This is a song for the airline attendant

14 Jul 2006

This is a song for the airline attendant
Who brought me this pen when I asked her to lend it
I thought she’d forgotten like she forgot the tea
For the woman in the seat next to me

But she didn’t, and I’ve got this pen that writes well
And it has the name of Radisson Hotels
I’ve never stayed there, though I’m sure it is nice
And this plane ride is bumpy and the clouds are white

This is a song for the stewardess
I don’t know her name, but I know I could guess
Or I could just look at that tag that she wears
But everyone knows it’s rude to stare

It was thanks to her that I wrote these words
On a flight to Charlotte, which is nice I have heard
I am out of space and out of lines
So this is the end, this song is over, but it’s mine