01 Jun 1998

Our apologies, good friends, for the fracture of order
The burning of paper instead of children
We could not, help us God, do any other
Our hearts see the Land of the Burning Children

We're sorry that you had to turn
But somewhere out there, children burn
We're sorry that you had to see
But it's the truth, and sets you free
You say peace, peace, but there is no peace
You say Lord, Lord, then you walk out the door
You say love, love, on your hands I see blood
And it's crying out to me

We live in the One born to make trouble
With him walk and with him we die
On the side of the poor, forever we struggle
And with that One, up there in the sky


Thirty years later, the blood is still flowing
The children are burning, the lies are growing
Thirty years later, violence still turns
And we, we know well, our hearts still burn


We come here today with God as our witness
With love as a guide and truth as a shield
To unmask, disarm, celebrate, announce
The coming reign of the Calmer of Seas

Verse: G/Bm/Am/D
Chorus: G/D/Am/D