Diving Into the Clouds

14 Jan 2005

It was the middle of nowhere, sometime after two
I was lost I was blinded by the sun
The map was worse than useless, the compass just points south
The path that had brought me here was gone
I was already weary though I had only begun
Diving into the clouds

Well I ran to the city but the country followed me
Found me drunk and playing solitaire
Asked where I was headed asked if it was true
That chaos can conquer despair
If there’s warmth in concrete you can breathe without air
Diving into the clouds

I’ve been always in motion I’ve been friction’s enemy
And home was the road under my feet
Without knowing where it led I took
The path into the heart of the dream
Halfway there I turned around and threw my guidebook down
Diving into the clouds

It was just south of Texas it was mid afternoon
The sun cut through the clouds with holy fire
It called me to believe in things left unseen
To have faith in the pillars of the sky
Somewhere in between the sky and the sea I am
Diving into the clouds