03 Jan 2000

God how this city this city is rusting this
City is turning to stone
Doesn’t it do wonders to your heart and your body
When you grow the seeds that are sown

Does violence breed in these paint chipped walls these
Piss-soaked carpets these dark desolate halls
There are some people who don’t know this reality but
If this isn’t real, then who are we

God lives on Lafayette
Do you
Girl lives on Lafayette
Do you

Some will say that’s the way it’s go to be
Forget to mention “it’s fine as long as it’s not me”
Instant gratification, fast acting pain relief
For everything except what really hurts, and you can see


The man on top only sees what he’s got to lose
Down below, it’s hard to know which drug to choose
I’m somewhere in between looking out on this town
Not sure if I’m going up or down

Verse: G/D/Em/C
Chorus: Em/C/G/D/F#

Pre and Post Chorus: