American Boy

04 Jul 1997

He was a good kid, loved America,
Strawberry Pop-tarts, apple pie.
Baseball on summer afternoons,
Good American boy.

He was a good soldier, saved another’s life,
Played by the rules, never said no.
Never mind what he did, he obeyed orders
Good American boy.

American boy comes home to America,
War does something to everyone.
American boy loves his America,
Oh little boy, where have you gone?

April 15, nineteen hundred and ninety five
A blast breaks the Oklahoma sky
America watches in horror and amazement
Somebody has to die.


He’s a monster, cold, unhuman, dead
Of another species, what’s in his head
Stony-eyed, emotionless, killer of children’s joys
Good American boy


Fry him, fry him, fry him, fry him, he’s the one
Forget John Doe, government implication
Ax man, governmental toy
Good American boy

Verse: G/Em/Am/D
Chorus: G/D/Am/C/D