The Man in the Moon

02 Sep 2005

I’ve been a homesick disciple on these rails
Trying to fit my faith to a name
Trying to fit three chord truths into twelve bar blues
I’ve been trying to stay honest, to stay true

Sing me a song Woody Guthrie and I'll be the man in the moon
Sing the sun down out of the sky, the wind right into this room
Sing me water, sing me wine; a song to cast out all fear
Sing me a song Woody Guthrie and I'm leaving, leaving here

I’ve been over; I’ve been so long gone
On these end of alphabet songs
I have waited for so long to spit this dust out of my lungs
Untangle my stumbling tongue


I went all the way out past the King’s Highway
To see what was left, what ‘‘d find of you there
At the end of the street there was nothing; not a home, not a grave
And a rambling man leaves no trail