The Most Christian Angel in New York

28 Mar 2005

It’s hard to stay holy in this city of sin and I’m not saying I’ve done it well
I’ve done my share of drinking, drugging and screwing but not enough to send me to hell
Pour the next round and I’ll tell you another of the things I have seen in this town
And running around trying to keep out the devil has run me right into the ground

Lift me up I am tired, I am weary
I am weak I am worn
Lift me up it is not easy
Being the most Christian angel in New York

I’m not saying I am holy and righteous, but I have done better than most
Fronting my punk band - you might have seen us - called the Heavenly Host
Those cherubim and seraphim, well I saw them tagging walls and jacking up cars
Gabriel’s lying in his puke in the gutter on the Bowery and Michael’s got three hookers on each arm


I’m tired of this profession; it always seems I’m saving the ugly and the dumb
I just checked my contract and I didn’t see a clause denying natural selection
So if your pipes leak and your rent is outrageous, your neighbor deals, your roommate steals your beer
Take your complaints to the upstairs office; don’t blame me, I just work here