St. Nicholas Elm

27 Aug 2007

The wind blew down the avenue all night long
And it blew down a limb of the St. Nicholas Elm
Hundreds of years gone to splinters and dust
What was left on the ground I picked it up

You say lately things have been going to hell
There is less to be known and nothing to tell
Your body is failing to back up your mind
And you can’t trust your eyesight most of the time

Nothing lasts forever in these seasons or this weather
Everything falls apart
The world just keeps on spinning without reason or beginnings
And I've got to find my place and my part

Like Washington you stood your ground
As New York City burned on down
You stood by the trail where traders passed
An island was lost for trinkets of glass

And when we are gone our parting will be
A change in displacement, a scent on the breeze
Cracking and twisting with everything else
We are decaying miracles from our birth

Voices of nature and prophecy