17 Mar 2000

Think I’ve lost faith in life being fair
Lost hope in people who say they care
I don’t believe we’re all created equally
As long as someone governs someone else’s right to be

I’ve lost hope in the institutions of reform
How can you make something out of something that’s so wrong
How can you smile even though you see the lies
How can you say you’re done when you haven’t even tried

As for religion tell me do you believe in the God
In the churches or emerging from the sod
Do your leaders lead by example or intimidation
Do you hope for everyone’s salvation

What about the serenity in a bug crossing the road
What about the beauty the flight of a sparrow showed
What about hope in people to whom everything else is denied
What about belief in a tomorrow that won’t die

I found faith in the dogwood in the spring
Found hope in the purple of a pigeons wing
I believe in the power of open minds
To put us on a road and give us the signs

I believe in a God that wants justice for all
I believe in a hope that nothing can destroy
I believe in love as a political tool
I believe in the integrity of a fool

I believe in sun, I believe in clouds, I believe in rain
I believe in laughter, I believe in pain
I believe that our night of hate and fear
Is over and the dawn is already here

Em C G D