, the waves be quieted to land
Someday soon and it won’t be long


Build Me a Home

Build me a home in the rocks and the stones
On a mountain high
So I can watch this world pass on by
Build me a home
Build me a home

Build me a home without walls or doors
Windows or stairs
Let all who enter be no strangers there
Build me a home
Build me a home

Build me a home of memories and poems
Recipes and dreams
And all my friends who can hear the harmonies
Build me a home
Build me a home


Build me a home in the rocks and the stones
On a mountain high
So I can watch this world pass on by
Build me a home
Build me a home


Dm/Em(III)/Am(V) step up to C

Stories and Songs

Counting water towers from the back seat of a car
Playing Take It to the Limit, it was 1984
Colors and numbers, her ABCs
But the things that she learned were more than any of these

Lessons learned in stories and songs
Ways to take your mind off of what's going wrong
How to begin all over again
Who else could teach us all of these things

They would hang on her every word
Of deserts and jungles and the animal world
And while she taught them to count past ten
They learned that failure is just giving in


When she sang it was never alone
Her voice blew darkness right out of this home
Keeping the tempo, staying in key
We learned how to live in harmony

How to live with mistakes you have made
Ways to trick the monster out from under your bed
How to behave like a human being
These are the things that my mother taught me



The Size of Sound

Belting out the Beatles, Dylan and the Byrds
Singing for his life although he doesn’t know the words
It echoed through the darkness when the power died
I can hear him singing now; I believe he’s still singing

That rhythm always came to her clear and strong
Jumping all over Kingdom Come
She brought this hard world right down to its knees
I can hear her singing now; I believe she’s still singing

Heard it in the thunder, heard it in the rain
Drift through the fences, roll across the plains
Hum through the airwaves and rumble underground
Tell me what could be (what could be)
What could be the size of that sound

Squeezing out the hope in each half-remembered line
Waging war with his fingers and a whiskey-soaked mind
The straight story served with a bad attitude
I can hear him singing now; I believe he’s still singing

Puts her babies down to sleep with a song all her own
Borne across the ocean to this Appalachian town
The sound of harmony, the sound of home
I can hear her singing now; I believe she’s still singing


When he sang hallelujah in that dry and dusty place
Were the very stones shaken by that most amazing grace
The feast for famine, drought for the flood
I can hear him singing now; I believe he’s still singing



Spin Me Around

Silence is a place where you go all alone
The mirror in the hallway, a broken telephone
Where all of the absence and misplaced intentions don’t seem too much to hold
Silence is a place and you go there alone

Spin me around drop that needle down
You've got to find a way to say what you've got to say

Silence is a place where you go when there’s nowhere else
The drawbridge to your refuge, the last line of defense
The battlements erected by the weight of the unsaid
Silence is a place when there’s nowhere else


Silence is a place where you go with those you love
The language of perfection, the element of trust
Wider than the ocean, deeper than the sky
Silence is a place and you go there in love



Analog Blues

I was born with a digital mind and analog skin
All the places I can stand have gone to the wind
But none of this, none of this, none of this
Can bring me down

I am a scientist; I draw my dreams
From the deep and tainted wells of anthropology
But none of this, none of this, none of this
Can bring me down

I was born with a face belonging to history
And in a crowded room I am a refugee
But none of this, none of this, none of this
Can bring me down

I left this city and a concrete soul
Haunted by languages and staggering with hope
And none of this, none of this, none of this
Will bring me down


What is Gone

I know a man who only talks on rotary phones
Full of numbers, memories and poems
He knows what tomorrow will bring
Tomorrow can bring

I know a man with a head for machines
He’s got stories, he’s got digital dreams
He’s thinking on yesterday
Thinking of yesterday

What's gone is gone
What is gone will be again
What's ahead there is nobody knows
It has already been

I know a girl who says all she needs
Is a husband, a home, a family
She knows what tomorrow will bring
Tomorrow can bring

I know a girl who’s got it all
Strength and beauty, she’s got lovers at her beck and call
She’s thinking on yesterday
Thinking of yesterday


In my days here I have tried to match my head
To my heart and to my lungs, to my legs
To hold what tomorrow will bring
Tomorrow can bring

For the last time I surrender for a song
And the next time I will be long gone
Thinking on yesterday
Thinking of yesterday



Let It Show

My father is an engineer I am his oldest son
My mother gave to me every song I’ve sung

Let it show
I love them more
Let them know
I love them all

My sister is a modern girl she lives on rice and beans
My brother is a carpenter with ironclad dreams

Let it show
I love them more
Let them know
I love them all

Though my friends are penniless they live around the world
In Bishkek, Lima, Pouthisat and one in Kabul

Let it show
I love them more
Let them know
I love them all

To all my fellow travelers wherever they may be
These thoughts go out, let them one day come back to me

Let it show
I love them more
Let them know
I love them all


Too Early Too Late

Corners everywhere you look, but no dead-end streets
Towers and monuments; an island of dreams
Where the perfect day is always half a week away
Distraction never leaves, tomorrow never stays

And all of the silences, all of the sounds
All of the history going down
With space to grow into mercy to move
Too late for primetime and too early for the news

It’s all about the angles, it’s all about the light
The tourists and their cameras, man, what’s left to find
Echoes of the emperors, the weight of history
Vespas careening through these medieval streets


Two globes, two palaces, two chambers and two births
One for the heavens and one for the earth
Motion perpetual, the span of all in one
These are the threads from which a lifetime is spun


Let us be bound for glory, you and I
Minstrels and immigrants, three feet above the sky
In love with silences, with sound, with everything
I give it all to you my fellow citizens



If You Know the Words

From the time that she was young
You could hear her singing that song
Says it was God that taught her heart
She just had to stick to her part

She sang with a voice all her own
Keeping the faith and passing it on
The good and bad times, the major, minor keys
Change the words, but keep this melody

And if you know the words, then go ahead and sing it
If you know the truth, then go ahead and live it
Even if your voice is the only thing you own
You've got more than enough 'cause you've still got a song

And on the day they lay her down
To rise up to glory and that heavenly crown
Still have a song on her lips, in her heart
Still will be happy just to do her part


Let me keep on singing the songs that I know
Even if no one is listening, let me still carry on
Not for fortune, glory or fame
But just to keep on living and remembering my name



Burn My Eyes

Burn my eyes with a holy fire let me see all things anew
Burn my eyes with a holy fire let me learn to love the truth
Though I walk through storms and shadows I shall not be moved
Burn my eyes with a holy fire let me see all things renewed

Wash my hands with holy water let them be at work always
Wash my hands with holy water let them never long to stray
To my poor, my friends, my neighbors, enemies extend
Wash my hands with holy water let their work be yours always

Set my feet on paths of glory let them walk on holy ground
Set my feet on paths of glory let them be upward bound
Let them take me to the place where all will be revealed
Set my feet on paths of glory let this all be holy ground

Burn my tongue with coals of fire let me speak of distant shores
Burn my tongue with coals of fire let my words always be yours
In the wideness of your presence learn to keep my peace
Burn my tongue with coals of fire bring me safely ashore

Break my heart with holy wisdom let me learn to love again
Break my heart with holy wisdom let me on your strength depend
And the power past all knowing clothed in sacrifice
Break my heart with holy wisdom let me long for you again


All Over Now

Saw it for a dime in 1943
At the Palestine Theater down on Clinton Street
Tumbleweeds in black and white, a Picture in Grey
Jean and Hopsy, Heaven Can Wait

It's all over now
It's all over now
It's all over now but the history

Bought it cheap and sold it on a whim
You won’t hear that 78 again
And 5 LPs got that phonograph for free
Blonde on Blonde, the Stones and the Supremes


Got it every day down at the corner store
The news that’s fit to print and nothing more
Atom bombs and Communists, Brown and the Board
The National Guard in Arkansas



Weight of the World

I cannot know the weight of this world
I’ve got nothing to tell you but all the wrong words
I cannot know the weight, the weight of this world
I am helpless, just like you

I cannot know the weight of these years
I cannot bind the accuser, discredit these fears
And under the weight, the weight of these years
I am broken, just like you

I cannot know the weight of this pull
The places you’re pushed all beyond your control
In gravity’s power, oblivion’s hold
I am lonely, just like you

I cannot know the weight of this world
The best I can do are these simple words
That hanging there that afternoon
He was helpless, just like you


Kissing Like Judas

It was underneath the willows on a sultry night in June
I went walking with my true love out underneath that moon
We tickled and we tussled, we huggled and we kissed
Oh girl you looked like Minnie Pearl, but you kissed just like Judas

Hey hey hey hey what can I say
She tore me up, she led me astray
Hey hey hey hey what could I do
She was unfaithful, she was untrue

It was earlier that spring when our courting had commenced
When I first had kissed her across the old stone fence
She would send me love letter written in verse
Oh girl you wrote like William Shakespeare, but you kissed just like Judas


Then it was autumn, I was running from the law
I had shot and killed a man who had cheated my grandpa
She said that she would lie for me no matter who would ask
Oh girl you spoke like Jesse James, but you kissed just like Judas


So the moral of this story for those still listening
Is don’t mistake truth and kisses, lovers and friends
If somebody should say they’d gladly die for you
Remember they told that to Jesus too



When I Get Up to That Promised Land

When I get up to that Promised Land
When I get up to that Promised Land
When I get up to that Promised Land
Won’t have to tell nobody where I stand
When I get up to that Promised Land

…won’t have to lend no helping hand

…I’ll be playing guitar in a honky-tonk band

…I’ll be drinking whisky, shooting cans

…it’ll be the end of my best laid plans

…won’t have to dodge the police man

…every deal will be a winning hand


Wings and Wheels

Write me a song, sing it all day long
Write me a song, sing it out
Write it down, let the world know your sound
Write it down, tell the world where you’ve been and where you’re bound

Build me a ship for the stars, for the seas
Build me a ship for the sky
Build it proud, let it sail the world around
Build it proud, let it sail forever never run aground

Tell me a tale of knights and of whales
Tell me a tale with no end
Tell it now, who is lost, what you’ve found
Tell it now, let your voice be thunder the world, the sound

Dream me a world of wings and wheels
Dream me a world, make it real
Dream out loud, let the universe resound
Dream out loud, tell the world that this is holy ground


Fierce Symmetry

You are muscle and sinew
Fierce symmetry
The heat of the noonday
On a crowded street

You are order and reason
The spark and the steam
The chaos of nature
The storm on the sea

You are vapors and visions
The captain of dreams
The words and the kingdoms
The power between

Oh the shadowlands of freedom
Oh the deserts of desire
The loneliness of lovers
And the sight, the sight of the blind

You are muscle and sinew
Fierce symmetry
The cool of the morning
On the hill, on the tree



Do You Remember the Rain

Do you remember the rain
The way that it came
When it fell there was nowhere to go
Do you remember the rain

Do you remember the sun
How it burned how it shone
In the season too early for shade
Do you remember the sun

Do you remember the snow
How it covered us both
And the silence that spoke nothing false
Do you remember the snow


Do you remember the rain
The way that it came
And how it broke, how hard it fell
Do you remember the rain




Railroad Avenue

When I stepped into the rain on that cold November night
My hands were in my pockets, my eyes were quick and bright
You’re a sailor said the Englishman, but Lord what’s in your pants
Oh, I know it’s not ants
I did not reply, for I knew what was said
That the captains of industry heard every word
But I’ve been busted and battered man, I have been abused
I’m mystified and confused

So I asked him who devised this game, who shot the sheriff, who was to blame
He said what you have heard is true they'll crucify you
On Railroad Avenue

She was thinking of the captain as she put on her face
But Smiling Jenny knew the admiral was lying in wait
She was moaning for a reason to strengthen her will
For a sailor down in Mobile
She turned from her mirror as I walked in
Said I to Jenny, I don’t like the way you grin
Oh sonny boy you’ve got a lot to learn
She said while my conscience burned

How high's the water, momma, where is the past, well it's five feet high and rising fast
Say one more word my boy and they will bury you
On Railroad Avenue

Mother Mary, said the ladybug, I’m flying from home
There’s a coroner’s convention down in San Antone
A shot of compassion to free me of my sins
Half a year, a fifth of gin

I’ve got mouths to feed I’ve got bills to pay
Said the train conductor as he walked away
Who’s that stirring who’s in my bed
I thought you were cold and dead

Call me the jester, call me the maid, call John Henry back from the grave
You can find all that you need but not one single grain of truth
On Railroad Avenue
Call me a liar, call me a fool, a double agent, the hope of youth
You could get picked up, t-boned, curled, turn black and blue
On Railroad Avenue
Riff: g-e-g--e-d-c--


Drunk With You

There ain’t nothing on the TV, it’s Friday night
And this old house is cold dark and quiet
I am sad and lonely, I am missing you
I’ve got hours to kill but I’ve got nothing to do

I don't want no golden apples
I don't need half of the moon
I just want your time; give me an hour or two
I wanna get drunk, I wanna get drunk with you

So what will it be girl; your place or mine
Whiskey, rum, tequila, bourbon, vodka, beer or wine
It comes in cans or bottles, has many different names
But drinking alone it just ain’t the same

I don't want no golden apples
I don't need half of the moon
It's very simple, here's what I want to do
I wanna get drunk, I wanna get drunk with you

So if you’re feeling lonesome if you’re sad and blue
If this world has got you down, here’s the thing to do
Call me up, I’m waiting, I will be there
I’ll bring my own bottle and I’ll even let you share

I don't want no golden apples
I don't need half of the moon
If you're sad, I've got a cure
I wanna get drunk, I wanna get drunk with you


A Cat Named After a Movie Star

You’re dumb, you’re ugly and yes I’m talking to you
You’re weird, you’re clumsy, you eat disgusting food
You have no dignity; you act like such a fool
You’re dumb, you’re ugly I can barely look at you

I don't care who you think you are
I'm a cat named after a movie star
I don't care what you think of me
I'm a cat, worship me

That’s it, you’ve done it now, you woke me up again
Dot try to talk to me, I am not listening
Those pigeons are more interesting than you could ever hope to be
I know I’m cute, I know I’m sweet, don’t say it again

I don't care who you think you are
I'm a cat named after a movie star
I don't care if you think I'm rude
I'm a cat with attitude

I don’t mean to be cruel or thoughtless; I’m just telling the truth
There are moments when I actually think I sort of like you
I love that game we play with my mouse, I hide it under the couch and you get it out
And rub my head, now let me go, that will do

I don't care who you think you are
I'm a cat named after a movie star
I don't care what you think of that
I'm a cat so kiss my ass


Coming Home

The fog rolled up the island it rolled in off the sea
Sat down on my doorstep and beckoned to me
And it curled around my ankles, crawled my ear
Whispered “keep on moving boy” soft and sweet

