The Distance

16 Dec 2014

It was the summer of dreams, they were dancing in the field
And thinking that the future was full of possibilities
Now they’re miles past those years, those guitars and jeans
They’ve taken to preaching and growing out their beards

They were just kids in school, doing things that kids will do
Not looking to be a number leading the news
But those faces on the page were all blurred or turned away
Like getting out alive was to be ashamed

And the distance, oh the distance
It stretches out before me, other lands and other lives
In the distance, oh the distance
Can I make more of your life without making less of mine?

We stood in different lines, you had yours and I had mine
As if the color of our passports made us of two different kinds
And I was led right through the door, like a million times before
Wondering if you were less or I had more


Man I wonder about this world, about the things we’ve seen and heard
If we’re lying to ourselves about the debts that we’ve incurred
And if a nation can be only geography
If edges were not destined to bleed