Martha Stewart's Christmas in Prison

22 Dec 2004

Trippel/Arnold via John Prine

It was Christmas in prison and the food ain’t real good
I had turkey and pistols carved out of wood
I done tried some baking but it’s hard without cream
My brands on your shelf, and my show’s on your screen.

Wait awhile for my return to TV
The Department of Justice has nothing on me
Email me, cell phone me, dump the shares now
I'm wheelin' and dealin' and appealin', by God

My website has posted a Holiday greetin’
So please buy my china though I won’t be eatin’
My heart is as big as this whole goddamn jail
But I’ll let Omnimedia drop the coin for my bail


The search light in the big yard swings round with the gun
And spotlights the snowflakes like the dust in the sun
It’s Christmas in prison there’ll be music tonight
I’ll probably get homesick I love you, goodnight.