But I am anchored in still waters I am rooted firm and deep
Will take more than ifs and buts to move these weary feet
I’ve heard these stories all before they’re lies all the same
Time is not a prison and a home is not a grave

There is time to sow and time to reap
Time for war and time for peace
Time to heal, to cast away stones
Time for coming home
Oh yellow moon, autumn sky
I am drifting and dry
Oh golden sun, harvest days
Still my wandering ways

Been a hard and rocky journey but it won’t be long
I’ve got wings of rhythm I’ve got wheels of song
It’s in the falling leaf, the change of seasons
That I have found the courage to belong


Down in the valley chimney smoke holds up the sky
And I’m tired of crossing oceans, states and county lines
I have lived so many places it is easy to know
When I should put some roots down; when I am home




Thinking of You

The fridge buzzes, the rocking chair groans
Kettle has boiled dry as a bone
Lists and deadlines should be running through my mind
But I sit here thinking of you

I’ve got the great American novel in my head
A lifetime of books to be read
There’s a song in the headlines screaming to be born
And I sit here thinking of you

There are dishes to be washed and bills to pay
There’s a world to be saved
But you can find me here doing what I do best
Sitting and thinking of you


What I Owe

Words and music by Hillel Arnold and Josh Gardner

With half of Texas blowing off to the east
And the other half stuck to my feet
Took what was left of my love and money
And headed for the sea

If it rained for forty days
I don’t believe this desert would bloom
If I find better luck in the city
I’ll sing it to a picture of you

What I owe I cannot remember
What I owe is buried in the desert sand
What I owe is lost and gone forever
What I owe is who I am

With all to show for five years labor
A hard luck nickel and my name
Hopped the freight, the old South Central
And headed for those fertile plains

My descendants for seven generations
Are promised to the factory store
What was real I gave to my real friends
If I could I’d give them some more

What I owe I cannot remember
What I owe is buried in the desert sand
What I owe is lost and gone forever
What I owe is who I am

All I have is the song I sing; it binds us you and me
From California to New York Island, I’m always with my family
I’m on my way just like I went, weary, broke and cold
Been down so far so long that it’s the only thing I know

What I owe I cannot remember
What I owe is signed in a stranger's hand
What I owe is lost and I don't remember
What I owe is who I am
Am/C/G (3x)


Killing Ground

Started out when the leaves were changing
Blood on the railroad tracks
Started out, man I was not stopping
I held a rifle in my hand

All the way through Mingo County
Hound dogs are set on me
My face posted from here to Texas
Felts’ goon squad at my heels

And the law it brings you down
And the law kicks you around
And the law it busts this union town
On this killing ground

I have been too brave, too frightened
I have lost, I have found
Now this town is burned to cinders
My home made a killing ground


Started out when the leaves were falling
Aching heart and itching hand
Started out, man I won’t be stopping
Until we’ve reached the Promised Land



The Man in the Moon

I’ve been a homesick disciple on these rails
Trying to fit my faith to a name
Trying to fit three chord truths into twelve bar blues
I’ve been trying to stay honest, to stay true

Sing me a song Woody Guthrie and I'll be the man in the moon
Sing the sun down out of the sky, the wind right into this room
Sing me water, sing me wine; a song to cast out all fear
Sing me a song Woody Guthrie and I'm leaving, leaving here

I’ve been over; I’ve been so long gone
On these end of alphabet songs
I have waited for so long to spit this dust out of my lungs
Untangle my stumbling tongue


I went all the way out past the King’s Highway
To see what was left, what ‘‘d find of you there
At the end of the street there was nothing; not a home, not a grave
And a rambling man leaves no trail



More Than She Loves Me

My baby’s gone and left me for another
And I’ve never been so sad and blue
My baby’s left me here to sit and wonder
Why she won’t be true

I saw her last Friday evening
She said that I had been replaced
Somebody with more to offer
Had taken my rightful place

He's got big brown eyes, curly hair, she says he listens well
Doesn't cuss, doesn't scratch, he hardly even smells
I've tried to hide my head in sand but it is plain to see
She loves her teddy more than she loves me

Forgive me if I am jealous
If I oil my gun and whet my Bowie knife
I swear to God I’ve never been indecent
But he’s been sleeping with her all of her life

He's got big brown eyes, curly hair, doesn't smoke or drink
Doesn't cuss, doesn't scratch, he don't tell her what to think
I've tried to hide my head in sand but it is plain to see
She loves her teddy more than she loves me

I’ve been trying to comprehend my failings
Understand the error of my ways
It’s hard to win when you’re competing
With a bear who’s got a head start in the race

He's got big brown eyes, curly hair, doesn't kiss and tell
Doesn't cuss, doesn't scratch, he hardly even smells
I've tried to hide my head in sand but it is plain to see
She loves her teddy more than she loves me


Every Time I See You

Tell me why every time I see you
Tell me why every time I see you
Why it rains every time I see you

Tell me why every time I see you
Tell me why every time I see you
Why you smile every time I see you

Thunder and lighting, hurricanes
A runaway freight train
Don't knock me out or loosen my knees
I'm not scared of spiders or snakes
Afraid of the dark or that thing in the lake
My tongue's tied up, I can't even speak
Every time I see you

Tell me why every time I see you
Tell me why every time I see you
I’m a fool every time I see you

Vampires and bogeymen
All the king's horses, all the king's men
Don't shake me up don't rattle my teeth
I'm not scared of looking over the edge
Or the monster curled up under my bed
My tongue's tied up, I can't even speak
Every time I see you



Independence Day

I’ll be damned if I will believe this after all the shit you said
You’ve been lying like a thrift store suit and it don’t fit you well
You’ve gone and shouted wolf one too many times
I’ll be damned if I believe this I’ll be damned if he is dead

I'm breaking orbit, cutting into speed
Gone independent of petty gravity
Dawn is descending, I'm abdicating dreams
On Independence Day

You’re kings of wind and thunder and lords of the tomb
You’ll crack the bell of freedom and blow the trump of doom
I’ll scream it like a banshee if you tear out my tongue
The spheres they danced a two-step on your kingdom coming down


The sun bounced down off the brass on your chest and it nearly made me blind
But the demons under the porch laughed at your beautiful lies
I’ll walk right through this fire and I won’t even smell of death
The sun came down on a summer day but I am not deaf or blind



Doctor Doctor

Murder murder there’s blood on the breeze
Doctor doctor won’t you help me please
Heal me doctor

Fire fire there’s smoke in the wind
Doctor doctor untangle my mind
Strung out waiting on parted waters a bush burst into flame

Liar liar there’s a fox with the hens
Doctor doctor I’ve been taken for dead
Heal me doctor

Murder murder there’s blood in the streets
Doctor doctor won’t you tell me please
The worst of my addictions is that I am addicted at all

A/B / A/B / A/B / A/B / F# (x2)

The Most Christian Angel in New York

It’s hard to stay holy in this city of sin and I’m not saying I’ve done it well
I’ve done my share of drinking, drugging and screwing but not enough to send me to hell
Pour the next round and I’ll tell you another of the things I have seen in this town
And running around trying to keep out the devil has run me right into the ground

Lift me up I am tired, I am weary
I am weak I am worn
Lift me up it is not easy
Being the most Christian angel in New York

I’m not saying I am holy and righteous, but I have done better than most
Fronting my punk band - you might have seen us - called the Heavenly Host
Those cherubim and seraphim, well I saw them tagging walls and jacking up cars
Gabriel’s lying in his puke in the gutter on the Bowery and Michael’s got three hookers on each arm


I’m tired of this profession; it always seems I’m saving the ugly and the dumb
I just checked my contract and I didn’t see a clause denying natural selection
So if your pipes leak and your rent is outrageous, your neighbor deals, your roommate steals your beer
Take your complaints to the upstairs office; don’t blame me, I just work here



Country Inside

It’s raining in New York City and the trees are digging in
Their roots against the concrete; something’s got to give
Standing in the doorway the sky opens wide
Outside is the city but I got country inside

Writing country songs is easy; you don't need a cheating heart
A gal who's gone and left you, a dog that's up and died
A truck that won't turn over, a horse running wild
Writing country songs is easy when you've got country inside

There’s a dog outside the deli staring at the door
And I wonder who that someone is that he is waiting for
While I tended to my conscience this city stole my eyes
But everybody knows me in my country inside


The pigeons have abandoned the Armory roof
I wish I could go somewhere; the place that they’ve gone to
I’m wishing for horizons, endless lines of sight
I’m wishing I had more than the country inside



Railroad Man

He picked up a hammer in his hand said momma I’m off to die
A man against a mountain, muscle at his command
The granite shook his hammer sang as he drove home that spike
They laid him down by the side of the tracks he was a railroad man

He picked up a guitar in his hand said momma I’m a rambling ‘round
A man to bring that thunder with a backbeat and a rhyme
Now he’s still looking for that place where milk and honey flow
He could not cure his itching feet he was a railroad man


He picked up a hammer in his hand said momma I’m off to die
A man, a God, a battleground, a tree, a wave on sand
With fire he pierced their cruel hearts with nails they pierced his palms
They say he was a carpenter but he was a railroad man



Whatever's Cheap

Some folks they like whiskey others like their wine
Some they just drink Budweiser and others Natty Light
But when I slide up to the bar just one drink works for me
I say to the bartender I’ll have whatever’s cheap

Sometimes you need the President, sometimes you need the King
Sometimes you will just open up and let the Beast right in
Beggars can't be choosers, and nothing's ever free
Just say to the bartender you'll have whatever's cheap

Some folks they like women with diamonds and pearls
And some they like their men dressed up like girls
Either way don’t matter much just when we’re out to eat
They say to the waiter I’ll have whatever’s cheap

Sometimes you'll eat with Senators, sometimes you'll eat with hogs
Sometimes you'll be so hungry you could eat your old hound dog
Beggars can't be choosers, and nothing's ever free
Just say to the waiter you'll have whatever's cheap

Some folks go to church and some they stay at home
Some don’t believe in God at all some call Satan their own
If you step up to the altar and he asks you what you need
Just say to the preacher I’ll have whatever’s cheap

Heaven is a Motel 6 and the sign says vacancy
Jesus gave out loaves and fishes down by the sea
The Staten Island Ferry is swinging down for me
And if you want salvation you can have it 'cause it's free


Pissing in the Dark

Back home in Tennessee life was pretty plain
I’d milk the cows and feed the chickens give the horse some hay
Ma cooked dinner on the stove with logs that I would split
No TV, no telephones no place you couldn’t spit

It’s true I miss my mother my farm my family
But the thing I remember most is where we’d go to pee
There was a shack out in the backyard with a half moon on the door
It was dark and it was hard to see what you were shooting for

Pissing in the dark, pissing in the dark
I can't see my hands and I can't see my shoes
Pissing in the dark, pissing in the dark
Lord, won't you guide me, tell me where to shoot

My father was a gambler and he spent his last dime
On a fifth of gutrot whiskey to distract his worried mind
And when the police found him below the steeple of St. Marks
He had his pants around his ankles he was pissing in the dark


Now I’m standing here in Basrah in the middle of the night
A smoking gun in my left hand a grenade in my right
And I screamed at my commander as the bullets ‘round us barked
This ain’t a good war anymore we’re pissing in the dark



It’s skin and bones but it kicks like a mule and
It’ll carry my pack my rifle my boots
Left on my dime my senses behind
Digging for dreams in Jackson mine

California bound
Futures there to be found
Go west young man there's gold in the hills
Of California

It’s the Central Pacific 508
And it’ll take me due west to San Jose
Over Chinese bones John Henry’s steel
An open door and a turn of the wheel

California bound
Futures there to be found
I don't believe from here the birds fly south in winter
From California

It’s got a shake and a rattle but it’s still gonna roll
And half a tank will get me to Sacramento
From there it’s all downhill until I hit the sea
The Hollywood hills the silver screen

California bound
Futures there to be found
I'll take the endless miles the wind in my hair
To California

I’ve got a voice and I know it ain’t mine
I’ve got a roving eye and a distracted mind
I’m a leaky boat a plane without wings
I’m not doing too bad with just paper and string

California bound
Futures there to be found
I'm just like anyone I want what is forbidden
I'm just like anyone I want to be forgiven
G/Am/G/Em (4X)
C/D/G/Am/G/Em (2X)

The Freedom Song

Words by Nick Trippel and Hillel Arnold, music by Hillel Arnold

I’m happy to be American,
I love our freedom too,
Not like all them foreign creeps,
That hates good folk like me ‘n you.

I’m happy watchin’ football games,
On my new flat screen tv.
I’m payin fewer taxes now,
So I bought a big ol’ SUV.

Freedom freedom blah blah blah
Freedom blah freedom blah freedom blah blah
Blah freedom blah freedom freedom blah blah
Freedom freedom freedom freedom blah blah blah

Everything is wonderful,
No more porn upon the tube.
Thanks to the folks at the FTC
We’re saved from Janet Jackson’s boob.


Dubya done did Iraq
With bunker-bustin’ bombs.
So Karl Rove come election-time
Could do the same to them security moms.



Hey Angelina

Angelina says to me
There’s nothing left to do
And so she pours the coffee out
And cries the whole day through

Angelina says to me
There’s nothing left to say
And so she lies about her age
And sleeps the livelong day

If the sky should fill with fire hey Angelina don't you cry
The tide run out the stakes run high hey Angelina don't you cry
The gilded cross the bloody eye hey Angelina don't you cry
The time has come to choose your side hey Angelina don't you cry

Angelina says that she’s
Been driven from her home
And no one listens anymore
To that old jawbone

Angelina says that she
Has seen this all before
And there’s no need for her to try
To get up off the floor



Diving Into the Clouds

It was the middle of nowhere, sometime after two
I was lost I was blinded by the sun
The map was worse than useless, the compass just points south
The path that had brought me here was gone
I was already weary though I had only begun
Diving into the clouds

Well I ran to the city but the country followed me
Found me drunk and playing solitaire
Asked where I was headed asked if it was true
That chaos can conquer despair
If there’s warmth in concrete you can breathe without air
Diving into the clouds

I’ve been always in motion I’ve been friction’s enemy
And home was the road under my feet
Without knowing where it led I took
The path into the heart of the dream
Halfway there I turned around and threw my guidebook down
Diving into the clouds

It was just south of Texas it was mid afternoon
The sun cut through the clouds with holy fire
It called me to believe in things left unseen
To have faith in the pillars of the sky
Somewhere in between the sky and the sea I am
Diving into the clouds



I’m not a man who’s been so far away that I’ve lost all allegiance to home
I’m not a man who’s had so many names that I have forgotten my own
I am the immigrant I am the abdicant I am the prodigal son
I am the man of many ways but I still know the path to my home

I’m not a man who’s been so far from land that I’ve fallen in love with the sea
I’m not a man who’s seen so many wonders I’m blind to the marvel of peace
I am the song and I am the singer I am the minor key
I am a man who has lived on these waters but I must be leaving the sea

Bring me my gold my arrow my bow
A star to steer me true
This is my story my honor my glory
Now I am going home

I’m not a man who’s been so many people that I’ve lost a claim to my soul
I’m not a man who’s been so long a stranger that my feet do not turn toward home
I am the captain I am the anchor I am the billowing sail
I am the man of many faces but I’ve not forgotten my soul



Martha Stewart's Christmas in Prison

Trippel/Arnold via John Prine

It was Christmas in prison and the food ain’t real good
I had turkey and pistols carved out of wood
I done tried some baking but it’s hard without cream
My brands on your shelf, and my show’s on your screen.

