Jesus for Sale

16 Aug 2001

Flea Market Sunday the minivans rolling in mothers push babies in strollers, kids laughing
Everyone’s dressed in their best Sunday outfits all come to be cleansed from the burdens of sin

The crowds have gathered they’re ready for deals everyone’s hungry for what they don’t need
Caught in the essence of business transaction lost in euphoric visions and deeds

We’ve got what you want even though you can’t tell for all of your pain, for all of your ails
Inside the tent the barker is shouting out come on in, we’ve got Jesus for sale

Come on inside, come on inside
It's dry and warm and we're really nice
You'll learn to be happy and not to think twice
And Jesus is always at the right price

Now for a short time only down at Mickey D’s get your very own Last Supper Happy Meal
Includes foot washing bowl or Holy Grail all of this for only 5.53

Right Guard’s been changing their image and now they’ve got a new spokesman
Jesus, arms outstretched on the cross strong enough for God, also used by humans

At the site of the Holy Family Outhouse discovered first during some crusade
They’re selling vials of holy shit come on in, we’ve got Jesus for sale


Behind prison bars rolling the dice dealing the cards, betting on fights
You can be saved, be a perfect slave if you give your vices and learn to be nice

A Jailhouse Christian don’t smoke no rock don’t do no dope, watches how he talks
Ain’t never been anyone more sincere another robot walking the walk

You’ll be here ten years or just a few more you’re family’s broke and you’ll never make bail
But that’s all right you’ll be happy this way ‘cause didn’t you know, we’ve got Jesus for sale


All this buying and selling all this silver and gold all these burnt sacrifices all have no point
How you gonna buy something that already owns you How you gonna tell Jesus what he has, what he don’t

Now I’m not sure just what he would do if Jesus came back and saw all these fools
I do know what happened a long time ago he cleaned house, wiped the floor with those fools

What do you want with Jesus for sale you can’t buy him, you can’t sell him, he won’t get you out of jail
Don’t try what Judas did, you too will fail Pick up your chips, Jesus ain’t for sale