Faster Than the Sun

14 Sep 2002

Climbing up out of the valley in the early morning light
Our conscience on our backs a new world fades into sight
You know that government’s a liar worse than anyone
Moving faster than the sun

Is there a difference if he is distant if God is watching us
Have you met the ghosts of history or the devils of progress
Don’t you know what’s in the contract to be a mortal one
Moving faster than the sun

Do you know a man whose body is covered in scars
Do you know saints and martyrs and knights in bright armor
Don’t you know how Daedalus lost his only son
Moving faster than the sun

I know you’re not my savior you can’t hide those bloody hands
I know you’re not the one led to slaughter like the lambs
I know that anybody could die for what you’ve done
Moving faster than the sun

Are you wide awake and breathing or have you fallen fast asleep
And is the voice of reason the thought you’d choose to keep
The beginning of the end of innocence or an end to everyone
Moving faster than the sun