Wait awhile for my return to TV
The Department of Justice has nothing on me
Email me, cell phone me, dump the shares now
I'm wheelin' and dealin' and appealin', by God

My website has posted a Holiday greetin’
So please buy my china though I won’t be eatin’
My heart is as big as this whole goddamn jail
But I’ll let Omnimedia drop the coin for my bail


The search light in the big yard swings round with the gun
And spotlights the snowflakes like the dust in the sun
It’s Christmas in prison there’ll be music tonight
I’ll probably get homesick I love you, goodnight.



Mister Secretary

Mister Secretary
I know you don’t know my name
I know that you are truly grateful
That you are not the only one to blame

Mister Secretary
I have just one demand
If I die in this godforsaken place
Sign the letter by hand

You can send me off to fight your dirty jihad
You can hang me out to dry
You can sign me up let them cut me to pieces
Just put your John Hancock on the line

Mister Secretary
I know you don’t read the news
I know we fight with the army we have
Not the army we’d choose


Mister Secretary
I know there’s solid evidence
I know that all the armor in the world
Is not a sufficient defense



Soldier of the Lord

Got me a gun and a fake tattoo
A flight suit and a Bible too
Got me a gun and a fake tattoo
I’m a Soldier of the Lord

I shoot first and I shoot to kill
I defend God’s Holy Will
I shoot first and I shoot to kill
I’m a Soldier of the Lord

Got me a mandate to use force
Got me one that’s bigger than yours
Got me a mandate to use force
I’m a Soldier of the Lord

I come in hard I come in strong
I come in low out of the rising sun
I come in hard I come in strong
I’m a Soldier of the Lord

Got me an army got me a war
Got me political capital
Got me an army got me a war
I’m a Soldier of the Lord


Vincent's Ear

They say that a few years before he did himself in
Vincent had a very nasty row with Gauguin
He went home and took a razor to his left ear
Wrapped it up and gave it as a present to his dear

To his surprise she did not like his gift much at all
She called the cops and had him packed off to L’Hospital
The ear was kept as evidence in an alcohol-filled jar
It disappeared in the hole of history’s black star

But what happened to Vincent's ear
Was it buried six feet under, was it sold for an ice-cold beer
Did some junior detective steal it out of spite
Or did it end up drifting through the starry, starry night

They say Vincent was crazy and it might have been the truth
His style was unconventional his manner was uncouth
Failure was his standard and loss his destiny
He was not a darling of the petty bourgeoisie

He loved the sun and sunflowers he loved his cousin
He painted portraits of the entire family Roulin
In the yellow cafes at night he’d daub away the time
But everybody thought him mad, his ear not worth a dime


He lived in an asylum, he wrote letters to Theo
And then one day he shot himself, it’s adios Van Gogh
If Vincent were still alive and kicking today
His ear would be up for auction on eBay



Down Like Hell

There’s a thousand points of light shining through my window
There’s a draft creeping under the door
There’s a child left standing at the gates of Hamelin
There’s a new tailor for the emperor and
Running won’t save you any
Running won’t save you any
Running won’t save you anymore

There’s a drum that’s pounding out a martial rhythm
There’s a beggar with a song
There’s a lookout shouting iceberg ahoy
There’s a band playing on and
Running won’t save you any
Running won’t save you any
Running won’t save you anymore

Down down like a fugitive to justice
Down like a stone
Down like fear down like thunder
Down like hell

There’s a pilot alone over the south Pacific
There’s a tidal wave coming down
There’s an army of fools and they’re all laughing
There’s justice fleeing this town and
Running won’t save you any
Running won’t save you any
Running won’t save you anymore


There’s a line that’s forming for the halls of justice
There a battle for a corporate soul
There’s a young man standing at the foot of the altar
There’s a country going down the rabbit-hole and
Running won’t save you any
Running won’t save you any
Running won’t save you anymore



Holy Ghost Power

There’s a man at my door, says he belongs to Jesus
There’s a man at my door, says he has come to heal us
And everybody knows Holy Ghost Power

There’s a man at my door, says he has come collecting
There’s a man at my door, says who were you expecting
And everybody knows Holy Ghost Power

All the stones of the desert say
Where you gonna run to
Where you gonna run to

There’s a man at my door, says he belongs to Jesus
There’s a man at my door, says he has come to heal us
And everybody knows Holy Ghost Power





Baby my heart is yours forever
Baby my light is always on
You know I’ve got what you’ve been wanting
You know my love for you is strong

Baby you’ve got to give me something
Baby you’ve got to show a sign
I’ve just got to have an answer
My love will not be denied

Oh Ohio
I'm at your window I am calling your name
Oh Ohio
Don't run from me don't leave me this way

Baby I know there may be others
I know you’re red, you could be blue
Baby if I can’t be your only
Just more than half of you will do


A/E step up

Practicing Freedom

It was a beautiful night when you walked away from me and I swore I would never forget
Your finger on my lips and my heart in your mouth and you already turning away
You said love has made us lie love has made us terrified love must bow to fate
It was a beautiful night when you walked away from me
You were just practicing freedom

When you signed the order and called out the soldier bearing a lock and key
You thought it would be a sign to tame the haughty and teach the conquered peace
The crowd outside chants for truth chants for democracy chants for the king of thieves
And signing the order and calling out the soldier
You were just practicing freedom

There was blood on the wall there was screaming in the hall and you said so this is war
There were pictures in the paper excuses on the radio and your good name on the floor
Now all the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t put reality back together again
The blood on the wall the screaming in the hall
You were just practicing freedom

It was a beautiful night when you walked away from me and I swore I would never forget
The way you turned away from me surrendered quietly saying here I am
And knowing what it would mean the flogging and the tree the sacrificial lamb
It was a beautiful night when you walked away from me
But you were just practicing freedom




The fields near the shore have been turned by the harrow the women are baking bread for tomorrow
Ashes of corpses and ashes of houses and blood on the land
Columns of smoke rise as emblems of despair the loudspeaker sputters out a final call to prayer
Broken horizons and hobbling horses and blood on the sand

Who am I to call myself son of the stars
Who am I to deny the claims of my heart
Who am I to call Carthage my own

The house holds its ruin within its own walls the foundation stones are the seeds of downfall
Salt in the wounds salt in the furrows the bend of the knees
The sons burning Carthage are sons born of Priam and daughters of Cain are the sisters of Zion
Elephants coming down out of the mountains and fear on the breeze


Here in this city where the talk shows are tragic where staying alive feels like studying magic
Where I am still looking for Truth in the circus and lies in the Times
Wander these streets ‘til the desert has made me numb ride on these rails like a disciple sick for home
Write down the memories of your wooden soldiers and write down your crimes


If you were Queen Dido and I was Aeneas how could I how would I have left this heavenly bliss
Does that make me the slave of passion or king of my fate
If I was destined for the founding of empire how could I conquer the walls of desire
Would I be captive to gods in the heavens or gods of my mind



The Size of Infinity

As if I could say he’s not my president to be cleared of any crime
As if the only cause worth fighting for is my own private life
As if I could say that walking away is just acting polite
As if you were wrong and I was right

I've been losing faith in the things that carry me
Losing my hope in the unseen
Losing love for my leaders but I still believe
In the size of infinity

As if I could say things would be different with a change in regime
As if I could further both a compromise and my integrity
As if the color of my blood is purple and not red
As if I was good and you were bad


As if I could say that when I’m on my knees it’s not idolatry
As if all there is to happiness is life and liberty
As if I could shrug and say the truth is what you lie about
As if I was in and you were out



So Much Sky

The light coming down over her shoulder burned my eyes
We were eating up miles to the minute on the road to paradise
All around was danger wrapped in the robes of false security
But just ahead the pathway was golden as far as I could see

And there is so much sky
So many paths to cross and bridges to burn
So much sky
Where our footsteps will be upon return

Driving west into Ashland County we caught fire along with the clouds
She said she was thinking of paradise but I know she was dreaming aloud
I gave up my wisdom I gave up my power I gave up the Holy Ghost
She said there is always a sunrise once the sunset has passed


There is a world just beyond our reach and there are kingdoms in the sky
There are miracles untouched by humans and there are reasons why
To see and to hold to hear what is told of the things not of this world
There is more than is seen or felt, more than your ears have heard



Not Even Hurricanes

Tonight will be sleepless again
Waiting for the sound of the rain
For the wind to lift and the tide to shift
For the strength to cast my cares adrift
But tonight I will dream of you

Because I know not even hurricanes could blow me away
From this place that I have let myself into
And I know not even hurricanes could blow me away
I am bound for the sky and bound to you

Tonight will be restless again
Waiting for the words to proclaim
For the waves to part for the Holy Ark
For courage to be pure of heart
But tonight I will dream of you


Tonight I will be dreaming again
Hearing the sound of your name
Though the seas may rage and the sun may fade
And though my heart may pace its cage
Tonight I will dream of you

Capo IV

C/G (034500)



See What You Do to Me

You got me crawling on the floor you got me begging for more
See what you do to me
You got me about to lose my mind you got me dying all the time
See what you do to me
And when I say that I want to be your man
I’m running naked through the town
See what you do to me

You got me singing in the rain you got me shouting out your name
See what you do to me
You got me praying in the dark you got me naked in the park
See what you do to me
I when I say that I have no more to lose
I mean that I have to be with you
See what you do to me

You got me falling on my knees you got me begging please
See what you do to me
You got me feeling like a king you got me wanting it again
See what you do to me
And when I say that I’ll give you all I can
I’ll throw my life like water onto sand
See what you do to me


Ordinary Miracles

My eyes have seen the glory of ages to come and of years that have passed
I have seen hours swell and wither, empires turn into dust
Under the sun and over the moon and before the reason why
I have seen hills razed and valleys exalted I’ve seen Satan fall from the sky

My ears have heard the blessings of freedom and its terrible price
I have heard harsh and dreadful sounds of the love between fire and ice
Facing the dream behind conviction after the end of the world
I have heard things to be long forgotten and the banner of laughter unfurled

My mouth has spoken words of deception, words of true insight
I have sung love and I have screamed hate and I have cried out to the light
From the mouth of God in the heavens comes the words of a child
I have spoken of visions at hand I’ve been baptized by desire



Not For Me

Pain is not for the pretty
The fair of face and heart
We will all I am told be ugly and old
But pain is not for me

Work is not for the brilliant
Those with minds strong and free
And though I struggle at times to find a rhyme
Work is not for me

Friends are not for those beloved
Of the stage or screen
And though I have met with little success
Friends are not for me

Great deeds are not for the modest
To make their mark on history
We all have our dreams of worldwide regimes
But great deeds are not for me

The truthful must never be lied to
Lest they hear dishonestly
And though I am told it is more than silver and gold
The truth is not for me


Worlds Away

If I could hold on to both your hands and tie your legs to this bed
If I could lie without regrets, throw my heart into your head
If I could be the jury and the judge

Still I know that I can't hold you just like I can't set you free
And the only truth that matters is between you and me
Still I know that I can't hold you just like you can't cling to me
And the only truth that matters is the one that sets you free

If I could play you like a fish hooked on the end of my line
If I could say this world was for the taking that nobody really dies
If I could turn your life into a song

Still I know that I can't hold you just like I can't set you free
And the only truth that matters is between you and me
Still I know that I can't hold you just like you can't cling to me
And the only truth that matters is the one that sets you free

Do you do you want to go
To a land bright and fair to be walking on air
Do you do you want to go
To Heaven's gate to a peace worlds away

If I could hold on to both your hands and tie your legs to this bed
If I could walk and dance on the water turn stone into bread
I’d carry you to the other shore




Run for Your Life

Flee the burning city and don’t look back
You will pass two pillars of salt that once were man and wife
Flee from the ashes right into the mouth of the whale
Run from the voices that tell you what is good and what is real

Run run run for your life
Even Mercury's wings won't save you now
Run run run for your life
As fast as you can to the heart of the night

Flee the beasts that tear your flesh rend you limb from limb
Tell me who your devil is tell me you’re not him
Flee from your own heartache flee from your own soul
Deny that you can have a part in humanity’s whole


Flee the long arm of the law that will uncover you
Run from everything you are and everything you do
Flee the good physician and the medicine of truth
Go and ask the President to call in the troops

-------- Am/G/Am


Truth or Consequence

If all I wanted was to be king I would have called from Mexico
If all I wanted was to be sober I would have lost you again
You know I could care less to stand in defiance to watch myself losing control You know I have burned all my bridges behind me and all I have left is my soul
When all it wants is truth or consequence

If all I wanted was your hand I would have offered up mine
If all I wanted was one more chance I would have given all that I am
You know it’s been easy to despise our leaders but they deserve less from me
You know that the mountain can offer up secrets can whisper into your dreams
That all it wants is truth or consequence

We may watch the mountains crumble and fall into the ocean if we have eyes to see We may see the desert blossom and rivers swell with tears if we have eyes to see We may listen to the roar of this sweet flood of freedom if we have ears to hear We may proclaim freedom to the chains and the captives if we have mouths to speak Saying all we want is truth or consequence

If all I wanted was heaven on earth I would have called an airstrike in
If all I wanted was my own freedom I would have gone in for all I’m worth
You know it’s been easy to turn peace to treason to turn loyalty to hate
You know that power is not mine to give but it is yours to take
But all I want is truth or consequence



In Our Time

I don’t know if I should laugh or scream in our time, in our time
Hold my position or hide my trail in the stream in our time, in our time
To howl at the moon or bury my head in the sand in our time, in our time
If it’s a joke or a nightmare, hypnosis or a spell, these times are slipping through my hands

Hidden screaming horses and cowering men in our time, in our time
I’ve seen you out there on the highway trading flesh and sin in our time, in our time
I have prayed to God Almighty that justice would be done in our time, in our time
Blocked up my ears and eyes, mouth, mind and nose, these times are almost gone

