High Ground

03 Jan 2000

Did it start when the pilgrims landed
Was it somewhere in those early days
Has it come lately upon us
Did it start when they shot JFK

Was it saving the natives from their culture
Was it speaking softly and carrying a big stick
Was it saving the Germans from Hitler
Was it rescuing the world from the communist’s grip

When did we get the high ground
Does the world need a savior from itself
When did we get the high ground
Who will save us from ourselves

Did it belong to England
Did they once put on these airs
Has it been ours forever
Did the Russians once think it was theirs


And how do we keep it
Do we kill more people than everyone else
Long as we don’t lose it
I guess it won’t hurt to protect ourselves

VERSE: -0---0---0--- -0---0---0---
-0---0---0--- -0---0---0---
-7---8---3--- -1---1---3---
-8---9---4--- X3 -2---2---4---
-8---9---4--- -2---2---4---
-6---7---2--- -0---0---2---