04 Feb 1999

It’s the place on the corner with the broken glass and the burned out light
Go down that street to the second light and make a right
Stay on that and it’ll take you out of this dismal part of town
Go to the bright lights and night flights of downtown

I know what you're looking for
You won't find it anywhere here
I know what you're looking for and I
Think you want to go

They got the marble, we got steel, they are the puppets, we are real
We got water we can’t drink, they have a place, and they think
You know, I kind of like this city: got a lot of class, not too gritty
We walk on glass and choke on air and think of ways to get out of here


In these streets so pothole filled, it’ another day gone and another one dead
You pay the rich to rob the poor, then ask if they want to take the tour
You’re dressed up in suits and ties - full up on greed and lies
A golden goose, a juggling clown, and big salaries who go downtown

Go downtown…