There are tears in my eyes from the smoke blown in my face in our time, in our time
My conscience hangs in tatters my allegiance in disgrace in our time, in our time
The battle cries ring hollow though I have the will to fight in our time, in our time
I’ve seen a wheel in a wheel, I’ve seen the Valley of Dry Bones but these are times I can’t tell wrong from right

Capo II

When I Die

When I die I want it to be like this facing the sun
I was not born to fade away turn tail and run
Though my life is over I will have just begun
When I die I want it to be like this facing the dawn

When I die I want it to be like this braving the rain
Forged shackles cannot hold me down nor ball and chain
What I have done to deserve this I dare not explain
When I die I want it to be like this not fearing pain

When I die I want it to be like this chasing the storm
I would not burn this world to ash if it could be transformed
Thought I have reaped the whirlwind’s wrath clench not my palm
When I die I want it to be like this embracing calm

Take me and wash me in this flood of justice rolling down
Let it rock me let it roll me let it purify my soul
The song of great awakening lifted by wind and fire
Borne on the wings of a homeward flow
And the laughter, the laughter of a child



Bay of Pigs

When you moved on the face of the waters, when you spoke into the void
When the waters parted by sands of time, when silence echoed of noise
It was then that you walked by the seashore casting out demons with a wave of your hand
A stranger called out your name, he said you are the son of man
And you cannot bind me, no I am not bound, I am Legion this world is my own
You said, come my brother you were born to trouble and now I set you free
The water is wide the water is troubled
The water is fouled with the blood of 2 thousand
All across this bay, the bay of pigs

When the scent of danger hangs in the air like the sweetest lilac flower
When foreign interests bears its teeth, when blood lusts and fears
It was then that you flew over water to incite a civil war
And all along was failure planned or was it who you were fighting for
And no one has chosen, and you did not choose your time of birth or place
It is not between two countries that freedom takes its stake
The water is wide the water is troubled
The water is fouled with the blood of 2 thousand
All across this bay, the bay of pigs

When I was drowning in rivers of sin and sinking in cold dark waters
When I had walked into a place that I couldn’t walk back out of
It was then I saw him stretch out his hand to consecrate the water
All the fish swam to the nets like it was the home that they’d always thought of
And he said, to me leave your guns leave your butter; bread is for beggars and roses for lovers
So come, come to the waters and live
The water is wide the water is troubled
The water is fouled with the blood of 2 thousand
All across this bay, the bay of pigs


Electric Eyes

Love is a force that springs from the ashes of hate
Hope is born like grass from the dirt
Peace is what is built from the spoils of war
Even divine beings have a human birth

Hey you
All eyes on the messiah
All hearts on the infinite truth
Hey you
All eyes toward Zion
To the fountain of youth

From the rubble of empires rises the star of a new dawn
From the smell of death and the sound of steel comes everlasting song
Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall if they are of this world
No one is born with life eternal


Just the other day there was love
Don't throw it away

Might be the greatest story ever told
Might be a lie, might be truth, might be silver and gold
Might be God, might be a man, might be something else
Might be amazing grace





When I Woke

When I woke you were closer when I woke you were near
When I woke the clouds had lifted and the hurricane was here
When I woke I saw the rainbow touch down on my bed
When I woke the heavens opened but it was not raining bread

How can you say you love someone when you don't know their name
How can you tell your heart to bleed when it don't feel no shame
How can you say you want me when you don't know where I've been
How can I say I won't go there again

When I woke I was a liar when I woke I was playing the fool
When I woke I found the promised land under foreign rule
When I woke I was a sinner when I woke I was a saint
When I woke I found the canvas was no thicker than the paint


When I woke I was a millionaire when I woke up I was broke
When I woke I drank that finest wine it only made me choke
When I woke I was a peasant when I woke I was a king
When I woke I ruled the devil but I couldn’t talk to him



Occupied Territory

I am waiting in the doorway with my raincoat on
For you to spill your heart all over me
She said to watch I don’t fall into enemy hands
But I am occupied territory
And our armies are massing in foreign lands
To strike fear in their hearts and houses
She said this once was my homeland but now it has been sold
Subdivided into two acre parcels

All the animals that work on the graveyard shift
Laugh in the face of my conviction
They say I can never cure my advanced disease
But I am undaunted in my mission
So I’ve tried to guide my boat toward celestial shores
Where still waters run deep
But fair weather and fair winds are not a sailor’s life
And courage not a virtue given cheap

The sad eyed sandman on the banks of the Danube
Whispers in my ear it’s just for fun
Meanwhile I am drifting towards the water’s edge
Where the current is running deep and strong
And Charles DeGaulle is laughing like he’s back in 1940
And he knows something you do not
She said I am a liar she said I am a thief
She said I am all I say I’m not

But now I’ve offered up my soul to the queen of distraction
She knows what to make of it
She said I am the one with the devastating touch
Everything I touch turns to shit
You crept in with the draft on a cold winter’s night
This morning I shook with a fever
I said Lord where’ve you been I’ve been missing you so long
She said it’s only one night and you were dreaming

I am standing in the doorway with my raincoat on
And you will spill your heart all over me
She said to watch I don’t fall into enemy hands
But I am occupied territory


My Opium

I want you to soar
Like a gull into the wind
But freedom dictates it own terms
And humans don’t have wings

There are times to sink into a haze of perfect distraction
Times to dwell in clarity and times to live in sin
There are times to remember and times to regret
Times I want my opium

I want you to rise up
Like Lazarus from your tomb
But there is no one to call you forth
No one to touch your wounds


I want you to burn
Like Rome while Nero plays
But I know too well a fire needs a spark
A moment to sets hearts ablaze




Do you ever get the feeling you’re drowning like an elephant is on your chest
Do you ever get the feeling you’ve found where the rainbow meets the dust
And I wouldn’t mind losing my lungs to you in exchange for a rib
And I would give all of my power if death would lose its grip
I tell you I’d give it all for more but I’ve given more for less
If I am clay without your breath with you I am breathless

Do you ever get the feeling you’re falling and you’ll never hit the ground
Do you wonder then if you were screaming would you even hear the sound
I still remember how you punched right through like I was paper thin
Drained me dry until all that was left was the stain of my own sin
I tell you I’d give it all for more but I’ve given more for less
If I am clay without your breath with you I am breathless

Do you ever get the feeling of hands around your neck
Do you wonder if surrender is a way to escape death
You and I together are the anvil and the steel
And we are at eternal war like a spoke and a wheel
I tell you I’d give it all for more but I’ve given more for less
If I am clay without your breath with you I am breathless


Faster Than the Sun

Climbing up out of the valley in the early morning light
Our conscience on our backs a new world fades into sight
You know that government’s a liar worse than anyone
Moving faster than the sun

Is there a difference if he is distant if God is watching us
Have you met the ghosts of history or the devils of progress
Don’t you know what’s in the contract to be a mortal one
Moving faster than the sun

Do you know a man whose body is covered in scars
Do you know saints and martyrs and knights in bright armor
Don’t you know how Daedalus lost his only son
Moving faster than the sun

I know you’re not my savior you can’t hide those bloody hands
I know you’re not the one led to slaughter like the lambs
I know that anybody could die for what you’ve done
Moving faster than the sun

Are you wide awake and breathing or have you fallen fast asleep
And is the voice of reason the thought you’d choose to keep
The beginning of the end of innocence or an end to everyone
Moving faster than the sun



The way you wear your life like it’s something you have won
And the way you’ve given in on the things not yet begun
I am casting about to find the right words to say
To fill your nets and calm your waves

So how you gonna win you can't beat this thing
By drawing lines in the sand
So if you want out the only way now
Is to throw in your hand

So you can go and fight that war for a spot on which to stand
You can rape and pillage, loot and burn turn cities into sand
And you can touch the lips of Helen make war on Genghis Khan
But the Gates of Heaven still stand strong


So you want to make yourself holy and free
And love like a hurricane or a symphony
After all of this do you still wait for a sign
A potion or a line



The Day You Married

I thought that on the day you married we’d close the Pentagon
But you’re in the chapel, bells are ringing, and we’re still making war

Love turns war to peace
Love hope and faith increase
Love is the only thing you've ever known

I thought that on the day you married everything would change
But you’re a husband and the rest of the world is still the same

Love turns the hands of time
Love hurricane's eye
Love is the only thing worth banking on

I thought that on the day you married we’d reach the Promised Land
But you’ve got the ring and we’ve got the same landscape of burning sand

Love turns the universe
Love souls in joy immerse
Love is the only thing left at the end

I thought that on the day you married we would kiss the sky
But we’re still singing down at the levee and drinking whiskey and rye

Love turns two to one
Love our redemption won
Love is all in all for better or worse

I Wanted to Tell You

I wanted to tell you that this was forever and ever amen
But nothing’s forever not even diamonds can last till the end
Am I a companion
Or have I been just a friend
I wanted to tell you that this was forever but we are just mortal men

I wanted to tell you that I was not terrified by any of this
Although I knew even then it would not matter you were scared stiff
Have I stayed the pathway
Or have I gone adrift
I wanted to tell you that I was not terrified but I was nervous

I wanted to tell you that we could do miracles, turn water to wine
And now I see in the dullness of everyday wisdom divine
Have I seen the kingdom
Or have my eyes been blind
I wanted to tell you that we could do miracles God was passing by

I want you to tell me that you are my savior and this will work out
But you can’t reply cause you’re mired in inertia with no way out
Have I been dependent
Or have I not been in doubt
I wanted to tell you that you are my savior but you aren’t even devout

I want you to tell me that there is no consequence to following stars
But of the sacrifice you know as well as I we have our scars
Have I been certain
Or have I been starry-eyed
I want you to tell me that there is no consequence to live by your heart

I wanted to tell you that changes may come and go some things are not new
But now I know that though it may set you free truth kills you too
Have I surrendered
Or have I started anew
I wanted to tell you that changes may come and go but I’m going too

F/G/C step down Am


You said you had visions of paradise and knowledge of where we’d been
Then you go walking away on water and leave us to sink or swim
You said you were granted foresight and you knew the fires of hell
Then you go walking away to the bright side saying it’s just as well

You said that all your actions were true and mostly you have lost
You said you were called to be faithful and not a success
You said that times were getting hard and only would get worse
Then you go turning away from here denying your place of birth

You say you want peace but when it comes it bores you stiff
Then you go walking the road less traveled and saying that joy is a cliff
You said that things were this way forever and will be again next year
Then you go turning wine to water and saying the end is near


Friendly Fire

Three more days of dust and glory to rid myself of the angel’s story
Before I’m thrust to the breaking point before I’m trusted to heal and anoint
Three more days of blood and thunder to sanctify this rape and plunder
To protect your firstborn son to find a target for your gun

The world has burned a thousand times and frozen over too
And I suspect our death won't be by knife or wire
We'll go down this time by friendly fire

Three more days to find a savior to find a lover who can raise her
All that you’ve cast before the swine, all that is laid before these feet of mine
Three more days to turn the mountains into dust and crystal fountains
The blind to see the lame to dance fate cry out to circumstance

The world has burned a thousand times and frozen over too
And I suspect our death won't be by knife or wire
We'll go down this time by friendly fire

You say burn baby burn burn baby baby burn
Hell is on the local line
You say burn baby burn burn baby baby burn
Nothing's changed this time

Three more days to suffer treason at the hand of fickle reason
To suffer all that’s left to hate to be cursed by all degenerates
Three more days to die completely to all that will defeat you
To come unfettered to the well to be freed from the deadly spell

The world has burned a thousand times and frozen over too
And I suspect our death won't be by knife or wire
We'll go down this time by friendly fire

You say burn baby burn burn baby baby burn
But there's water everywhere
You say burn baby burn burn baby baby burn
And you're consumed by the white whale
Capo V



Big Fish Little Fish

One fish two fish red fish blue fish big fish little fish
Black fish blue fish old fish new fish a fish is a fish is a fish
Sad fish glad fish very very bad fish fish from here to there
Fat fish thin fish wearing yellow hat fish strange things everywhere

When it's over it's over when it's through it's through
When you're fighting and you don't know what for admit that you lose

In the sea you’ve got two kinds of fish, big ones, little ones
The big ones are sharks and such that kill and maim and steal
And even though their methods are somewhat questionable
All they’re really trying to do is stay ahead of the game

Now the little ones are, over all, a harmless sort
They swim and eat and make more guppies when they’re bored
It’s just that they got debts no honest fish could pay
So they do a little something on the side to get them through each day

So the bigger ones are doing damage, out there going wild
And the little ones are on the corner struggling to stay alive
But the little ones get blamed as always for the country’s quandaries
And they’re chased all over the corners of the seven seas

So the poor little fishes sit in jail while the big fish swim free
And something about this bothers me something disagrees
Why little fish always get sent up the creek
And bigger ones get wine and cheese and victorian antiques

Any fisherman knows that catching minnows is not sensible policy
And guppies aren’t exactly the predators in the sea
So why is it the little ones get twenty five to life
And the killers with their bloody hands get offered a knife


That which we call a fish by any other name
At the end of the day on the end of the line smells the same
Little fish eaten by big fish is someone else’s prey
On the end of a line the biggest fish is not a white whale

C/G6/Am/G (pull off c)


New Heaven

In their shining ships they come from a country far beyond
Searching for a new Eden
With heaven on their minds, swords and bullets blessed
Destiny manifest

I'm not looking for a new heaven
I don't need a promised land
Has this earth been given us to conquer
Do we belong to the land

Sifting through the smoking suburbs looking for some kind of trace
Oh the accidents of arson and grace
On the morning that we left we were gone without a trace
And the new world was shining from your face


Running through the city sewers beneath the cloud of smog
There is writing on the wall
Armageddon’s seeping through every single crack
The line of barges turning back




If a baptism by fire costs as much as water
If a drowning man can learn to swim
If one more drop will push you over
Then I just might be your cup’s brim

If a bishop’s head is served upon a platter
If a dog can enter church through open doors
And if the word goes forth so does justice
And the truth cuts like a two edged sword

Oh Babylon do you know you're through
When will you learn of your fall
Oh Babylon turn again and live
Surrender all

If their total sum exceeds all of your number
If a prophet can be swallowed whole and live
If all you can see are the legal implications
They’ll go slipping through your fingers like a sieve


If the body cannot keep a bone from breaking
If the heart cannot keep the mind in one piece
If the fear on the face of the campesino
Is in the eyes of a dog crushed on the street



The Fire This Time

They say parting is such sweet sorrow
To say other would be a lie
But the future that lies before us
Is as dark as the path behind

