Big Fish Little Fish

03 Aug 2002

One fish two fish red fish blue fish big fish little fish
Black fish blue fish old fish new fish a fish is a fish is a fish
Sad fish glad fish very very bad fish fish from here to there
Fat fish thin fish wearing yellow hat fish strange things everywhere

When it's over it's over when it's through it's through
When you're fighting and you don't know what for admit that you lose

In the sea you’ve got two kinds of fish, big ones, little ones
The big ones are sharks and such that kill and maim and steal
And even though their methods are somewhat questionable
All they’re really trying to do is stay ahead of the game

Now the little ones are, over all, a harmless sort
They swim and eat and make more guppies when they’re bored
It’s just that they got debts no honest fish could pay
So they do a little something on the side to get them through each day

So the bigger ones are doing damage, out there going wild
And the little ones are on the corner struggling to stay alive
But the little ones get blamed as always for the country’s quandaries
And they’re chased all over the corners of the seven seas

So the poor little fishes sit in jail while the big fish swim free
And something about this bothers me something disagrees
Why little fish always get sent up the creek
And bigger ones get wine and cheese and victorian antiques

Any fisherman knows that catching minnows is not sensible policy
And guppies aren’t exactly the predators in the sea
So why is it the little ones get twenty five to life
And the killers with their bloody hands get offered a knife


That which we call a fish by any other name
At the end of the day on the end of the line smells the same
Little fish eaten by big fish is someone else’s prey
On the end of a line the biggest fish is not a white whale

C/G6/Am/G (pull off c)