Road Kill

23 Mar 1998

Sterilized halls, immaculate lawns
Programmed minds, go above and beyond
We’ve got all our trash behind the gate
Regular pick-ups at quarter to eight

Sometimes the trash can just overflows
Something slips out, can't find where it goes
Sometimes people, well, they just have a will
Catch them soon, or we'll all see your road kill

Secret documents, nope, they’re all gone
Torture manuals, what are you on
Our soldiers are good, honest and true
Even if sometimes we lose a few


He was a soldier, good, honest and true
His mind, well, he must have lost a few
He chose to live out on the street
I’m telling you man, he was really beat


When he came back, we shot him up
Who needs those bums and their cups
We forgot, for once, to clean up our mess
And now it’s news all over the U.S.