Little Insanities

01 Jan 1998

Hello I’m crazy how are you
Got locked in and I can’t leave the zoo
Hello my mind is out of sight
Another ball is dropped and broken into night

If this really is
The land of the free
Why are you tied to
Your SUV

Am I the only one who’s got
A warning on my cup contents are hot
Am I the only one who missed
The warnings on our instruments of death

If this really is
The home of the brave
Why the hell
Are we so afraid

We are so set on nuclear domination
We have no idea that we have a case of mental constipation
I want to know if all the shit we’ve got
Is really worth defending

Quiet desperation
Shopping cart hell
Quiet desecration
By a five star general

The scales of justice are permanently fixed
To keep the poor brown people permanently jinxed
Line up step right, don’t cross the line
Do as you’re told and you’ll do just fine

Who let the tiger
Out of the zoo
Could it be so
Maybe you're crazy too