Ordinary Miracles

06 Aug 2003

My eyes have seen the glory of ages to come and of years that have passed
I have seen hours swell and wither, empires turn into dust
Under the sun and over the moon and before the reason why
I have seen hills razed and valleys exalted I’ve seen Satan fall from the sky

My ears have heard the blessings of freedom and its terrible price
I have heard harsh and dreadful sounds of the love between fire and ice
Facing the dream behind conviction after the end of the world
I have heard things to be long forgotten and the banner of laughter unfurled

My mouth has spoken words of deception, words of true insight
I have sung love and I have screamed hate and I have cried out to the light
From the mouth of God in the heavens comes the words of a child
I have spoken of visions at hand I’ve been baptized by desire