What Comes Next

29 Mar 2020

Do you only cry for no good reason, do you only cry because you care
Do you only cry out that you’re leaving to show you’re there

Do you only break out past the limit, do you only break upon the sand
Do you only break down when you feel it slipping from your hand

I can feel things are changing, but I do not know the effects
I can feel I have changed, but I don’t know what comes next

Do you only turn to take the measure, do you only turn against the tide
Do you only turn in the right weather season and time

Do you only stop yourself believing, do you only stop to take that call
Do you only stop when it starts feeling impossible

All of their lives, all the hearts they have moved
They have burned so bright I don't know what to do

Do you only rise out of the morning, do you only rise against your own
Do you only rise without a warning, like going home

(in E/Capo 4)