They say it’s better safe than sorry
In matters such as these
But I tasted the forbidden waters
And suffered not to dream

And the fire that lies ahead
Will burn brighter than the fire this time
And the fear of your heart's desire
Will turn your limbs to ice

They say it’s only a shot away
To break out of this hypnotic trance
But to await the resurrection
Sinner you’ve had your chance

They say that all will be left to memory
The blood stains on the wall
And the screams will fade into silence
Like the smoke trail on the hill


They have battered your crumbling towers
To your weary heart laid siege
But your womb it still is fertile
And your thoughts they still run free

They say the kernel must be buried
Or it cannot bear much fruit
But how many must be buried
Before we can bear the truth


They say parting is such sweet sorrow
More than the heart can hold
And the future that lies before us
Is burning in green and gold




Death in the Family

You were still breathing when they cut your body down
On a Friday afternoon
And by the time that they called your mother down
You had flown to the moon

You were still screaming when they strapped your body down
In a solitary room
By the time we recaptured the saints from the sinners
We’d killed more than a few

If the stones could cry out, who would they cry for
Was it for this destiny that the spotless lamb was slain
Whose brother's blood is this that cries out from the floor
Why are we drawn like a moth to the flame

Weighed in the balance you’ve been found wanting
For more than your worth
Now who can transform that stone hanging on your neck
To heavenly bread

How did it happen you woke up this morning
Bloodthirsty pack on your trail
The Hound of Heaven attacks without warning
Bites without fail


Raise high the standard of moral persuasion
This civilized inquisition
Chosen to burn for the sins that are handed down
Your father’s indiscretion

Some say no more victims, some no more abuse
Some just want the facts, some just want the truth
Some just want your blood, some want a vaccine
Some want you swinging from a tree

The world is more than jails and churches
You are more than your word
We never wanted to walk on water
Or meant to take up the sword




"Blood will have blood" - Shakespeare, Macbeth

It’s a beautiful day in December and the war is coming home
Across the fields where shepherds sleep tanks of the armies roam
Sees the blood in the toilet bowl thinks of her late addition
The way her body is bound to the moon in constant capitulation

You tell me
Is it your heart or down below
For your country or for your soul
That you bleed

The agents of fear and disorder crawl the salty brine
Drink from the wells of beauty and health drink to the prophetic sign
Marines have landed on the shores of the bay cut off escape over land
They’ve already taken the radio station armed to the teeth to a man

CHORUS I heard you say All that rises must submerge I heard you say Red sky at morn does sailors warn I heard you say Whatever goes around Must come Must come around

This time when they lock you up for your trust in the holy grail
No walls will fall or chains come loose no angel go your bail




Farewell to Arms

I’ve never known what to say about this
Is it love or gravity
And I’ve never known what to say about you
Is it mere proximity
But I know all too well
Life with you is war
The honeymoon is over
The hounds are barking at the door

I don’t know whose orbit I’m in
A planet or a black hole
I don’t know if I am more or less
A mountain or a gorge
But I know all too well
There’ll be time for many things
Time to dwell in harmony
Time to live in sin

I don’t know what to say about this
Is it love or persistence
And I don’t know what to say about you
Are you mine or somebody else


Why Gravity

Because the moon can pull the ocean up on the sand
Because I’d bleed for you while I still can
Because I’m a fool for chemistry
Because of you that’s why gravity

I know there are few heavenly bodies left
And apples on the tree
I'd settle for an asteroid
Or gravity

Because trees grow up and rain falls down
Because I knew I was falling before I hit the ground
Because a river always runs to the sea
Because of you that’s why gravity


Because inertia will always work against grace
Because the only place without is outer space
Because opposites attract but never agree
Because of you that’s why gravity


Because the world is in orbit and I am too
Because it is proven, tried and true
Because you can fight but can’t claim victory
Because of you that’s why gravity




Only two things you can’t avoid in life, death and taxes
My father rocked, I sat on his knee, it was a day slow as molasses
Lazarus pulled up a chair and sat facing Texas
He started to talk as soft as snow in a voice like broken glass

There are two roads in life said he that you must choose between
Be careful, though, for often things are not what they seem
The road of life leads to an altar many fall upon
The road to freedom leads to jail in Babylon

You grant immortality I said, what can I do
He said you've nothing that I need but give if you want to

You can scream until your throat is blood at the way the world goes round
But gravity waits for no man and time pulls us all down
It matters not if you go to war or join the inquisition
What matters is that you praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

But, said I, you don’t pretend to run the underground
No, he said, but I can call the thunder down
Loose the bonds of servitude the cops await with cuffs
You can turn and run like Johnny done try to bluff

And on the road you'll find yourself lured by many snares
But don't cry for the children they can do that for themselves

Only two things you can’t avoid in life, death and taxes
My father rocked, I sat on his knee it was a day slow as molasses
The wind whispered through the fields, the sky grew dark and gray
My father spat, crossed his legs and said it looks like rain

Verse: D/A/C/G
Chorus: D/A/F#/G

I Know Which Blues

Title by Josh Gardner

I wish you would tie me up and throw me on the tracks
I wish you’d watch that train bear down I wish that you would laugh
I wish you’d sew me in a bag and weigh it down with stones
I wish you’d watch me from the deck as I dine with Davey Jones

Why don't you go on and break me this time
I am not deaf I am not blind
Why don't you go on and kill me this time
I will not grumble I will not mind

I wish that you would blindfold me and fill me full of lead
I wish you’d call down vengeance and dance for my head
I wish that you would tie the noose I wish you’d drop the door
And as I swing there writhing tell me you’re really bored


I wish that you would sit me down and strap me to that chair
I wish that you would pull the switch and tell me go to hell
I wish you’d run me over then say I’m in a rut
I wish you would disembowel me then say I have no guts


I wish you’d be impossible I wish you’d talk too much
I wish you’d be demanding that you’d say I’ve lost my touch
I wish that you would lie I wish that you would cheat
I would say love or leave but I know which it would be


Mystery of Moments

My love’s at the water’s edge
Pulling up lustrife and sedge
She’s bringing me flowers to wear
My love’s at the water’s edge

My love is a runaway train
Walking barefoot in the rain
Down in the valley she’s howling my name
My love is a runaway train

My love is a holy nation
A sign of contradiction
Like a black crow rests on a juniper tree
My love is a holy nation

Now I stand before your mystery
Now I stand before your grace
Now I stand before your radiance
Now I stand before your face

My love hears an outdated tune
She dances with the moon
She comes to me, she says taste and see
My love hears an outdated tune

My love’s at the water’s edge
Pulling up lustrife and sedge
She’s bringing me flowers to wear
My love’s at the water’s edge

And if I fall before your mystery
I will not fall beyond your grace
And if I fall beyond your radiance
I will not fall before your face


I Am With You

No I don't sleep
No I am not dead
No I will never leave you
I'll be with you instead

Don't be afraid
I am with you, just like I said
Don't cry and mourn
I guide you, don't be forlorn

I’m in the breeze that ripples the grass
I’m in the leaves as they float past
I’m in the autumn’s russet and brown
I am with you and I’ll never let you down


I’m in the small stream’s song
As it frolics along
In the wind that ruffles your hair
I am with you, I will always be there




Words by Clement Arnold, music by Hillel Arnold

As I look down at the rushing stream, shining waves of blue
I think of God’s creation, how he made it all for you
So I look up at the shining sky to see a flock of geese fly
By, and a beautiful sunset span the sky

God's Creation
God's Creation is the best thing a man can see
God's Creation
God's Creations is the best thing there will ever be

Slowly the sun sinks down behind the hills
But a bit of color still remains
Slowly the night sky covers all the plains
The stars light my way as I walk homeward



Obvious Rituals

These walls are screaming out things about you and your honesty
I watched as you pulled your mother down said babe I got what you need
The alien who flew in on a red-eye from Portland is drinking up all of your gin
Your disciples say they want wine from water but you have been living in sin

They lied when they told you there’s 12 steps to heaven and I will be meeting you there
They lied and they said you could stop when you wanted but I know you haven’t a prayer
The bastards they said there was money in dreams and it was yours to be had
But you took the bait, hook, line and sinker and now you can’t go back

It's not like it was before
It's not like heaven at all
It's not like it was before
It's not like heaven will fall

I’ve heard that your condition advanced and you cannot be saved
I got nothing but reasonable suspicion of those who say they’re for you babe
If you want to sing with the angels you can’t sin with the beasts
Believe but take full precaution that your faith decrease

And one man's desert is another man's well
One man's heaven is another man's hell

I heard you at my back door last night begging for a hit
If you’re looking for America I think this isn’t it
And this isn’t London or Paris France and this isn’t Kalamazoo
It’s not what you wanted it’s not what you need but you’re going to have to make do


Blood is thicker than water oil is thicker than blood
Clouds turn into rain rain turns dirt to mud

You sit like a board in the corner with nothing to say
You act like you can’t hear me talk but your lips are turning gray
Honey I know your plans to conquer the universe
You’re smoking hashish with the Shah of Iran and fighting unquenchable thirst
You can swim in the sea, fly to the sun, run with the wind
But you’re about to hit rock bottom and you won’t bounce my friend


Bear Witness

The writing’s not just on the wall it’s in the dirt
And stones are everywhere for angry hands
They’re feeding the lions to the Christians this time
And the gates of Eden have been closed to man

We bear witness when we are sleeping
We bear witness with every waking thought
We bear witness and though I am not my father's son
We bear witness to the works of our God

Hanoi Jane tells me there’s nothing left to lose
Principle in trade for capital
The Pied Piper is refusing to post bond
And there’s dancing ‘round the bonfires of war


Demons bearing crosses and angels bearing arms
A pile of shit is not a diamond mine
You say your health is bearing up but I am bearing down
And if you hear the word you are mine



What Happened Then

It was the Kingdom of Heaven on the side of the road
A neon sunset, silver and gold
Our throats were parched, dusty and dry
And the beer was of the cold and inexpensive kind
Jimmy looked at me, I looked at him
And I don’t have to tell you what happened then

We were mid way through our seventh round when the jukebox started up
Playing Sweet Home Alabama for a gang of biker toughs
And being less than sober I dropped a quarter in
And punched J4, you guessed it, Southern Man
When that record dropped and when it began to spin
Well I don’t have to tell you what happened then

There were busted chairs all over and glass everywhere
I was barely conscious, Jimmy almost dead
But when the cops arrived and asked who started this mess
The bartender looked over and nodded at us
One pulled out his cuffs and one his pad and pen
And I don’t have to tell you what happened then

They took us to the drunk tank, they tossed us in
With Shane McGowan and the Presidential twins
The jailer came by and a quarter to three
Said boys you’ve got a visitor, a radical priest
He was waiting for us with a Newsweek magazine
And I don’t have to tell you what happened then

That jalopy rattled on through old New Mexico
We were running from the police and that dustbowl
He said they call me Casey and I’m just back from the war
And I’ve been working for the union since the day I was born
And when the gun thugs caught us out there on Highway 10
Well I don’t have to tell you what happened then

I woke up the hold of a dilapidated ship
With a pounding headache and a cask between my lips
We were captained by a man named after a bird
And we were headed for the end of the world
And just when I thought that things were not looking so grim
Well, I don’t have to tell you what happened then

The waves came crashing down, the sky opened wide
And in the middle of the ocean there is no place to hide
I must have looked heavy laden with sin
Because they came and took me to the rail and threw me in
And that leviathan was waiting for me there, my friends
And I don’t have to tell you what happened then

When I dragged my soggy self up onto the sand
I found Robinson Crusoe there and took him for my man
We were stranded on that island for a year and a day
Until Amelia Earhart came and flew us away
We were over Kiribati when Tokyo Rose came in
And I don’t have to tell you what happened then

Well the moral of this story, if such a thing exists
Is to always tell the better part of the news that fits
If your name is nothing, your country a mess
Don’t give up ‘til you’re met with success
Because it’s never over ‘til the fat lady sings
And I shouldn’t have to tell you what happened then


Country Blues

The bells are ringing down in the valley ringing for my wife
The bells are ringing down in the valley ringing for my wife
I’m in the mountains testing the edge of my knife
I met my love in the cornfields in the month of June
I met my love in the cornfields in the month of June
Then came July, I said we met too soon

Crops are ruined, ain’t no harvest, there was a terrible drought
Crops are ruined, ain’t no harvest, there was a terrible drought
The things you need are the things you gotta do without
He drinks whiskey every evening, sleeps through the day
He drinks whiskey every evening, sleeps through the day
My old man has been digging his life away

The Senator came to our town, drove up and down, gave a great speech
The Senator came to our town, drove up and down, gave a great speech
That’s the last we heard of him till he was impeached
Billy joined the army, had a baby, went off to die in the war
Billy joined the army, had a baby, went off to die in the war
We all say he can sin no more


Thinking to Myself

I was sitting on a park bench looking at the clouds thinking to myself about the war
When I heard the distant thunder and headed for home I was halfway there when it commenced to pour
I turned to the nearest house to take refuge from the storm I was already soaked to the skin
I saw an ancient mansion looming large out of the mist and I knew that they would let me in
I raised my hand to knock but the door opened wide to fine Italian wine and candlelight
The lady of the house in her fine satin gown bade me in to spend the night

Before I could think to ask she said, "Leave anytime you want
This ain't no hotel and this ain't California I ain't your long-lost aunt"

I sat down with a fireman nursing his scotch who suffered from a curious case of gout
Just then a din broke out in the corridor outside, it seems someone had come about a debt
Everybody panicked and headed for hills the fastest way that they knew how
I was stuck there with the fireman, the butler and the maid and the stable hand who milked the Guernsey cow

I turned around to look and saw standing in the door someone familiar to me
He'd been tracking me from Phoenix where I'd killed a man or two and all the way through Nashville, Tennessee

If you want to go outside, we can settle this right now I said, cool and calm
He showed a toothy smile and a chill ran down my spine he said, “Don’t you remember Vietnam.”
I don’t got no sympathy for you, Old Lucifer I said, acting tough
He smiled again and then, in a flash, he was gone I was left alone and thought it was a bluff

I should have known better than to trust that scoundrel there was a knock upon the door
A second's hesitation did me in they found me laid out on the floor

They handcuffed me and took me in for the first degree and set my bond at fifty grand
And when I called my lawyer who should answer the phone but my long time friend, good old Satan
Is this your notion of revenge, I said, though I was faint and I knew that he had planned this all along
He said, “They’re gonna ask for the chair on you, you know yourself your defense is not strong.”
I told him he was wrong and the Inquisition failed the government would right this civil wrong
He said don’t be to sure my son that anything has changed this world of mine is governed by the strong

I couldn't run forever from the hanging judge I knew he would do me in
I couldn't run forever through the rivers and the streams fleeing from my sin

I was sitting in my jail cell looking at the TV thinking to myself about the war
I heard the distant drumbeat and saw the waving flags and I knew that I’d seen it all before




The Lone Ranger's Farewell

Hasn’t rained for forty days, there’s brush fires in the hills
The kids are racing turtles, the minister’s hooked on pills
They caught me kissing the Sheriff’s daughter, and dragged me out of town
Left me on the side of the road I was trying not to drown

I held my breath as long as I could and when I came up for air
All I saw was an angel perched on a cloud, she smiled and flipped her hair
You’ve been drinking too much, she said with a smile, that stuff will rot your guts
I muttered something about my luck and stumbled off to my truck

The engine wouldn’t start, the carburetor was shot
And that’s when the Lone Ranger rode up and offered me a butt
I said, no thanks, I don’t smoke, I’ll drink to that, says he
I don’t drink neither, says I, but we can take this town by three

When we rode into town the streets were bare, there was not a soul in sight
I reached into my pocket looking for a light
Just then the kid on the saloon roof squeezes off a shot
All hell breaks loose, it was twenty to one, for a while things were hot
And when I turned around to look I saw him lying on the ground
Clutching his chest and straining for breath, Death was hanging around
I said, “My friend, we go way back, but I don’t want you around this man.”
“No hard feelings,” he replied, “there’s more than enough to go around.”

