Thank You Kindly

05 Dec 2007

For everyone who’s trusted every word
For those who don’t believe a thing they’ve heard
For everyone who stayed at home and all those who kept moving on
I sat down and wrote them this song

And I will thank you kindly
Thank you kindly
Thank you kindly my friends

For everyone who values what they owe
For those who have got no soul
For everyone who’d die for it and those who just don’t give a shit
Without you I am nothing at all


For everyone who left me alone
And those who took me as one of their own
Who opened wide their hearts and homes, a place to stay where I roamed
Without you I am wondering still


For everyone who is all I want to be
For those who are living out my fears
Those who hit the harmonies and those who can’t find the key
I could not sing without you


For everyone sure of where they’re going
For those who have forgotten all they know
For those too serious to smile and those who laugh so hard they cry
You have taught me everything I know