06 Jan 2005

You were looking at the sky and talking of God
At you feet a flower bloomed and heaven grew from mud
You were looking at the sky and speaking holy words
While the sacred passed unspoken and unheard

It takes courage to see beauty but it takes faith to let it show
You have love to give the whole world but you despise your fractured soul
And if there is a savior he loves the things both small and weak
The arc of the horizon the mud beneath your feet

You were looking at the wall and scales fell from your eyes
And you fell off of your horse and fell into this life
You were staring into space and then you heard the sound
You got up and left behind that winning hand


You have told me often and I know it is true
That art is for the sake of live and beauty is not truth
I am saying to you that living is an art
And love is more than giving, it is faith in your own heart