He screamed until his face turned blue then rolled over and went to sleep
The man could not be bought or sold, he had promises to keep
The last words that I heard him say before he let go
Were “I may come and I may go, but I don’t talk of Michelangelo.”

I said, “What do you mean, you don’t talk about him
You talk about God and Love and Heaven and Hell and Death and Sin
You talk of the President and talk of the king, you act like there’s some use for them
And you even dare to claim innocence, but you don’t even know Anias Nin.”

And then as nighttime fell, I stopped and lit a fire
Thunder boomed, lightning split, rain poured from the sky
I headed for the nearest cave, but was stopped by Sheriff Cox
“Where do you think you’re going son, and what have you got inside that box?”

I tried to pass as innocent but the sheriff called my bluff
“That’s the man who kissed my daughter,” he said, “c’mon, let’s string him up!”
They had me all surrounded, there was nowhere I could run
I was dragged down to the County Jail, to be hung at dawn

And as I was swinging there, facing the dawn
I seen a lot of things no one else saw
I saw Elvis in the gutter, Madonna giving birth
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost digging in the dirt
I saw the monster rise up dripping from the sea
George Washington telling lies about that cherry tree
Business suits and fathers running from the gun
What they’re running to is what they’re running from

And as the clouds rolled over me the sky above grew dark
I screamed, “Don’t call me Ishmael, call me Joan of Arc
Don’t call me a survivor, don’t wish you’d died instead
And far above all else, don’t you dare call me dead


Hey America

Twenty miles from the nearest headlight the darkness cuts into my brain
And the line between reality and dreams blurs and twists and fades
I dream of violent death I dream of smoking steel shattered glass
Exit wounds blood red runs and things I won’t confess

I’ve got the hammer down and the overdrive on
Running on the memories of places I have known
And the lines on the highway don’t seem so straight anymore
And the smoke on the horizon is something we just can’t ignore

Hey America who's your savior now
Hey America can you see the sky falling down
Is it too late tonight to wake up from the American Dream
Is it too late is there only time to scream

The demons are running wild tonight through graveyards of defeat
They’ve surfaced to feed on the fresh young blood running through our streets
All across this shining land weapons are drawn
Guns and knives and billyclubs for the strike at dawn

Then the drunken homicide detective staggers in our of the rain
Pours himself a strong one and says he died in vain
The kids that weren’t drafted are fighting with the cops
The soldiers stagger home from the front no one really wants this to stop


The Generals are marching back to their underground bunkers
The dancing girl wants just one thing his head on a platter
The jets dropping body bags rumble low overhead
And the president is casting a powerful spell

The Vietnam Veteran is screaming naked on his porch in the rain
His daughter asked me how to get home and I said he could explain
Kiss me my love as I waltz off to war I’ll be back before you know it
All in one piece and when I’m released I won’t even show it

Em / open / Em / G / D

G / Em / C / D (2x)
Em / C / G / D (2x)

Jesus for Sale

Flea Market Sunday the minivans rolling in mothers push babies in strollers, kids laughing
Everyone’s dressed in their best Sunday outfits all come to be cleansed from the burdens of sin

The crowds have gathered they’re ready for deals everyone’s hungry for what they don’t need
Caught in the essence of business transaction lost in euphoric visions and deeds

We’ve got what you want even though you can’t tell for all of your pain, for all of your ails
Inside the tent the barker is shouting out come on in, we’ve got Jesus for sale

Come on inside, come on inside
It's dry and warm and we're really nice
You'll learn to be happy and not to think twice
And Jesus is always at the right price

Now for a short time only down at Mickey D’s get your very own Last Supper Happy Meal
Includes foot washing bowl or Holy Grail all of this for only 5.53

Right Guard’s been changing their image and now they’ve got a new spokesman
Jesus, arms outstretched on the cross strong enough for God, also used by humans

At the site of the Holy Family Outhouse discovered first during some crusade
They’re selling vials of holy shit come on in, we’ve got Jesus for sale


Behind prison bars rolling the dice dealing the cards, betting on fights
You can be saved, be a perfect slave if you give your vices and learn to be nice

A Jailhouse Christian don’t smoke no rock don’t do no dope, watches how he talks
Ain’t never been anyone more sincere another robot walking the walk

You’ll be here ten years or just a few more you’re family’s broke and you’ll never make bail
But that’s all right you’ll be happy this way ‘cause didn’t you know, we’ve got Jesus for sale


All this buying and selling all this silver and gold all these burnt sacrifices all have no point
How you gonna buy something that already owns you How you gonna tell Jesus what he has, what he don’t

Now I’m not sure just what he would do if Jesus came back and saw all these fools
I do know what happened a long time ago he cleaned house, wiped the floor with those fools

What do you want with Jesus for sale you can’t buy him, you can’t sell him, he won’t get you out of jail
Don’t try what Judas did, you too will fail Pick up your chips, Jesus ain’t for sale


Walk Away

I have said you are all that I could ask for
I have said that you are all I can see
But that will not stop me expecting an angel
And the dreams I have yet to dream

When I leave my legs will do the walking
The downturn will be my economy's
When I leave I will have finished talking
And you will be watching me
Walk away

I have said you are all that I could ask for
I have said that you are all I can see
And though I cannot explain why I am not a liar
I’ve seen the distance to eternity

When I leave my legs will do the walking The downturn will be my economy's When I leave I will have finished talking And you will be watching me Walk away
Verse: G/D/C

Chorus: Em/C/D


At the foot of the cross Mary weeps for her son
He’s dying young, he’s dying slow
She’s thinking back on how boys grow
And we still kill our mother’s sons
In front of the TV set a father weeps for his son
He’s dying young, he’s dying jailed
He’s thinking back on how he’s failed
And we still kill our father’s sons

What have we done to our beloved sons
Is this war lost or is it just begun
For now we see in part but then face to face
Now we are under law but then it will be grace

A son full of the Holy Ghost, a son full of the devil
A son, friend of whores and thieves, a son a rebel
A mother, wife and seamstress, a father a union man
We still kill our mother’s sons
A mother host to angels, a father demonized
A son who turns the tables, a son of freedom denied
Years between and what has changed since this began
We still kill our father’s sons


Two sons who came to claim their birthright
Two sons who burn within our hearts
Two sons not many of chose to hear either one
We still kill our mother’s sons
Two sons with mothers, fathers, brothers
Two sons sent off to the slaughter
Two more parents left to mourn the death of their beloved ones
We still kill our father’s sons



Onwards Forwards Upwards Outwards

The market’s got the bulls running again and
I’m too tired to run
I turn around to face the dust and the hooves
Looking down the barrel of a gun

Mortgage payments credit card debts
I’ve looked into their eyes
Phone bills hone your skills and simon says
Kiss my ass goodbye

Onwards forwards upwards outwards I'll take the highway over your way
If I drive this far tonight you'll never find me
Buy sell trade and go to hell don't pass go just go to jail
If I lose myself tonight you'll never find me

They say always go up
Have you ever looked down from the top
When the elevator’s stuck
Do you take the stairs and when do you stop


Can’t push me off can’t pull me back
At least this one thing is gonna be mine
Standing fifty stories up
The wind is blowing saying this could be the time

If I jump I’m not gonna fall
The chains and greedy paper ghosts blow away
If I jump I’m not gonna scream
Tomorrow the headline’s gonna say




I am an immigrant flying high above the earth
Given to second chances and second birth
Ten thousand feet above water somewhere under heaven
And I’ve lost the trail trying to get home again

I have visions that are flying through my head
Of chances come and gone and left for dead
Stuck between continents stuck between worlds
Stuck between cultures stuck in this whirl

I have given up thoughts of saving grace
And fire that purifies from a higher place
I’m stuck with demons that I wish weren’t mine
Stuck with this journey stuck with time

I am an immigrant flying high above the earth
Given to second chances and second birth
Five hundred miles out of Newark many more to come
The place I am going is not my home


Blest Are You

Maybe I could fly if I could get up off my knees
I could swim if I weren’t trapped under this sea
Maybe this desert will dry up in my dreams
And this song will drown out the screams

Call me weak
Call me a fool
What he said was
Blest are you

I had a woman down in Mexico
Things were hard and one day she let go
Now I run from the cloud that covers me
Get on board I’m bound for glory


It’s much brighter than you’d think down here
I can see further than you’d think from so near
Maybe one day I’ll get up on that silver screen
And end these days of falling in between


Stuck in Bliss

What did you come in living for what do you go out dying for
It’s not this
What did you start out praying for what do you end up craving more
It’s not this

Say you want to fly away
Say you want to burn all this
Say you want to go astray
You're stuck in bliss

Love turns to hell when there’s nothing missing
It’s not this
There’s no one to talk to when everyone’s listening
It’s not this

One day when it all comes falling down
And you look up to see the higher ground
You'll know you've never been there before
And your heaven is hell and your living won't sell
You a ticket to get through the golden door


A dream turns to a nightmare when it keeps repeating
It’s not this
And even best gestures can’t be anything but fleeting
It’s not this


Don’t live for this, don’t die for this you that something better exists
It’s not this
Don’t pray for this, don’t crave for this your life is worth more than bliss
It’s not this





Trouble went walking out of town and walked right to Virginia
Sat down in a cell in correctional hell and tapped a shoulder with his finger
Talked to the mind in a way that was kind and the boy couldn’t stop him, he said
Boy don’t you want to be free, oh boy don’t you want to be free

Inmates don’t make the laws that send the congressmen to jail
Beggars can’t be choosers and justice never fails
Did he hang, was he hung, did he do it, was it done - the dead can’t answer
Boy, don’t you want to be free, oh boy don’t you want to be free

Kill the lies and kill the law, kill all of those who saw
Kill your heart and kill yourself, kill for your mental health
Kill my heart and kill me, you can’t kill what murder makes us be
Boy, don’t you want to be free, oh boy don’t you want to be free

Trouble jumped ship and headed out west where he heard the days were longer
Sat himself down in another part of town and started this all over
It won’t be long, he’s just been gone, and the broken record plays again
Boy, don’t you want to be free, oh boy don’t you want to be free


Northern Star

He’s sitting and talking of other days
Better and worse in their own special ways
He’s weaving me stories and I’m woven in too
And we’re turning back the pages we drew

We were a man-eating group of first-born kids
No one could survive us, but somehow he did
And he turned us all over and shook out our meanness
Told us just where we were, and we’ve never been less

I say you are my Northern Star

We’re scattered all over the face of the globe
But all of us carry the things that we know
That winning sometimes means giving ground
And if you can swim you still can drown

I say you are my Northern Star

He sighs and sits back, the story’s been told
And I want to be just as wise when I’m old
With the bad came the good, with the good came the bad
But he gave us the best, show us all that we had

I say you are my Northern Star
My favorite scar, the best without bar
My Northern Star


Good Samaritan War

The road up north to a New Jerusalem
Angels scream for the blood of men
Rocks have ears, stones have eyes
Sun in eyes in falling skies

He was thirsty he had fallen among thieves
Sweat on his face, dirt on his knees
And then the red Chevy comes
The Good Samaritan pulls out a gun

It used to be you were just ignored
Now you're shot at and destroyed

Twenty-two years shot, bleeding to death
Don’t dream for more than second best
The man who shot him pulls over, stops
“It’s just a trespassing Mexican, call the cops”

It used to be you were just ignored
Now you're shot at and destroyed

Hey, hey everybody run
The Good Samaritan's got a gun
Hey, hey what's the score
Who's winning the Good Samaritan War

South of the Border, American investments
Work ten hours a day for fifty cents
Up north, the Good American
Thinks he’s the Good Samaritan

Don't look at me like that, it's not my fault
At least now, they have a job


Call the name of war, call slavery
The horsemen ride again against the tree
Heaven rains down blood and fire
Smoke curls from crumbling empires

Verse: e -----0---------------
B -------1-------------
G ---2-----------------
D -----------0h2-0-----
A -0---------------3-2-
E ---------------------

Prechorus and Chorus:

Save Me

Wake up in the morning and I find you’re still asleep
Later in the evening you will find your life’s a dream
Whose eyes are those watching you, who ties you down
Who calls you every evening to make sure that you’re around

What is it you’re looking for what is it you need
What is it you want from me say it on your knees

Save me
You can't save yourself

Toilet stalls and paper walls, I saw a funny thing today
A man looking down the mouth of a gun to see what it would say
All these books and magazines will bury you alive
You’re asking, begging, praying to the New York Times


Montezuma was a good king, FDR better yet
Lenin would have done all right if he hadn’t been so set
History repeats itself; it’s never quite the same
It’s a good excuse to cut your mind loose, if you can see what I’m saying


I know Dylan was really Zimmerman before he got big
I’ve been to where the Clash played their first gig
I’ve got a mind full of numbers that don’t make no sense
I’ve got plenty of ideas of no consequence



Think I’ve lost faith in life being fair
Lost hope in people who say they care
I don’t believe we’re all created equally
As long as someone governs someone else’s right to be

I’ve lost hope in the institutions of reform
How can you make something out of something that’s so wrong
How can you smile even though you see the lies
How can you say you’re done when you haven’t even tried

As for religion tell me do you believe in the God
In the churches or emerging from the sod
Do your leaders lead by example or intimidation
Do you hope for everyone’s salvation

What about the serenity in a bug crossing the road
What about the beauty the flight of a sparrow showed
What about hope in people to whom everything else is denied
What about belief in a tomorrow that won’t die

