Obvious Rituals

14 Jan 2002

These walls are screaming out things about you and your honesty
I watched as you pulled your mother down said babe I got what you need
The alien who flew in on a red-eye from Portland is drinking up all of your gin
Your disciples say they want wine from water but you have been living in sin

They lied when they told you there’s 12 steps to heaven and I will be meeting you there
They lied and they said you could stop when you wanted but I know you haven’t a prayer
The bastards they said there was money in dreams and it was yours to be had
But you took the bait, hook, line and sinker and now you can’t go back

It's not like it was before
It's not like heaven at all
It's not like it was before
It's not like heaven will fall

I’ve heard that your condition advanced and you cannot be saved
I got nothing but reasonable suspicion of those who say they’re for you babe
If you want to sing with the angels you can’t sin with the beasts
Believe but take full precaution that your faith decrease

And one man's desert is another man's well
One man's heaven is another man's hell

I heard you at my back door last night begging for a hit
If you’re looking for America I think this isn’t it
And this isn’t London or Paris France and this isn’t Kalamazoo
It’s not what you wanted it’s not what you need but you’re going to have to make do


Blood is thicker than water oil is thicker than blood
Clouds turn into rain rain turns dirt to mud

You sit like a board in the corner with nothing to say
You act like you can’t hear me talk but your lips are turning gray
Honey I know your plans to conquer the universe
You’re smoking hashish with the Shah of Iran and fighting unquenchable thirst
You can swim in the sea, fly to the sun, run with the wind
But you’re about to hit rock bottom and you won’t bounce my friend