Go Down Singing

22 Jul 1999

He’s caught between the lines on the edge of this dime
Took his last call at the front of the mall
He’s been told that his life is worth more than that
And he’s signed it away with a tip of his hat

This crack he’s slipped through has smoked him right up
These lines on the highway don’t tell him to stop
The car horns are playing his favorite song
Can’t remember the name, but it’s not Elton John

Go down singing

His lines of sight have given him flight
It’s cause for redemption and divine intervention
Swing down low and take him away
Leave nothing behind but a cold rainy day

Go down singing

You won’t find him cruising the highway tonight
You’ll fine him where there’s room to ignite
Burn up the asphalt and burn up this life
Burn up the world that’s been holding him tight

Go down singing

He’s singing along to the song of his life
It’s spilling over the highway tonight
He’s finding the harmonies in his own voice
Picking the colors, making the choice to

Go down singing