None the Wiser

20 Jun 2007

When I was seventeen I was ruthless and mean
And I knew every trick in the book
And I brought close to tears everyone I held dear
When I was seventeen

When I was twenty one I could not be outdone
And I knew that the world could be saved
And I thought about sin, I had ideals then
When I was twenty one

Oh, I please forgive me
Oh, I was young
Oh, I grow none the wiser
The older I become

When I was twenty four I was reckless and bored
And I stole every word that I spoke
And I could not ignore how it felt to be poor
When I was twenty four

When I was twenty eight, man I worked every day
And I stayed up late at night
And I practiced my faith and I tried not to hate
When I was twenty eight


When I am twenty nine I will know what is mine
And I will give it away
And each day I will try to be more like a child
When I am twenty nine