My Camera

02 Sep 2009

You are a liar
When you turned to me and said
Turned to me and said

Here it is; my desire
In shades of blue and green and red
Blue and green and red

If I knew what you would find
In the eyes of my own mind
I would have been so much less kind
My camera

You are much wiser
Than you have any right to be
Any right to be

Back then things were brighter
And they came on easily
Came on easily

When I saw what could be blamed
On the light and on the frame
I should have dropped you without shame
My camera

You are a reminder
Of the desert and the sea
The mountains and the streams

After this what you require
Is nothing that you need
Nothing that you need

If we've looked and disagreed
On the way things go from here
You have always been sincere
My camera