Woodstock '99

02 Aug 1999

I paid thirty dollars to get in
To Birkenstock heaven
She said, “If you guys can sing,
It’s a hell of a way to make a living.”

And outside the rain poured down
On the backs of the stoned flower children
And inside it’s shoulder to shoulder
“Hey, you see that, I think I know her.”

It's the same as it was back in '69
We still think we're not part of these times
From the mainstream we've bought our dissent
Because we never quite understood what we meant

You can wear your heart on your sleeve, your hat, your chest
You can grow your hair long so you look like the rest
You can learn the guitar and write your own bad songs
You could be the next Dylan if you could just get it wrong

Down the road they’re tearing down towers
Building who knows what, a degenerational fate
This is our generation’s prowess
To find new and creative ways to hate