I Know it's True

27 Mar 2005

I know the sun is shining somewhere
I know tomorrow’s never far away
I know the skies are blue in Boston
But New York City is cold and gray

I know it's true (fact is stranger than fiction)
I know it's true (the amazing things I've heard)
I know it's true (we have exceeded all prediction)
I know it's true (this is a beautiful world)

I know I’m going to quit this drinking
I know my life is going to make some sense - I know I am still innocent

I know I can rely on happy endings
You play Romeo, I’ll be Juliet

I know that we have nothing but this moment
But right now sucks and tomorrow probably will

Did you know slugs have 4 noses
Goldfish have ADD
That camels have 3 eyelids
Fish cough like you and me