This House and Beyond

19 Feb 2000
Words by Dan Vaccaro, music by Hillel Arnold

I think I am dreaming again
I see a house, paint chipped and multicolored
That we are fond of rebuilding,
but reluctant to rebuild

The foundation is cracked, the walls are eroding,
It will fall soon
A blue collared crew had gathered
wrecking ball ready, they will knock it down
and prepare to erect a new

I recognize God as one of the workers
He had no white beard and no wrath
He is taut muscle, and laugh
He brings a bagged lunch
And smokes a pack and a half each day

He smokes while he unloads the trucks
and hands the fresh lumber to us

We are ready to build this new house,
a simple house, something pure and patriotic
something we can step inside and call our own
and strong house built on the backs of believers

and out across the lawn I see God,
leaning up against a tree and smiling
because we have had the answers all along,
and so we build from dusk till dawn

One by one, this house
and then beyond