Hey America

17 Oct 2001

Twenty miles from the nearest headlight the darkness cuts into my brain
And the line between reality and dreams blurs and twists and fades
I dream of violent death I dream of smoking steel shattered glass
Exit wounds blood red runs and things I won’t confess

I’ve got the hammer down and the overdrive on
Running on the memories of places I have known
And the lines on the highway don’t seem so straight anymore
And the smoke on the horizon is something we just can’t ignore

Hey America who's your savior now
Hey America can you see the sky falling down
Is it too late tonight to wake up from the American Dream
Is it too late is there only time to scream

The demons are running wild tonight through graveyards of defeat
They’ve surfaced to feed on the fresh young blood running through our streets
All across this shining land weapons are drawn
Guns and knives and billyclubs for the strike at dawn

Then the drunken homicide detective staggers in our of the rain
Pours himself a strong one and says he died in vain
The kids that weren’t drafted are fighting with the cops
The soldiers stagger home from the front no one really wants this to stop


The Generals are marching back to their underground bunkers
The dancing girl wants just one thing his head on a platter
The jets dropping body bags rumble low overhead
And the president is casting a powerful spell

The Vietnam Veteran is screaming naked on his porch in the rain
His daughter asked me how to get home and I said he could explain
Kiss me my love as I waltz off to war I’ll be back before you know it
All in one piece and when I’m released I won’t even show it

Em / open / Em / G / D

G / Em / C / D (2x)
Em / C / G / D (2x)