I found faith in the dogwood in the spring
Found hope in the purple of a pigeons wing
I believe in the power of open minds
To put us on a road and give us the signs

I believe in a God that wants justice for all
I believe in a hope that nothing can destroy
I believe in love as a political tool
I believe in the integrity of a fool

I believe in sun, I believe in clouds, I believe in rain
I believe in laughter, I believe in pain
I believe that our night of hate and fear
Is over and the dawn is already here

Em C G D


What About

Walking on the side on my way down the road
To heaven
Stuck on a face hanging out of a window
Skeptical grin

Said son you’ve got a good heart
But a weak head
All those crazy dictators will kill us
If we’re not prepared

What is it about genocide What about the bigger lies What is it about suicide That's worth the price

The cradle of civilization cracked
Babylon’s fallen
All the dictators and government leaders
Can’t fix it again

What you say is going to last What you see is not the past What you hear is not the last Of this song Wave your flag and march around Waive your right to higher ground What about your salvation It's not free


A Plane Ticket and an Obituary

I don’t need a plane ticket to fly
I don’t need a mountain to reach the sky
I don’t need an obituary
I don’t need a river to reach the sea

How did you let your mind die
How did your eyes go blind
How did your fingers go numb
How did you pale under the sun

Everybody knows the signs
Nobody will be there sometimes
Nobody tries to die and
Everybody tries not to try

I don’t need a plane ticket to fly
I don’t need a mountain to reach the sky
I don’t need an obituary
I don’t need a river to reach the sea

-----0-0- -0-
-----3-5- -1-
-----2-4- -0-
--------- x3 -2-
--------- -3-
-0h2----- ---


This House and Beyond

Words by Dan Vaccaro, music by Hillel Arnold

I think I am dreaming again
I see a house, paint chipped and multicolored
That we are fond of rebuilding,
but reluctant to rebuild

The foundation is cracked, the walls are eroding,
It will fall soon
A blue collared crew had gathered
wrecking ball ready, they will knock it down
and prepare to erect a new

I recognize God as one of the workers
He had no white beard and no wrath
He is taut muscle, and laugh
He brings a bagged lunch
And smokes a pack and a half each day

He smokes while he unloads the trucks
and hands the fresh lumber to us

We are ready to build this new house,
a simple house, something pure and patriotic
something we can step inside and call our own
and strong house built on the backs of believers

and out across the lawn I see God,
leaning up against a tree and smiling
because we have had the answers all along,
and so we build from dusk till dawn

One by one, this house
and then beyond




Words by Dan Vaccaro, music by Hillel Arnold

This is a prayer for community.
This is a prayer for the cold,
those without homes, those without coats.

This is a prayer for the cold hearted,
those who go through life with their heart and eyes closed.
This is a prayer for those who care enough to make a difference.
This is a prayer for those who commit their lives to a causes.

This is a prayer for those who believe there is hope
and for those who are hopeless, lonely, destitute.
This is a prayer for those who have not yet found God,
But are keeping their minds open.

This is a prayer for all of us and all of them and all of everyone.



They are out there and
They are going to get you
You can find them anywhere
But if you look you’ll never see them

We’re here to protect you
From them and their devices
We are at your service
In a time of constant crisis

They are gunning for you
You have what they want
You are after all standing tall
The first of the first world nations

I say it's not about being better than them
I say it's not about keeping what you have from everyone else
I say it's about having the courage to live like a human
I say it's about being better than your own self

If they should ever get you
What will happen then
Will you be tortured and burned till you wish you had died
Or will you be just like them

I say it's not about being better than them
I say it's not about keeping what you have from everyone else
I say it's about having the courage to live like a human
I say it's about being better than your own self

Under Siege

The morning after Across the street there’s a shrine
The corner store’s got a new awning
And the sun finally decided to shine

And there’s some crazy evangelist saying
Bridgeport, Jesus loves you
And the newspapers got a couple of lines
A lot of people don’t know what to do

Just how many bullets
How many kids is it going to take
How many more obituaries
Before we see what's at stake

The kids at the school two blocks from here
What do they think when they walk by that corner
Do they know, are they scared, do they want to shoot back
Is life just like death, you gotta die to be born

Got a big army
Got a lot of guns
But you can't stop the river
Of blood from our daughters and sons

A thousand years from now
Will we all be higher off the ground
Will cars fly and houses change color
Or will we all be six feet down

Just how many bullets
How many kids is it going to take
How many more obituaries
Before we see what’s at stake


Cat Mousam

You can walk across this country
You can walk around the world
You can walk until you can’t feel your feet
You can walk to the world’s end
You can walk back home and
But you can’t walk half a day with me

And you'll never get to these convictions
Don't even try
Disprove these predictions
Or are you just going to die

You can call me a criminal
Before I even get tried
Call me a menace to society
You can find me guilty
In a matter of minutes
You can lock me up and throw away the key


My kids call me daddy
And my wife calls me dear
And to God I’m just another son
But you gave me a number
And you locked me in a cage
You don’t even look like you’re having fun




God how this city this city is rusting this
City is turning to stone
Doesn’t it do wonders to your heart and your body
When you grow the seeds that are sown

Does violence breed in these paint chipped walls these
Piss-soaked carpets these dark desolate halls
There are some people who don’t know this reality but
If this isn’t real, then who are we

God lives on Lafayette
Do you
Girl lives on Lafayette
Do you

Some will say that’s the way it’s go to be
Forget to mention “it’s fine as long as it’s not me”
Instant gratification, fast acting pain relief
For everything except what really hurts, and you can see


The man on top only sees what he’s got to lose
Down below, it’s hard to know which drug to choose
I’m somewhere in between looking out on this town
Not sure if I’m going up or down

Verse: G/D/Em/C
Chorus: Em/C/G/D/F#

Pre and Post Chorus:

High Ground

Did it start when the pilgrims landed
Was it somewhere in those early days
Has it come lately upon us
Did it start when they shot JFK

Was it saving the natives from their culture
Was it speaking softly and carrying a big stick
Was it saving the Germans from Hitler
Was it rescuing the world from the communist’s grip

When did we get the high ground
Does the world need a savior from itself
When did we get the high ground
Who will save us from ourselves

Did it belong to England
Did they once put on these airs
Has it been ours forever
Did the Russians once think it was theirs


And how do we keep it
Do we kill more people than everyone else
Long as we don’t lose it
I guess it won’t hurt to protect ourselves

VERSE: -0---0---0--- -0---0---0---
-0---0---0--- -0---0---0---
-7---8---3--- -1---1---3---
-8---9---4--- X3 -2---2---4---
-8---9---4--- -2---2---4---
-6---7---2--- -0---0---2---


Roses in November

Between the lines in a sea of blackness, past telescoping signs
This night was longer than it seemed but I was never tired
The shooting stars were out that night, falling just like rain
I was thinking on the morning, I was thinking things could change

Do you want to know what lies behind the mist
Do you want to know how many died for this
Can you tell we are already there
Who would have known there'd be
Roses in November

Take a breath, say a prayer, don’t look back, there’s nothing there
Did I come here for this, is there something I missed why is no one scared
Read the line, drew the line, crossed it out and crossed over
If your conscience bears no consequence who’s left to suffer




To Cal

You’ve seen him he stands there on the corner
For hours holding his sign
Nonviolence or nonexistence, Martin Luther King Jr.
And people drive by like they’re blind

The winter’s fast fading to springtime’s parading
There’s been too many to pass this one by
If I’ve hope for the future it might be for you and your
Trust in the yellowing sky

Fly your battle flag high
Tell those little boys it's noble to die
Dress them in uniform
Their mothers will cry on a tidy corpse

You’ve been as far down as the best high can get
They had you doped right out of your head
You say it took a blood clot in your brain but now it’s what you’ve got
That makes all the rest of us mad

It’s your humble silence that gives me my sense
That I let on much more than I know
If you’re an unarmed Christian in what position
Does that leave this country’s goal


It’s the patterns of contradiction that might break our addiction
To the gods of this heathen state
It’s a way of relation that might break this domination
Before we throw up our hands and call it fate


Angel on Fire

Mother why do you cry
Mother why do you hold your head so low
Is this a test of my intentions
Because I didn’t want to die

One looked like my brother
His helmet held down an innocent face
I didn’t cry when the flames burned higher
Phoenix flew in this place

It was like the light of a better day
It’s the hope that tomorrow can somehow be saved

We run to the light

See me shining
Watch me fall above your head
Look they're growing
My wings are out just like you said

I'm an angel

Mother why do they fight
To keep their freedom have to take a life
In search of peace they leave a trail of bodies
Mother is it right

Verse: We run...
-0--0--0----0--0--0-----0--0--0--0--0--0--0- -0--0---0--0-
-5--7--5----5--7--12----5--7--5--0--5--7--5- -5--12--7--5-
-6--8--6----6--8--13----6--8--6--1--6--8--6- -6--13--8--6-
-7--9--7----7--9--14----7--9--7--2--7--9--7- -6--14--7--7-
-0--0--0----0--0--0-----0--0--0--0--0--0--0- -0--0---0--0-
-0--0--0----0--0--0-----0--0--0--0--0--0--0- -0--0---0--0-

See... I'm an angel...
-0--0--0--0-0- -0--0--0-
-0--0--0--0-0- -0--0--0-
-9--6--9--6-4- -5--4--1-
-9--6--9--6-4- -5--4--2-
-7--4--7--4-2- -3--2--2-
-0--0--0--0-0- -0--0--0-

Three Days

When I woke up it was raining
I heard the sound of a wet street outside
When I woke up I felt clean again
Felt good enough to take on three days at a time

Over on Park Street someone just died
Shot in the head on a Saturday night
The cops chased some kid around
No one’s any wiser about it now

The pews are empty except for a few
And I want to be wrong about you
You want protection and I understand
But how can you save what you don’t command

Could you hear the shots - at night
Would you walk down that street - alone
How do you know when to get out
What do you do when a deal goes down

When I fell asleep it was raining
Rain streaked the window, cars drove by
Tell me, do you feel clean now
Are you living so that others can die


Woodstock '99

I paid thirty dollars to get in
To Birkenstock heaven
She said, “If you guys can sing,
It’s a hell of a way to make a living.”

And outside the rain poured down
On the backs of the stoned flower children
And inside it’s shoulder to shoulder
“Hey, you see that, I think I know her.”

It's the same as it was back in '69
We still think we're not part of these times
From the mainstream we've bought our dissent
Because we never quite understood what we meant

You can wear your heart on your sleeve, your hat, your chest
You can grow your hair long so you look like the rest
You can learn the guitar and write your own bad songs
You could be the next Dylan if you could just get it wrong

Down the road they’re tearing down towers
Building who knows what, a degenerational fate
This is our generation’s prowess
To find new and creative ways to hate




On those hot summer nights years ago
We played flashlight hide and go seek
Turned ourselves into monsters
And ran from the shadow behind the trees

The shadows grew up with me
Hid under my bed, hung from the walls
Hid in my books got on the bus with me
And if i let them, chased me down the halls

You tell me I’m psycho, tell me I’m crazy
These shadows are things no one can see
I say you’re the one that is crazy
There’s on your shoulder talking to me

Tonight -- I ask what is sight
What I see -- can't just be me
Tonight I -- need a bright light
So I know -- which are the shadows

You find them everywhere you’d expect
A dumpster, a prison, a whorehouse, a bar
Sometimes you find them in the bright lights
Yesterday i saw one at the altar



Go Down Singing

He’s caught between the lines on the edge of this dime
Took his last call at the front of the mall
He’s been told that his life is worth more than that
And he’s signed it away with a tip of his hat

This crack he’s slipped through has smoked him right up
These lines on the highway don’t tell him to stop
The car horns are playing his favorite song
Can’t remember the name, but it’s not Elton John

Go down singing

His lines of sight have given him flight
It’s cause for redemption and divine intervention
Swing down low and take him away
Leave nothing behind but a cold rainy day

Go down singing

You won’t find him cruising the highway tonight
You’ll fine him where there’s room to ignite
Burn up the asphalt and burn up this life
Burn up the world that’s been holding him tight

Go down singing

He’s singing along to the song of his life
It’s spilling over the highway tonight
He’s finding the harmonies in his own voice
Picking the colors, making the choice to

Go down singing


Love on the corner of 5th and Main
Seen through a storefront window pane
In the middle of the street when the light turns green
Caught in the lines of history

I see you my hands are tied my innovation dry
I see you another dream another life
I see you where you could have been me
I see you and my destiny

Supermarket smile in the dairy aisle
Name next to mine in the doctor’s file
Yearbook pictures of years gone by
Turning your head, passed on the right


Why was my mother born did she
Find love across the sea
Why have you been in my life my friends
Where does fate begin and end

Am G Am Asus Em

Returned to Sender

At 4 am it’s time to fly
Put on your coat but leave this suitcase standing by
Let these possessions pass you by
You’ll never need them in the sweet bye and bye

No time to pack your life away
One chance is all you get, at least that’s what they say
More than throwing it away
You’ll never need it in the place you’re going to stay

And out of here he'll fly
Out of the weight of darkness fallen from his mind
And out of here he'll fly
Upward past the little hells he has left behind

Onwards, upwards pushing in
All the lives that haunt him still won’t let him in
Another way to start again
Another life to live to show us what has been


No destinations to approach
Maybe he’ll pass beyond the ends of this rope
Beneath the arching leaves of hope
Will lean to rest and hear the sweet sound below

Em / Cadd9 / Dsus2
Em / Cadd9 / Bdim7

Em / G / Cadd9
Em / G / D

Another Mystery of Life

You say that I should be out on my own now
You say you want to be free
You say that I forced you, you said you have no choice but to
Be what you wanted to be

You say you don’t want me, and then you say you love me
Never told me to leave
You say that you want me to be just who I want to
As long it’s really not me

I want to know just who it is that’s talking
The father, the man, or the heavy hand
I want to know just what it is that’s talking
Your ego, your past, or your fear of being last

What are you saying
Who are you playing
What are you blaming on me

I want you to slow down, I want to go down
I have to get past these routines
If anyone would know that I just can’t stand them
It would have to be you


Trying God

I still remember the day they took her innocence
I still remember the pain of endurance
The day was dark, night darker yet
Stars watching above us never set

We were here waiting for a savior
Instead of him you sent a killer
I can remember I’m still dreaming of
He said forgive me it was love

Night is screaming and the screams become the stars
That shine down upon our bloodied scars
Night is screaming through a darkened glass
Holding up back against our past

There are no Christians in this Christian land
There are no wounds on these Christian hands
There is no white in these painted lies
There are no ears to hear their cries


