Run for Your Life

11 Mar 2003

Flee the burning city and don’t look back
You will pass two pillars of salt that once were man and wife
Flee from the ashes right into the mouth of the whale
Run from the voices that tell you what is good and what is real

Run run run for your life
Even Mercury's wings won't save you now
Run run run for your life
As fast as you can to the heart of the night

Flee the beasts that tear your flesh rend you limb from limb
Tell me who your devil is tell me you’re not him
Flee from your own heartache flee from your own soul
Deny that you can have a part in humanity’s whole


Flee the long arm of the law that will uncover you
Run from everything you are and everything you do
Flee the good physician and the medicine of truth
Go and ask the President to call in the troops

-------- Am/G/Am