The Sky was Falling as we Crossed the Western Border

06 Mar 2006

The sky was falling as we crossed the western border
You turned to me with a smile
Though the world was drowning in half an inch of water
I could see for miles and miles

The earth was screaming as they poured across the border
You were pointing at the moon
And though the creek was rising and the southern bridge was washed out
There was nothing ahead but _____

The sea was raging when I heard the call to order
You were dancing on the shore
And though the wind had blown us nearly on the rock’s teeth
We were neither created nor destroyed

If it looks like war and it talks like war and it walks like war and it smells like war

God willing and the creek don’t rise

If love is a game it’s the first one to zero that takes
Everything but the girl
Is it finite like energy and matter or as vast
As an open hand