Go On

20 Sep 2009

Did you catch me standing in the rain
Did you catch me a little less than sane
Did you catch me with my heart up my sleeve
Did you catch me with holes in my knees

Did you catch me with my head in the clouds
Did you catch me dreaming too out loud
Did you catch me not knowing enough
Does it give you the feeling you’re such…

Go on and tell me I'm wrong
You're fighting a war that can't be won

Do you have more of the facts
Do you have what it takes to act
Do you have the answer that’s right
Is it the one made so by might

Go on and sing your fighting song
This is just another war that can't be won

I caught you, “Live Free or Die”
I caught you again, Semper Fi
I caught you towing your bit of the line
I caught you staking out your piece of the pie

Listen up or you won't last long
If you're fighting a war, you won't be one
So go on and tell me what is on
What you haven't lost is what you've won