The Fire This Time

10 Jun 2002

They say parting is such sweet sorrow
To say other would be a lie
But the future that lies before us
Is as dark as the path behind

They say it’s better safe than sorry
In matters such as these
But I tasted the forbidden waters
And suffered not to dream

And the fire that lies ahead
Will burn brighter than the fire this time
And the fear of your heart's desire
Will turn your limbs to ice

They say it’s only a shot away
To break out of this hypnotic trance
But to await the resurrection
Sinner you’ve had your chance

They say that all will be left to memory
The blood stains on the wall
And the screams will fade into silence
Like the smoke trail on the hill


They have battered your crumbling towers
To your weary heart laid siege
But your womb it still is fertile
And your thoughts they still run free

They say the kernel must be buried
Or it cannot bear much fruit
But how many must be buried
Before we can bear the truth


They say parting is such sweet sorrow
More than the heart can hold
And the future that lies before us
Is burning in green and gold