Returned to Sender

15 Jun 1999

At 4 am it’s time to fly
Put on your coat but leave this suitcase standing by
Let these possessions pass you by
You’ll never need them in the sweet bye and bye

No time to pack your life away
One chance is all you get, at least that’s what they say
More than throwing it away
You’ll never need it in the place you’re going to stay

And out of here he'll fly
Out of the weight of darkness fallen from his mind
And out of here he'll fly
Upward past the little hells he has left behind

Onwards, upwards pushing in
All the lives that haunt him still won’t let him in
Another way to start again
Another life to live to show us what has been


No destinations to approach
Maybe he’ll pass beyond the ends of this rope
Beneath the arching leaves of hope
Will lean to rest and hear the sweet sound below

Em / Cadd9 / Dsus2
Em / Cadd9 / Bdim7

Em / G / Cadd9
Em / G / D