Northern Star

02 Sep 2000

He’s sitting and talking of other days
Better and worse in their own special ways
He’s weaving me stories and I’m woven in too
And we’re turning back the pages we drew

We were a man-eating group of first-born kids
No one could survive us, but somehow he did
And he turned us all over and shook out our meanness
Told us just where we were, and we’ve never been less

I say you are my Northern Star

We’re scattered all over the face of the globe
But all of us carry the things that we know
That winning sometimes means giving ground
And if you can swim you still can drown

I say you are my Northern Star

He sighs and sits back, the story’s been told
And I want to be just as wise when I’m old
With the bad came the good, with the good came the bad
But he gave us the best, show us all that we had

I say you are my Northern Star
My favorite scar, the best without bar
My Northern Star