Save Me

17 Mar 2000

Wake up in the morning and I find you’re still asleep
Later in the evening you will find your life’s a dream
Whose eyes are those watching you, who ties you down
Who calls you every evening to make sure that you’re around

What is it you’re looking for what is it you need
What is it you want from me say it on your knees

Save me
You can't save yourself

Toilet stalls and paper walls, I saw a funny thing today
A man looking down the mouth of a gun to see what it would say
All these books and magazines will bury you alive
You’re asking, begging, praying to the New York Times


Montezuma was a good king, FDR better yet
Lenin would have done all right if he hadn’t been so set
History repeats itself; it’s never quite the same
It’s a good excuse to cut your mind loose, if you can see what I’m saying


I know Dylan was really Zimmerman before he got big
I’ve been to where the Clash played their first gig
I’ve got a mind full of numbers that don’t make no sense
I’ve got plenty of ideas of no consequence