Death in the Family

28 May 2002

You were still breathing when they cut your body down
On a Friday afternoon
And by the time that they called your mother down
You had flown to the moon

You were still screaming when they strapped your body down
In a solitary room
By the time we recaptured the saints from the sinners
We’d killed more than a few

If the stones could cry out, who would they cry for
Was it for this destiny that the spotless lamb was slain
Whose brother's blood is this that cries out from the floor
Why are we drawn like a moth to the flame

Weighed in the balance you’ve been found wanting
For more than your worth
Now who can transform that stone hanging on your neck
To heavenly bread

How did it happen you woke up this morning
Bloodthirsty pack on your trail
The Hound of Heaven attacks without warning
Bites without fail


Raise high the standard of moral persuasion
This civilized inquisition
Chosen to burn for the sins that are handed down
Your father’s indiscretion

Some say no more victims, some no more abuse
Some just want the facts, some just want the truth
Some just want your blood, some want a vaccine
Some want you swinging from a tree

The world is more than jails and churches
You are more than your word
We never wanted to walk on water
Or meant to take up the sword