What Are We Building

09 Jan 2013

There were people in the past who thought about their children’s children
Planted flowers in the desert and called that heaven
They let the details gather with the passage of time
Laid down their memories and rested their minds

What are we building with the earth and the sky
Who will prosper, how will the prophets die
What is polished, what is worn
What are we building, who are we building for

There’s a tree that comes to mind each time I think about forgetting
How it stood beside those graves with only silence as a blessing
And concrete stains and tangled vines, the light coming down
Remind me of things I thought were not to be found

Now I’m learning where to lean and how to amplify the motion
For time shapes every space and grains of sand hold up the ocean
The things that we have built will go on living until they die
Our lives are made of moments, only moments are our lives