16 May 2001

I left you alone
I left you cold
I left you dead
I left you with a hole in your head
I left you with a piece of lead
I left you in the lake you bled
I left you with your hand on the phone
I left you all alone

You give me life
You give me peace
You give me blood
You give release
You made me laugh
You made me cry
I made you scream
I made you die
I made you beg
I waved goodbye

You won’t find me on the highway
Going 65
Everything is going my way
I’m alive

I know my dad would be proud of me
I know my mom still loves me
I know that you won’t feel a thing
A know the way that blood can sing

Don’t look over your shoulder
Keep your eyes on the road ahead
By the time you see me
You’ll already be dead

Life’s too short to be nobody

Life’s too short not to die

When I was young

Are you after me
Are you after you
Are you after my life
Are you after yours too
Are you after my mind
Are you after my head
Are you after my thoughts
And the books I have read
I am after you
I am after me
I am after your blood
I am after your plea
I am after your home
I am after your life
I am after your kid
I am after your wife

I am after fame
I am after TV
I am after success
I want to be seen
I am after faith
I am after hope
I am after love
I am after dope