Another Mystery of Life

01 Jun 1999

You say that I should be out on my own now
You say you want to be free
You say that I forced you, you said you have no choice but to
Be what you wanted to be

You say you don’t want me, and then you say you love me
Never told me to leave
You say that you want me to be just who I want to
As long it’s really not me

I want to know just who it is that’s talking
The father, the man, or the heavy hand
I want to know just what it is that’s talking
Your ego, your past, or your fear of being last

What are you saying
Who are you playing
What are you blaming on me

I want you to slow down, I want to go down
I have to get past these routines
If anyone would know that I just can’t stand them
It would have to be you