Hudson Line

30 May 2013

Standing on the platform waiting for the flood
Waiting for anything that would be enough
I hold my head up

With a choice I’ll take the window seat
I’ll turn my head and hold my peace
And I will hang my coat up

I tell myself it's honest work
Tell myself I'm doing it for you
But you I have not seen in quite some time

Express trains have the right of way
It’s not like I had much to say
To you anymore

The local train gets more delayed
The further it goes on its way
And you walked out that door

Cigarette smoke and coffee stains
These are the things that I call home
And home I have not been in quite some time

I’m living halfway underground
With the curtains drawn I’m not about
To go losing my cool

I dodge the talkers and the transit cops
Conductors with their belts full of ticket stubs
I’ve been such a fool

In this city where it never rains
And we are always at war
I can't even blame myself this time