Lay it Down

01 Jan 2009


I was born with a silver spoon in my hand
Tell the world to lay it down
Talk of real estate just passes over my head
And I lay it down
I’ve walked a mile in my sleep
On broken glass and concrete
Brothers, sisters, lay it down

You don’t have time for this tales of distant conflict
CEO-ldier, lay it down
We don’t see eye to eye you know the bottom line
Helicopters on the ground
You say you know the cost what’s sold can never be lost
CEO-ldier lay it down

I was born with my back against a wall
Come on Cisco lay it down
I got justice on my side and vengeance on my mind
Come on Cisco lay it down

Need some answers
I’ve got 9 to 5 cancer
Come on Cisco lay it down

There’s a line on the edge of town it starts ______
Hey Cisco lay it down

Where are all the unions
In the black it’s got me blue man
Hey Cisco lay it down