Railroad Avenue

24 Dec 2005

When I stepped into the rain on that cold November night
My hands were in my pockets, my eyes were quick and bright
You’re a sailor said the Englishman, but Lord what’s in your pants
Oh, I know it’s not ants
I did not reply, for I knew what was said
That the captains of industry heard every word
But I’ve been busted and battered man, I have been abused
I’m mystified and confused

So I asked him who devised this game, who shot the sheriff, who was to blame
He said what you have heard is true they'll crucify you
On Railroad Avenue

She was thinking of the captain as she put on her face
But Smiling Jenny knew the admiral was lying in wait
She was moaning for a reason to strengthen her will
For a sailor down in Mobile
She turned from her mirror as I walked in
Said I to Jenny, I don’t like the way you grin
Oh sonny boy you’ve got a lot to learn
She said while my conscience burned

How high's the water, momma, where is the past, well it's five feet high and rising fast
Say one more word my boy and they will bury you
On Railroad Avenue

Mother Mary, said the ladybug, I’m flying from home
There’s a coroner’s convention down in San Antone
A shot of compassion to free me of my sins
Half a year, a fifth of gin

I’ve got mouths to feed I’ve got bills to pay
Said the train conductor as he walked away
Who’s that stirring who’s in my bed
I thought you were cold and dead

Call me the jester, call me the maid, call John Henry back from the grave
You can find all that you need but not one single grain of truth
On Railroad Avenue
Call me a liar, call me a fool, a double agent, the hope of youth
You could get picked up, t-boned, curled, turn black and blue
On Railroad Avenue
Riff: g-e-g--e-d-c--