Walking Miracle

15 Jun 2002

What did you
Come out to see
A man with a tongue like the wind
A resurrection

Ash in wind
Bullets in the debris
Will the future appear as the past
Are we bound to repeat

The longing of a fair maiden behind moat protected walls
The prayers rising to heaven as evening shadows fall

Home from war
Wounded soldier walks
In what is done and what is seen
Forgotten how to talk

And what do those who are left behind do when their loved ones come home
Is there more than a smile or a kiss or a hastily muttered hello

There’s no harm
In telling tales of war
But the future cannot be the past
Bathed in blood and gore

To all those
Who at the tomb now stand
Rise up and walk like Lazarus
Take up your cross and dance

And the ghosts that haunt this land are that and no more
The lives that now are lived are worthy of those before

Dare to dream
Endure memory
Do you have courage to create
Or just destroy

I know you’re not my saviour because mine has wounded hands
I know you’re not the one to be led to slaughter like the lambs

What did you
Come out to see
A man with a body covered in scars
A walking miracle