10 Aug 2003

Even Jesus had twelve men and you have yours too
A Judas, a Thomas, a Mark and maybe even a Luke
There are twelve months to each year twelve hours to each day
And I have but twelve breaths left to speak all the words I have left to say

All the twelve tables of law and steps to a higher place
Were of very little use of me when I stopped counting at twelfth grade
But the twelve Federal Banks can’t hold the love I feel
The Army of Twelve Monkeys can’t tell me this is not for real

The Greeks had twelve gods for every possible event
And the past is far behind us now but what can it help to prevent
There is a stone for every month of the year and I’ve carried them since
I did my twelve Herculean tasks in atonement for my sins

There are twelve days of Christmas and only one true love
Twelve tribes of Israel but only one true God
And as much as I try to tell myself who you are is not who you’ve been
There are still twelve of them and only one of me