There is always one to escape
There is always one to call it a miracle
There is always one to scream out silently
There is always one to escape


Fire and Smoke

Shadow of a future present
Present perfect past
Reverse to everlasting life
Forward yet still - last

A chance with luck to tempt your fate
A chance by piece to learn to hate
The lie - work will set you free
We ever give you liberty

I see the flames of a funeral pyre in this fire
I smell the smoke of human life in this fire
Where is God in these burning days
Where is hope in death's gaze

The ashes of my father
He burned - I was stronger
He gave me all he had to hold
Where do you run my father

You ask where is God
Dying of hunger
You ask where is God
Hanging on the gallows


Verse: Em/Bm/Em/F#m/Em/Bm/Em/A
Chorus: G / D / C /G/D

Meet Me Halfway

I look to find you
And here and back again

Were you when she breathed her last
Could you tell me it’s worth what’s past

Is there another way to show what it’s like to die so slow
Is there another way to see this price of being free

Meet me halfway to Baghdad
Meet me halfway where the ocean meets the sky
Meet me halfway to Baghdad
Meet me halfway to the tears I have to cry

Were you when heaven rained fire
Does the truth just stoke the fire

Give yourself a chance to take more than a glance
Give yourself the peace to know you’re not asleep


I gave you the chance to go and see
You finally hear me

Your churches have no windows, but our graveyards have eyes
Your churches have no windows, but our gravestones don’t lie

G-0-----------------0----------------- CHORUS: G / D / Em / D

Bald Tires

I’m tired of love songs
One more packaged torn soul
I want nothing more nothing less than the whole

Through your stained glass eyes
You tell me you have nothing to hide
But I know better than that

And I look to the other side light
And I find myself hanging out tight
Hold up the roof and hold down the floor
Push out the windows and pull in the door

‘Cause it’s a hard day living this life
It’s a hard night when you’ve lost your sight
It’s a hard time losing it slow as you can

E F# B A B7

Talk With a Price

You talk about compromise
Say it’s not free
You talk about acceptable prices
Look at me

You talk about dictators
How to foil their plans
You talk about genocide
Look at your hands

Meet me halfway to the land
Where two rivers run through poisoned sand
Meet me before time runs out the door
And we are no more

They look to our eyes for hope
They look to our eyes
They look to our eyes for hope
We have none

You talk about our duty
Protect the weak
You talk about collateral damage
Let them speak





I went out the other day with
A man with a hand with molded clay
Asked him if we’ve got a shot
He smiled and said I write the plot

Cursed my fate and it loved the hate
Broke my smile with a rubber file
Cut my sight but the dark took flight
And I saw what I’ve seen and I wish had never been

Just look at us now; one nation under the gun
Just look at us now; we are Adam's only son
Just look at us now; dead last in a race we won
What have we become

Saw a man on the edge of a broken glass
With his face in a knot his eyes in a bind and his heart in the past
Jump and live he’ll jump and die
Maybe he won’t but just as soon try




Goodnight, rest your soul
Angels scream to the dust below
Candle flickers like a strobe
Sun dives over the rim of the globe

Goodnight, rest your dreams
God keep you from what you have seen
Hold you safe in eternity
Give you peace in misery

Dream of dream of your heart misplaced
Dream of dream of your hopes defaced

Rest in peace till another day
A bright shining day turning back from gray
Rise the dawn to see back of a shadow play


Goodnight to another world
Another love another hope deferred
Give your life for life and liberty
Give your eyes so we can see



e-7--7--5--2-- e-3--2--0--2--
B-8--8--5--3-- B-0--3--1--3--
G-9--7--5--2-- G-0--2--0--2--
D-9-----7--0-- D-0--0--2--0--
A-------7----- A-2-----3-----
E-------5----- E-3-----------


Wisdom cries aloud in the street
Wisdom shouts in the market place
From the walls she calls and she pleads
At the gates screams out her name to those who hear

How long how long will you
Delight in being just a fool
How long how long will we
Be deaf to those who see

When light turns black blue sky to black
The walls stand tall and you can’t go back
You will call no answer
Look for me but I am gone


Listen to me walk in the light
Beg for knowledge plead for insight
Love the Lord love the world
Hope for life is life incurred

G--------------------------- Am/Am/Em/Em

D-----7---7---5- Am/G


Words by Hillel the Elder (Pirkei Avot 1:14)

If I am not for myself,
Who will be for me?

If I am only for myself,
What am I?

If not now,




Little Hell

We’re all so little here
We have tiny heads between our little ears
Little hearts for our little selves
And little heavens and

Little hells

We manufacture lies and we pull all our moves
Play our little games to prove we’re the ones who’ve got the groove
Walk down the little runway for a show and tell
In between burn in our

Little hells

Heaven is too high, hell is so low
And for all this deception we’ve got nothing to show
All the pain money can buy is easy to sell
Just keep me out of your

Little hells

Is it love or money that makes the world go round
I’m not going to let your failures keep me on the ground
Hope there’s more to me and you than what I can tell
Hope that you can me get out of your

Little hell

The Storm

When I was young I used to hide from the storm
Cover face with hands in a corner of home
Run hug mommy’s leg and try not to cry
As lightning flashed and wind tore the sky

I am older now and far from home
I have no choice but to be out in the storm
Dance with death as the lightning bolts crash down
And when i can’t see try to feel my way around

I look for stars in the night Fumble east to see the daylight Will my never life take flight And my blindness turn to sight

It’s easy for me to tell you how it goes
Maybe that’s why i think that i know
I can move mountains and crawl through the eye
A needle whose ego is bigger than mine


Won’t you be my light and my salvation
In times like these in this evil nation
I need a little hope, a little joy between hits
And the word is i can’t take much more of this

Em Am D

CHORUS (if necessary):
D G C* Am
G-------------- C* 032200


Eighty Eight

O Lord, I call for help by day
I cry out in the night before you
Let my prayer come before you
Incline your ear to my cry

What do you want from me

But I, I cry to you
In the morning my prayer comes to you
Why do you hide from me
Leave me to drown in the terror of the night

What do you want from me

Regurgitated Hippie Song

In a maze of whirling color
I caught a glimpse of a face I used to know
It smiled at me
And I turned because I wanted it to go away
I saw the life
Of a boy searching for peace and love
He left his home
His mother but his home did not leave him

Throw out peaceloveharmony
And everyone's equality
Shinyhappypeaceful feeling
All the rainbow colors reeling
Push through the haze of rights and hippyites
The potsmokingvegan needs a light
Stagger down the stairs to the wall
Where you see it scrawled

I just want to be happy
I just want to be free
I just want to be happy
I just want to be me

He traveled far
He traveled further than the farthest star
He ever dreamed of
He ever saw out the back window of his car
But when it came
Down to what he knew and what he felt
He couldn’t help
But stop to wonder if all this was what he meant





I get tired of seeing my own face
I get tired of feeling my constraints
I get tired of hearing the lies
I get tired of being paralyzed

When did truth become relative to the imperial palace edifice
When did love become hate and justice fate
I want to know when life gave up the ghost
When joy died in bed and science lost its head

History is a parade of mistakes
Government no more than we fake
Beauty is on sale for less
And murderer’s weapons are become blessed

When will the day come when we all will know
That nothing stands between us and the way back home
When will the day come when we all will see
That all the thoughts we hold inside won't make us free

Come let us go to the mountain of the lord
Death will meet life and age to youth
Where the hand of another will never hold a sword
And we will walk in the light of truth

Give me half a chance to gain my omnipotence
Give yourself a chance to be more than indifferent
Peace is taken out to die, hope is falling from the sky
Joy is lost in the river’s fall as justice takes the final call

Come let us go to the mountain of the lord
Death will meet life and age to youth
Where the hand of another will never hold a sword
And we will walk in the light of truth



Based on a poem by Daniel Berrigan

At Hiroshima
there’s a museum,
and outside that museum
there’s a rock,
and on that rock there’s a shadow.

That shadow
is all that remains
of the human being who stood there
on the sixth of August in 45
At the dawn of the nuclear age.

That is the choice before us.
In reality, that is our time.
We shall either end all war
and the specter of nuclear arms

in our own lifetimes,
or we well all become

shadows on the rock.



It’s the place on the corner with the broken glass and the burned out light
Go down that street to the second light and make a right
Stay on that and it’ll take you out of this dismal part of town
Go to the bright lights and night flights of downtown

I know what you're looking for
You won't find it anywhere here
I know what you're looking for and I
Think you want to go

They got the marble, we got steel, they are the puppets, we are real
We got water we can’t drink, they have a place, and they think
You know, I kind of like this city: got a lot of class, not too gritty
We walk on glass and choke on air and think of ways to get out of here


In these streets so pothole filled, it’ another day gone and another one dead
You pay the rich to rob the poor, then ask if they want to take the tour
You’re dressed up in suits and ties - full up on greed and lies
A golden goose, a juggling clown, and big salaries who go downtown

Go downtown…



Felt the call of conscience trace the palm of my hand
Followed it across the waves and swam into sand
Found myself alone in blackness speaking to the stars
Ancient history of light poured down between the bars

Are you the first the last are you a now or have been
Where are you going what have you seen
I scream at you but you can’t hear a thing
Just listen to the night sun listen to the wind

Do you know my name
Do you know my name
Do you know my name
Do you know my name...

Time to rise and I heard you fall
One for one and all for all
Do you hear me now
Come on...
Hear me...

Do you know my name
Do you know my name
Do you know my name
Do you know my name...

Names in a faceless world we’re all
Trying to live under the pall
Of life without a future here
There’s all this noise no one can hear




Our apologies, good friends, for the fracture of order
The burning of paper instead of children
We could not, help us God, do any other
Our hearts see the Land of the Burning Children

We're sorry that you had to turn
But somewhere out there, children burn
We're sorry that you had to see
But it's the truth, and sets you free
You say peace, peace, but there is no peace
You say Lord, Lord, then you walk out the door
You say love, love, on your hands I see blood
And it's crying out to me

We live in the One born to make trouble
With him walk and with him we die
On the side of the poor, forever we struggle
And with that One, up there in the sky


Thirty years later, the blood is still flowing
The children are burning, the lies are growing
Thirty years later, violence still turns
And we, we know well, our hearts still burn


We come here today with God as our witness
With love as a guide and truth as a shield
To unmask, disarm, celebrate, announce
The coming reign of the Calmer of Seas

Verse: G/Bm/Am/D
Chorus: G/D/Am/D

Road Kill

Sterilized halls, immaculate lawns
Programmed minds, go above and beyond
We’ve got all our trash behind the gate
Regular pick-ups at quarter to eight

Sometimes the trash can just overflows
Something slips out, can't find where it goes
Sometimes people, well, they just have a will
Catch them soon, or we'll all see your road kill

Secret documents, nope, they’re all gone
Torture manuals, what are you on
Our soldiers are good, honest and true
Even if sometimes we lose a few


He was a soldier, good, honest and true
His mind, well, he must have lost a few
He chose to live out on the street
I’m telling you man, he was really beat


When he came back, we shot him up
Who needs those bums and their cups
We forgot, for once, to clean up our mess
And now it’s news all over the U.S.



Little Insanities

Hello I’m crazy how are you
Got locked in and I can’t leave the zoo
Hello my mind is out of sight
Another ball is dropped and broken into night

If this really is
The land of the free
Why are you tied to
Your SUV

Am I the only one who’s got
A warning on my cup contents are hot
Am I the only one who missed
The warnings on our instruments of death

If this really is
The home of the brave
Why the hell
Are we so afraid

We are so set on nuclear domination
We have no idea that we have a case of mental constipation
I want to know if all the shit we’ve got
Is really worth defending

Quiet desperation
Shopping cart hell
Quiet desecration
By a five star general

The scales of justice are permanently fixed
To keep the poor brown people permanently jinxed
Line up step right, don’t cross the line
Do as you’re told and you’ll do just fine

Who let the tiger
Out of the zoo
Could it be so
Maybe you're crazy too



Float on the water,
Blown by the wind
In every direction
And nothing within
Form without function
Art with no core

Put up a facade, don’t let them reach you
Break down the bridge, you’re safer with no clue
But when all the connections are gone
Don’t look back ‘cause your life will be gone


Keep it sweet, plenty of kisses
You know how, will they miss you
If I die in my sleep tonight
What will they say about my life


This static growth, stunted and rotting
You’re dead inside and stop existing
Yeah you crumble, inward you fall
Can’t look up, you were so tall



American Boy

He was a good kid, loved America,
Strawberry Pop-tarts, apple pie.
Baseball on summer afternoons,
Good American boy.

He was a good soldier, saved another’s life,
Played by the rules, never said no.
Never mind what he did, he obeyed orders
Good American boy.

American boy comes home to America,
War does something to everyone.
American boy loves his America,
Oh little boy, where have you gone?

April 15, nineteen hundred and ninety five
A blast breaks the Oklahoma sky
America watches in horror and amazement
Somebody has to die.


He’s a monster, cold, unhuman, dead
Of another species, what’s in his head
Stony-eyed, emotionless, killer of children’s joys
Good American boy


Fry him, fry him, fry him, fry him, he’s the one
Forget John Doe, government implication
Ax man, governmental toy
Good American boy

Verse: G/Em/Am/D
Chorus: G/D/Am/C/D


It’s May, dogwood’s blooming
Spring fever, first mowing
Life is blooming, life is trying
Nobody thinks about dying

Never laughed, he never cried never born, he never died
Never skinned his knees played tag with the breeze
But after all he's still my brother

Dust to dust I hear it now
The same words have changed somehow
I’ve learned it then, I’ve learned again
Grace is delivered by pain


One day we’ll run out of time
And they will not bury all we’ve left behind
We must carry what we hold on to
Release what you love, let it come back to you


Think of Me

I’m locked in a jungle of concrete and steel.
I see only the sky slashed apart by the bars.
Two bees buzz around my head and remind
Me of meadows and grasses and flowers

Walk bare-foot in the grass and think of me
Feel the breeze in your hair
Gaze at the deep blue sky and think of me
I will be there

God is so great and God is so good
He made all things with His mighty hand
He made grasses he made flowers
And he made you too



Silence of the Hawks

Do you know that I see through your eyes
December skies and concrete lies
Beyond the walls of your showroom halls
See it all, see it all, and down it falls

Subway glances, subzero heart
Don’t look at me, I’m falling apart
Does life happen when you’re gone
Anyone can see we’re nearly done

Don’t you look, I’ll go away
Come back again another day
Stay cool, don’t act odd
Same ol’ life under the sword

Walk in, walk out, keep on dreaming
Red, white and blue, the colors screaming
One day you’ll get your dream house
Then you’ll die from the fallout