To Cal

08 Oct 1999

You’ve seen him he stands there on the corner
For hours holding his sign
Nonviolence or nonexistence, Martin Luther King Jr.
And people drive by like they’re blind

The winter’s fast fading to springtime’s parading
There’s been too many to pass this one by
If I’ve hope for the future it might be for you and your
Trust in the yellowing sky

Fly your battle flag high
Tell those little boys it's noble to die
Dress them in uniform
Their mothers will cry on a tidy corpse

You’ve been as far down as the best high can get
They had you doped right out of your head
You say it took a blood clot in your brain but now it’s what you’ve got
That makes all the rest of us mad

It’s your humble silence that gives me my sense
That I let on much more than I know
If you’re an unarmed Christian in what position
Does that leave this country’s goal


It’s the patterns of contradiction that might break our addiction
To the gods of this heathen state
It’s a way of relation that might break this domination
Before we throw up our hands and call it fate